Jose Aldo: weight, height, photo

Today, UFC is the most prestigious promotional organization doing the fighting style mixed. One of the best fighters in the UFC - Jose Aldo, the weight, the growth of which allows it to act in the featherweight division. Before the advent of Conor McGregor, he spent five years as world champion, was considered the number one fighter, regardless of weight.

The beginning of the path

Aldo Jose, weighing 66 kg, was born in 1986 into Brazil Manaus year. Like millions of his countrymen, as a child he dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player, all the free time spent on the beaches, driving the ball.

Jose Aldo: weight, height, photo

However, he soon realized that the native of the Provincial of Manaus will be difficult to compete for a place under the sun.

Jose Aldo became interested in martial arts. The first martial arts Man became traditional Brazilian Capoeira, then he became a serious study of Jiu-Jitsu, which has made considerable progress and earned a black belt.

Jose Aldo did not postpone the fulfillment of his plans, and at the age of 18 years began to act in the battle of the mixed style. The first opponent of the young sportsman was his compatriot Mario Bigola. The debut of Jose Aldo fight did not last long, already in the eighteenth second blow he knocked out an opponent with his legs in the head.

from the defeat to the champion's belt

The world of mixed martial arts as opposed to professional boxing is quite cruel to young athletes. Here they are unable to pick up his weak opponents, they are from the very beginning have to fight with a strong fighters.

However, Jose Aldo is not afraid of no one and fought for several years under the auspices of various organizations met with the strongest fighters. Its assets were wins over such experienced opponents as Aritanu Silva Barbosa, Anderson Silver.

Jose Aldo: weight, height, photo

In 2005, he spent a couple of fights in England, defeating two local celebrities. The first defeat he suffered in the same 2005 by his compatriot Azevedo. Nineteen Jose Aldo powerfully started the fight, won the first round, but then he said the lack of experience. In one scene, he has admitted to the opponent's back and he caught it on a painful admission. So Jose Aldo lost his first match in his career.

The defeat did not break a fighter, he soon recovered and began to dominate again in the cage. The key to it was the first match after losing to Azevedo. He had to fight against the undefeated Thiago Meller. The fight was very tight, Aldo advantage was unsteady, and the opponent was able to carry out painful receptions, but the majority of the judges gave the victory native of Manaus.

For the organization WEG Jose Aldo made his debut in 2008. Soon, he won the right to conduct the fight for the championship belt and become the latest champion on the version of WEG in the world.

The best in the UFC

The aggressive policy of the leaders of UFC is to absorb its competitors. Is no exception and WEG, which ceased to exist in 2010 after the acquisition of shares UFC owners. Jose Aldo, photos which have never left the pages of specialized publications, are automatically transferred to the new organization with its own championship belt. The first defense of his title he held against Canadian Mark Hominick and won on the basis of a unanimous decision.

For five years, Jose Aldo was unbeaten and always defended the title of world champion.

Jose Aldo: weight, height, photo

During this time he spent a few memorable matches, the most striking of which was the second bout against Chad Mendes. In the first confrontation between Jose Aldo she knocked out the American, and he was eager to win. The return match was equally intense struggle and ended in victory for the Brazilian judges' decision.

Irish barrier

Jose Aldo for the past five years many times defended the world title, admitted absolutely the best UFC fighter regardless of weight. All this time his distinguished composure and iron shutter. However, it has become more and more injured, at least go into the ring.

Soon in the sky shone a new star of mixed martial arts - Conor McGregor. A talented fighter, he was distinguished as highly provocative style of behavior, constantly taunting opponents. He achieved his goal and brought out of balance unflappable even Jose Aldo. Fight between them took place in December 2015. The Brazilian was overexcited because of the psychological pressure and McGregor could not calmly prepare for battle.

Jose Aldo: weight, height, photo

The fight lasted only thirteen seconds and ended after McGregor knocked out an opponent.

Jose Aldo - a real fighter and a man, it did not break defeat against a strong opponent. In 2016, he spent the first fight after fight with McGregor and got the victory.