Belarus goalkeeper Aleksandr Gutor

Aleksandr Gutor - Belarusian footballer, who is currently in favor of the Ukrainian club "Chernomorets". This year, he was 28 years old, which means that he is still in front of a lot of playing time. Aleksandr Gutor speaks at the goalkeeper position.

Early career

Aleksandr Gutor was born April 18, 1989 in Gantsevichi, who at that time was part of the Byelorussian SSR. Like many young and promising players, he moved to the capital and joined the sports school "Dynamo", which became a pupil. However, when it came time to choose a club with which to sign a professional contract, Aleksandr Gutor opted Borisov "BATE".

The game of "BATE"

Belarus goalkeeper Aleksandr Gutor

Aleksandr Gutor - footballer, who understood that the "Dynamo" at the time it was no place, so decided to move to Borisov, which is based another strong Belarusian club, namely "BATE". Already in 2006 he made his debut in the second team of the club, where he spent the first two years. In 2008, he started to play already in the first team, for which spent 48 matches, conceding just 25 goals. He left only the best impressions about themselves, but in 2012 something unexpected happened. Goalkeeper asked to let him out of the club, although he still had a contract for three years. As a result, the parties managed to reach an agreement, and Aleksandr Gutor, whose biography is passed on to a new chapter, returned to his native "Dynamo".

Return to the "Dinamo"

Belarus goalkeeper Aleksandr Gutor

Minsk club had to pay for his pupil 135 thousand euros, as well as add to the amount of 180 thousand euros compensation for premature termination of the contract. Aleksandr Gutor, photos of which can be found already in all sports publications, immediately became a major player in the club. For three years he played 87 matches, conceding 65 goals. However, in 2016 he decided not to renew the contract with hometown club. In his career entered a new phase, and link it to the goalkeeper agreed with Russia.

A short period of Russian

In 2016 Gutor signed a contract with "Orenburg", but failed to gain a foothold in the first team. For a whole year he had spent a total of 12 matches, conceded 17 goals, and the rest of the time spent on the bench. In the summer of 2017 his contract with the club expired, and he signed a new contract with the club "Tosno". Goalkeeper but quickly realized that he had no place in the team, so by mutual consent in September, he terminated his contract without playing for the team single game.

Go to the "Chernomorets"

Belarus goalkeeper Aleksandr Gutor

Eighth in September 2017 it was announced that Gutor signed a contract with Ukrainian club "Chernomorets". During the first week the club he had played his first match without conceding it a single goal. Thanks to this "Chernomorets" was able to win a victory with a minimum score of 1: 0.

for the national team appearances

Belarus goalkeeper Aleksandr Gutor

In his time at Gutor pinned great hopes, and he was considered a future star of the national team of Belarus. Already in 2009, 20-year-old goalkeeper made his debut in the youth team of up to 21 years. In 2011, he went to the Youth European Championship as the main team goalkeeper. In the group stage, he missed four goals in three games, but it has allowed the team to reach the playoffs. In the semifinals, he missed three more goals from the Spanish national team, which is why Belarusians had to play in the match for third place. There already Gutor kept their goal intact, and the team managed to take the third place.

After that Gutor was summoned to the youth team at the age of 23 years. There he spent seven games, but was not involved in any major tournament. And in August 2011 Gutor was first summoned to the main Belarusian soccer team, but he could not for a long time to make his debut in the starting lineup. Only in March 2013, Alexander was able to come out for the first time in the starting lineup for the friendly match against Canada. And in his first two games, he did not miss a single goal. Since then, he occasionally gets in the application, but rarely takes the field. The last time he went into the starting lineup in March this year and missed the three goals of the Macedonian national team.

Total for the main team, he spent eight games, which missed 11 goals. In three of those games, he has kept his goal intact, without conceding a single goal. To date Gutor simply can not impose competition Sergei Chernikov, speaker of the French club "Nancy." Second and third goalkeepers are more often Andrei Klimovich from Minsk "Dynamo" Dmitry Gushchenko FC "Vitebsk".