Tumens Albert: Russian biography "Einstein"

Under the auspices of the UFC serves several Russian mixed martial arts fighters. Among them is the Tumen Albert - 25-year-old athlete who won the title of the best drummer UFC.

The arrival of Mixed Martial Arts

Albert Huseynovich Tumen was born December 26, 1991 in the village of Babugent Cherek district of Kabardino-Balkaria. Since childhood, under the guidance of his father and trainer Hussein Tumenova Mukhtar Osmanov started practicing martial arts. At the age of five, Albert went to the karate school, during training in which became a winner of the competition for youth Kyokushin several times, and ended it with a yellow belt.

Tumens Albert: Russian biography

In 2002, the 11-year-old started in the Army section of martial arts under the guidance of Gergiev Hussein. At age 18, Tumen Albert won the title of champion of Russia in the ARB and full-contact fighting. Young athlete and dabbled in other types of martial arts, including boxing and combat sambo, but most Russians attracted MMA fights, where his main mentor was his father, who led the section on boxing in his native village.

career Start

As a result, in 2010, the Tumen Albert, who along with the coach decided to choose to battle the nickname Einstein, was in ProFC league. He made his debut on the professional field of 19-year old Russian victory, winning by TKO in Kadzhik Abajian. The next three games also Balkars were over, thanks to the decision of the judges, while the fifth goes into the ring to become the first Alberta lost - leaving to fight in a heavier weight class, the Russian lost to Dagestan athlete Murad Abdulayev.

Tumens Albert: Russian biography

After this setback, Albert "Einstein" Tumen spent an incredible streak of 8 wins in a row, in most cases, winning your opponent through the knockout. At the same time in full contact fight with the champion of Russia Viskhanov Amirkhanova athlete needed only 38 seconds to finish the match. For so often early termination Russians battle called master KOs.

Success in the UFC

This success has not gone unnoticed in the international arena - in 2012, the Tumen Albert was in the field of view of the American company UFC, and who invited the Russians to participate in the Absolute Fighting Championship. Debut in one of the elite competition for 21-year-old Russian athlete has become quite offensive. According to the results of the labor fight with the Brazilian Ildemarom Alcantara, he won the South American athlete only due to whisker on a split decision to the judges.

Tumens Albert: Russian biography

But in the next 5 fights Russians fully make up for the failure, winning in all of them a landslide victory, three by knockout. In October 2015 year in less than three minutes he was defeated American fighter Alan Juuban for a duel which Tumenova Award "Presentation evening" was awarded. The last two matches at the moment in the league for the UFC Albert was unsuccessful - he lost the technical delivery of Icelander Gunnar Nelson and Englishman Leon Edwards. In the near future at the Russians are not scheduled professional fights, but you can be sure that in the very next exit to the ring Tumen will do everything to win again.