Keylor Navas - a great hero of the little people

Keylor Navas - goalkeeper Madrid "Real" and the national team of Costa Rican football. This is the first professional football player of his country, played in the finals of the most prestigious tournament of the Old World - the Champions League and win it. Navas also played in the national team at the 2014 World Cup year.

Keylor Navas: Biography and facts from the life of

Keilor Navas Gamboa Antonio was born in the most usual Costa Rican family in December 1986 in the town of Perez Zeledón. And, of course, like most other boys in the country, a small Kaylor could not live without football. However, one distinctive quality he still possessed. While his peers are vying wanted to play in the attack, Keylor Navas calmly chose a place in the gate.

Keylor Navas - a great hero of the little people

Later it became clear that it was the right decision. In 2005, Navas made his debut in the "Deportivo Saprissa" pupil junior school where he actually is. As part of the home team's goalkeeper he spent six seasons and, apart from a few internal champions, helped the club to win the CONCACAF Champions Cup and the Club World Cup bronze. Hard work and an incredible desire to conquer new goals did the trick. Game Navas appreciated in Europe, and after a short period of time in transit through "Albacete" and "Levante" goalkeeper was a part of one of the best clubs in the world - Madrid "Real".


In 2015, a popular Spanish edition presented to its readers interesting material in an unusual format. He was dedicated to wives and girlfriends of star players, "Galaktikos". photographs of players chosen ones "Real" was published, as well as the interesting history of relations. I was no exception and the Costa Rican goalkeeper "cream" Keylor Navas. Photo with his wife, Andrea Salas beauty, is quite modest, and yet not so long ago the girl without hesitation posed topless for the famous men's magazines.

Keylor Navas - a great hero of the little people

The relationship with the player "Real" completely changed the lives of Costa Rican socialite. She moved away from the world of glamor and pathos, and devoted herself to her husband and raising children.


Transfer Navas in 2014 cost the "cream" of € 10 million - serious money for a goalkeeper by the standards of modern football, and a cheap sum by the standards of the "Real" is not accustomed to be confined in the media. Before the beginning of the season among the league announced on players appeared and Keylor Navas. Photos goalkeeper posted on the club website, however, and after that the majority of fans of the Royal Club wondered why the "Real" is needed this guy yesterday who plays for the outsider "Levante".

Keylor Navas - a great hero of the little people

However, we must pay tribute to the Lisbon-based club and selection service. Transfer, in which Keylor Navas was in Madrid - not just another publicity stunt, which aims - to promote the "cream" brand around the world, and the qualitative point selection. Who then could think that just a year later to fight for the first issue of the Costa Rican goalkeeper loses none other than the long-term captain of the royal club Iker Casillas. The Spaniard went soon to finish the game in neighboring Portugal, and Navas took the place of the main goalkeeper.

Currently, the football experts say a decline in play Costa Rican, however, the head coach of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane continues to trust Navas, noting only that fact need a short-term stay. Well, the isolation in the Liga and the Champions League is not far off, and only the season finale will provide answers to many questions.

A career in the national team

Keylor Navas made his debut in the national team of Costa Rica in 2008 in a fairly young age. At that time the goalkeeper was barely 22 years old. A year later, he hit the bid team at the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Kaylor played a total of three matches against El Salvador, Mexico and Guadeloupe, and at the end of the tournament, he was awarded the best goalkeeper.

Keylor Navas - a great hero of the little people

BENEFIT Navas in the team can be considered a part of speech in Costa Rica at the 2014 World Cup year. Keilor perfectly manifested itself in matches with Uruguay, England, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands national team. The goalkeeper almost single-handedly "pulled" his team in the 1/4 finals, and after the completion of the tournament was named the best player of Costa Rica.


In addition to the title of the best goalkeeper of the CONCACAF 2009 and 2014, Navas is the best goalkeeper in the Spanish championship in 2014. Also in 2016 the Costa Rican goalkeeper was awarded a special prize as the best South American player in the Liga.