Robbie Lawler: athletic career, achievements

Robbie Lawler - the world-famous fighter from the United States, which became famous for his performances in the style of mixed martial arts. He worked with the best organizations such as PRIDE, Strikeforce, and IFL. According to the official rating UFC, the athlete takes twelfth place in the list of the best fighters regardless of weight category.

Brief biographical information

Robbie Lawler was born in 1982, March 20. His hometown - San Diego, located in the US state of California. Full name of the American fighter - Robert Glenn Lawler. The boy from childhood showed interest in the sport. When he was nine years old, addicted to karate classes. This form of martial arts is very interested in Robbie, so he trained hard and tried not to miss a single class. A year after he started his karate training, the teenager moved to her father, who lives in the city of Davenport, which is located in Iowa.

During high school, Robert was involved in a variety of sports competitions and has won numerous state awards. Then he was interested not only fight, but also football. After school, in sixteen years, he decided to become a professional martial arts. Pat Miletich - first coach of the future famous fighters.

Robbie Lawler: athletic career, achievements

Start athletic career in Ultimate Fighting Championship

In 2001, Robbie Lawler made his debut in the ring and can be proud of his first professional fight. Future Legend MMA, he defeated opponent by TKO. Sports career of a young man in the UFC has developed rapidly. Saturated and interesting fights were very many. They were held one after another. Since Robbie is a fairly strong athlete, his opponents in the ring became known professional fighters. Personality, which beat Robert has earned an excellent reputation and were considered the pride of the UFC. Robbie Lawler vs. Aaron Riley played, Steve Berger, Josh Koscheka, Melvin Manhuva, Rory MacDonald, Tiki Ghosn, Elenbergera Jake and Pete Spratt.

hip injury and return to the UFC

Almost all of the fights Robert came out the winner. His opponents he basically sent in a knockout. But a battle was unsuccessful. His opponent was Pete Spratt. Robbie lost it as a serious hip injury. After that he had to go quite a long course of treatment. But health problems did not stop the fighters. Rehabilitated, he returned to the sport and decided to pursue a career in the UFC (Absolute Fighting Championship).

Robert Lawler had a successful fight against Chris Lytle. But the next two matches ended in a humiliating defeat for him. His rivals were very strong and experienced fighters Nick Diaz, who was considered a legendary figure the UFC, and Evan Tanner.

Robbie Lawler: athletic career, achievements

Performances in SuperBrawl

After some time, Robert has signed a contract with SuperBrawl organization that was in Hawaii. The first match brought a Lawler victory. His opponent in the ring was Folaniko Vitale. The second fight was a success too. Robert spent entertaining and worthy fight, after putting the opponent on the blades with your corona blow. A little later Folaniko Vitale has decided to take revenge. But this time the winner was Robbie Lawler again knocking out an opponent. Then there was a major fight with Jason Miller. It was a fight in a title defense, but Robert lost the battle.

Robbie Lawler: athletic career, achievements

Fights ICON Sport Championship, and stripped of the title

After losing Robbie decided to spend two debut match in the PRIDE organization and IFL. But long-term cooperation was not possible to establish with these companies. Lawler has signed a contract with ICON Sport Championship. Here he made his debut in 2007, on March 31. In this battle, Robbie Lawler, mixed martial arts fighter, won by knocking out the opponent in the fourth round. After some time, the luck left the fighter MMA. He is seriously injured. Health problems affected the career. Lawler canceled a planned fight, which was to be held in December 2007. A little later, he was deprived of the title.

Robbie Lawler: athletic career, achievements

Return to Sports

Lawler returned to the ring since EliteXC organization. The year 2008 was significant for the fighter. He received the title, which he dreamed of defeating a strong opponent. The athlete had a rematch with Scott Smith. The fight was short-lived. Already in the second round Lawler defeated opponent via TKO. But after takeoff again followed by setbacks.

After some time, an organization which played Robbie, declared bankruptcy. Athlete had to terminate the contract. But the soldier did not stop there and went back to the first Strikeforce, and then in the UFC, where he spent a lot of successful and saturated fights.

Robbie Lawler: athletic career, achievements

Interesting Facts

One of the most prominent representatives of the fighters of MMA - Robbie Lawler, whose weight is 84 kg and height -. 181 cm authoritative rating awarded Sherdog athlete first place among the professionals in the welterweight division. In addition, he holds the ninth position in the list of the best fighters regardless of weight. His professional career includes numerous victories and few defeats, who did not break Robert and only suggest how to approach the fulfillment of their dreams.

Many MMA fans consider it their idol such a strong competitor like Robbie Lawler. Statistics conducted by Robert Battle as follows: 27 wins and 11 defeats. In addition to a good career in the sport Lawler was able to establish and privacy. He married a girl Marcia, and they already have a son named Glenn.