Roman Gonzalez - professional boxer from Nicaragua

Roman Gonzalez - Nicaraguan boxer professional league, the representative of the 2nd lower weight class. Born on June 17, 1987 in Managua (Nicaragua). He performed in the following weight categories: up to 47.64 kilos (first minimum) to 49 kilograms (lightest) to 50.7 kg (lightest) to 52.17 kg (second flyweight). Boxer height is 161 cm. Characteristics and style of boxing - the right leg, puncher, arm span 164 centimeters. Two-time world champion in the WBC and WBA world. The best boxer in the world, excluding the weight class from 2015 to 2017, according to the sports edition of "The Ring" (eng. Ring).

Roman Gonzalez - professional boxer from Nicaragua

boxing titles at amateur level

Roman Gonzalez in 2004 became the gold medal at the Central American boxing championship in Costa Rica in the weight group up to 48 kilograms. At the amateur level, Gonzalez was a consummate leader in their respective categories. So, he spent 88 fights, each of which was able to win. Young boxer differed phenomenal technique and ability to break through the distance. His unbeaten "panchersky" style lead up to the opponent of the state where the boxer is physically unable to stand in the ring. Lightning hooks and jabs - it blows the crown Gonzalez. It is thanks to withstand tactical style, he never lost a fight at an amateur level.

Roman Gonzalez - professional boxer from Nicaragua

on the professional performance level of

The debut match in the professional arena held the first of July in 2005, almost immediately after the age of majority. Roman Gonzalez (boxer weight further grown) in the first year performed in different weight groups, and in each champion. During the first two years of a professional career often he spoke at home - in Nicaragua. However, several of rating fights were held in Japan. At the initial stage boxing career began Nicaraguan champion and winner of the regional Latin American title. It is noteworthy that novel Gonzalez (boxer) which were photo printing press, in the first 16 consecutive completing battles KO win. This stunning result raised the young boxer ratings to incredible heights, and with them came a lot of money, contracts and promotional offers.

Roman Gonzalez - professional boxer from Nicaragua

Deleted the Japanese in the fourth round of the

In September 2008, a young Nicaraguan boxer goes to Japan, in order to take away the champion's WBA title in Nigde Yutaka (23 wins and 1 draw). For the Japanese, it was the eighth fight in which he had to defend its status as an absolute champion. Roman Gonzalez recently turned twenty, so it is no victory to be quoted. The bout ended in the fourth round, when Roman Gonzalez (Nicaragua) kayo current champion Yutaka Nigde (Japan). For the first time 20-year-old boxer, which account for a total of 21 match, became the WBA belt holder in the weight group up to 47.8 kilograms. This young guy from Nicaragua spoke literally the whole world.

Roman Gonzalez - professional boxer from Nicaragua


Presentations in the category of the first flyweight

In October 2010, Roman Gonzalez easily won the Mexican professional boxer, knocking him out in the 5th round. Thus, Gonzalez won the interim WBA world title. Six months later, he fought against Mexican Manuel Vargas in a battle for the title of absolute champion WBA. As a result, Roman won by KO. For two and a half years, four Roman Gonzalez retained his title, then moved to the easiest weight to 50.7 kilograms.

Triumphs in the lower weight class

On May 15, 2013 Nicaraguan boxer kayo professional Colombian Ronald Barrera. In September 2014 he became the world champion from two versions - WBC, and The Ring (popular American glossy magazine dedicated to boxing and sports in general), when the Japanese fighter overcame Akira Yaegashi on points.

Sponsorship contracts and defend the title

In 2015, Roman Gonzalez signed a contract agreement with the famous channel HBO (American TV-cable network is part of Time Warner Corporation), which translates rating boxing matches. The first match after an agreement with HBO was held on May 16 in 2015 against Mexican boxer Edgar Sosa. The fight ended by TKO in favor of Gonzalez late in the second round. Also in the future Nicaraguan boxer has collaborated with the promotion company "K2", owned by the great boxers of the Klitschko brothers.