MMA: What is the sport

Many have heard about this kind of martial arts like MMA. What is this MMA? What are there rules or whether it is, on the contrary, the fight without rules? All this we will try to describe in detail in our article.


MMA: What is the sport

In order to get an answer to a question about MMA - what is this sport - consider first the outfit athletes. Light gloves weighing four ounces (for comparison, boxing gloves for professionals weigh 10 ounces) with open fingers are up for grabs and sports pants. Yes, MMA athletes perform barefoot and bare-chested. On the women's competition the participants wear a bra, T-shirt and shorts. That's all, no shields, helmets and other accessories.

The fight, the ring and the rules prohibited

MMA fights are held or in the boxing ring or in the Octagon - the octagonal platform with a metal fence in a grid. The duration depends on the battlefield tournament regulations and can last from 3 to 5 rounds. One round lasts 5 minutes interval between them in 1 minute.

MMA: What is the sport

Now consider the prohibited techniques in MMA. "What is it - think some readers - after all MMA - it fights without rules?" But this is not the case. In this sport a lot of things you can not:

  1. You can not beat the head, prohibited strikes in the eyes, the throat.
  2. It is forbidden to hit in the groin, back of the head, the spine.
  3. Forbidden heel kick to the kidneys.
  4. Do not trample on the lying, to put it kicks or knees to the head.
  5. It is impossible to produce grips for shorts or gloves.
  6. You can not beat a top-down elbow.
  7. Do not pull the opponent's hair, pinching, biting.
  8. It is impossible to hold locks on fingers and toes.

As can be seen, the prohibitions in this sport is more than enough.

Now consider blows in MMA. What is this sport, you can understand, focusing on them. Hands are allowed to work, both in boxing and not only:

  • Enable direct blows - crosses and jabs.
  • Side - swings and hooks.
  • uppercut.
  • elbowing out of the rack.
  • Kicking resolved sweeps, straight punches, side, roundhouse kicks to jump.
  • From the arsenal of sambo, judo and other martial arts such permitted various grabs and throws.

That is, as they say, moreover, that it is impossible, everything is possible, but within the rules.

Famous MMA fighters

MMA: What is the sport

There are many famous athletes acquire fame in MMA. So, to the "most-most" fighters include Brazilian heavyweight Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Chuck Liddell, known as the "Ice Man". A Randy Couture - Champion in two weight classes. Canadian, George St. Pierre, has become almost a legend of MMA. Anders Silva (aka Spider), known for being ten times defended his title. Well, the best fighter of mixed styles - a legendary athlete, representing the Russian Federation, Fedor Emelianenko or "The Last Emperor". The track record of the athlete and forty-one battle, thirty-six of which he won. Eleven opponents he knocked and sixteen surrendered themselves.

In conclusion, we can add that the MMA - a sport open to all. It is not necessary to MMA boxing, kickboxing or any other kind of martial arts that are said to lay the foundation. A good coach to learn everything from scratch. As for age, taken even the little train, with 6-7 years. The coach himself will decide after examining the child, if he is ready to train.