Alexander Ustinov: a short biography

Belarusian masters of boxing at all times were quite high. I was no exception and the athlete by the name of Alexander Ustinov, which will be discussed in this article.

Life before the start of a professional career athlete

Our hero was born in the Altai region December 7, 1976. While still in school he was fond of sports: hockey, football and table tennis.

He passed military service in the border troops, after which he joined the riot police, in which he worked from 1997 to 2001. He was a member of the fighting in Chechnya and has received two national awards for Distinguished Service. According to him, the war has taught him.

Alexander Ustinov: a short biography

At some point in the life of Alexander Ustinov came on business to business trip to Novosibirsk. There and held it in some way crucial meeting with Vladimir Zadiran, which is one of the founders of kickboxing and Thai boxing in Belarus. After some time, Alexander Ustinov began to actively train under the guidance of legendary coach.

Speeches kickboxing

In 2003, our hero won three bright knockout victory in the tournament in K-1 in Moscow, which gave him the right to fight in the tournament already in Paris, where he was defeated in the quarterfinals of the local fighter Tony Gregory. But in the semi-final, Alexander Ustinov met with his friend Alexey Ignashov and lost him the judges' decision.

In December of the same year Alexander won the Spanish Grand Prix K-1, which was then held in the capital of Catalonia - Barcelona. In summer 2004, the fighter took part in the prestigious tournament K-1 World GP 2004 Battle of Bellagio II. There he won the representative of South Africa, but in the end was forced to withdraw from the competition due to a deep cut, resulting in a fight.

In 2005, Alexander Ustinov won titles at the K-1 tournament in Italy and Belgium. And after insulting defeat in 2006 by the representative of Switzerland Bjorn Bregy (later the fight was declared invalid) made the final decision to move to professional boxing.

Alexander Ustinov: a short biography

as boxer fights

In amateur boxing Belarusian was able to get the title of master of sports, to win the Cup of Belarus and to take second place at the national championship.

Professional debut May 13, 2005, and he turned out to be very successful as Alexander Ustinov knocked out in the second three-minute Andrew Tsukanova. Winning athlete waiting in the second fight against Oleg Romanov. But then there was a break polutorogodovaly and again return to K-1. A boxing match for Ustinov again became available in 2006.

Winning series

In May 2008, Alexander Ustinov defeated decision invincible at the moment Russians Rudolf Abramyan. In the summer of the same year he was defeated German Blasco, and in October - American Long.

European championship belt according to the EBA, Alexander won the battle against the Ukrainian Maxim Pedyura February 26, 2009. The fight was stopped in the fifth round of the doctor, because Maxim did not stop a nosebleed.

Alexander Ustinov: a short biography

Warrior Bulgarian

September 29, 2012 Alexander Ustinov, whose weight was then 130 kg, had a match with Kubrat bullet for the right to occupy the top spot IBF world rankings. In the early rounds the Bulgarians had a big advantage, but did not carry out any striking attacks. In the seventh trehminutku Alexander managed to get on the good opponent, but he managed to survive. The fate of the match was decided in the 11th round, when Ustinov got on one knee and was unable to continue the fight.

The bout with New Zealander

Alexander Ustinov - a boxer who never feared no one and always fought the best. In November 2013 he fought with the legendary David Tua and was able to beat him by decision. This allowed the giant from Minsk to occupy the sixth position in the sheet IBF.

In the middle of 2016, Alexander was confirmed official challenger for the fight for the right to own the title of interim champion WBA world.

Alexander Ustinov: a short biography

A career in mixed fights

In MMA, our hero appeared eight times. At seven fights he won, but six of those fights were not official and therefore not the status of enrolled in the basic offset. Officially, Alexander had two fights: one won and lost in the second.

Beginning in 2014, Ustinov has been part of the promotion company under the leadership of Vladimir Hryunova.