Short hairstyle for oval face (photo)

From all variety of existing hair each person tries to choose the best, the most capable to emphasize the dignity of the image and hide imperfections. Especially sharply this problem stands in front of the fair half of mankind.

Short hairstyle for oval face (photo)

What determines the choice of hairstyles in general?

The choice of hairstyles, as a rule, depends on the shape image. Oval face is considered ideal because it is suitable for the majority of all modern haircuts. Short hairstyle for oval face is able to rejuvenate its owner, at least for a few years. Particularly highlight the eyes, making them more expressive. However, choosing a hairstyle, you must keep in mind that some models are capable of optically haircuts pull oval face even more if the sides hairstyles provide elongated strands of hair and bangs absent. Therefore, the owners of such forms is strongly recommended that persons abandon haircuts with long temples.

Trendy short hairstyles for oval faces: tips and tricks

This visual appearance resembles an inverted egg: chin plastically rounded, the widest part of the face - it's cheekbones, the frontal part somewhat inferior to them, an oval line vorsyanogo cover smooth. Oval shapes are an example, as it was under these forms are suitable for almost all of the existing model haircuts. By the way, this also applies to makeup, most stylists love to work with this type of person.

Short hairstyle for oval face, of course, will fit any girl. But there is one main approach to choosing the perfect hair style - it's the hair structure. The thinner it is in nature, the shorter should be the haircut. If a girl is the owner of thick hair, the best option would be extended cut, but thick bangs do not need to, it will close the ideal face shape. Very beautiful cheekbones can distinguish short hair, reaching to them. This model haircut even more accentuate their features and appeal.

Short hairstyles for oval faces in photos

Short hairstyle for oval face (photo)

There are many variations of hairstyles for short hair, and each of them is different special style and originality. In this section, the theme will be considered short hairstyles for oval faces. Photos of some models is lower than in the material:

  • Kara. hair shoulder length (can be slightly above or below). The shape may be classical shearing (with the same straight ends), slanting, rounded or asymmetric. Photos hairstyles will help you clearly see how harmonious look at these short hairstyles face shape. The more so because it is a way of modern women has always attracted the attention of the opposite sex.
  • Asymmetrical short haircuts for women (photo). For an oval face too narrow oval shape - the best choice because they are visually gives it plumpness. In form it is a haircut with irregular and disproportionate strands.
  • Style 80 is still relevant today - a few elongated bean with a rounded bang. Model visually reduces the elongation of the face and can cover the frontal part of the head, if it is high.
  • Mini-short haircuts for women (photo). For an oval face with a non-standard form - the perfect choice. It happens with bangs or without. If the structure of the hair obedient, bangs can settle as tells the soul, if not, we can restrict the standard (straight) packing. Short hairstyle for oval face (photo)
  • A short hairstyle for oval face bangs with effectively expressed usually chosen unconventional personalities. It requires special care, because even with insignificant increase bangs to upset hairstyles structure integrity.
  • Short haircuts for oval face "Scallop" - vividly expressed strands of hair around the outline of the head. Lift up when laying, giving the hair more volume.

Choosing bangs

It is known that substantially alters the fringe hairstyle and can in just a few minutes to change the image of the owner. Choose it should be especially cherished and seriously. What is most suited bangs oval type shape?

  • A short hairstyle for oval face and straight bangs. Nekorotkaya to eye line - in vogue for several years. Particularly preferably girls with elongated oval face. Suitable for virtually all models except the ultra.
  • Short haircuts for oval face and slanting bangs. Look spectacular with any hair, bangs edge can be rounded or curly, long or short. Under the tattered models usually make it jerky.
  • Trendy short hairstyles for women with an unusual oval face bangs. Such experiments can only afford women and girls with oval face shape. Fantasies can be very different: with serrated edges, oval or triangular. They are especially well suited to owners of thick hair. Short hairstyle for oval face (photo)

How to correct facial imperfections short hair?

Regardless of the appearance of the girl and her facial features some drawbacks short hairstyles can still hide:

  • Protruding ears can hide a short haircut for oval face "Bob" and elongated strands of hair.
  • A low forehead. This problem can handle hairstyle with bangs, it aligns the proportions of the face.
  • In order to hide a big nose, it is not necessary to give preference too short and smooth hair. Style your hair to be lush.

Short hairstyles for women with curvy figure

Short hairstyle for oval face (photo)

has always particularly difficult to cope with the selection of hairstyles for women with a curvaceous figure. Recall haircut can change radically the image of ladies. Upset about it does not make sense, since properly chosen model hairstyles and her style can make any magnificent lady charming and attractive. Very impressive and beautiful look curvy wavy women's haircuts for short hair. Oval face, which they endowed by nature, is able to emphasize the common features and visually hide the flaws.

  • If the structure of the hair smooth, cut should be done just below the shoulder line. This visually lengthen the face.
  • For the wavy structure is the best fit layered haircut. Only at the top of the head to do the amount of the maximum - it is visually reduce the chin. Laid waves.
  • The most versatile model in this case - a short hairstyle for oval face, "Bob", but the length hairstyles should not be below the chin line. This model provides a strictly straight hair structure, therefore, will need to straighten wavy utjuzhkom.

Thin hair and short hair

Perfect half with thin hair structure recommended length short haircut female choose not below the chin. This style will give them independence and courage. Hairstyle with an open neck, sexy bangs fell over his forehead - a very good option, especially for young girls. When thin hair as well will look hairstyle bob, bob or step.

Short hairstyle for oval face (photo)

How beautifully put hair short?

Variations in hair laying significantly different from each other. Each style haircuts is endowed with features that need to be taken into consideration in order to achieve maximum effect.

  • A short haircut for women with oval face "Kara." Is shortened or elongated front. Stacked in different ways: the traditional styling with a hair dryer or using a curling iron-ribbed. If the model is still extended in front, it is advisable to smooth it perfectly, as curls and splendor visually make it shorter, and the image takes on an entirely different style.
  • The asymmetric model. Laying is performed using mousses and hair dryer. To give volume and splendor, you can use a diffuser, but the area will be able to put the bangs just styling or curling well. When it extended, it can be put to one side. If shorter, then two options: to raise up, making hairstyle enthusiasm, or select single strands using the gel.
  • Mini haircut - a universal hairstyle. It is a different form, thanks to this pack is the same in many ways. Short hairstyle for oval face (photo)
  • A short hairstyle for women's oval face, "Bob." Laying is performed with a variety of styling tools. However, the better it will look to the ironed hair dryer or straightener locks. If you use a hair dryer for styling hair is worth pre-process the foam, when laying utjuzhkom - lubricate the tool against hair overheating.
  • Haircuts "under the boy" fit the traditional classical way: to straighten the strands, or, on the contrary, ruffle and lift, creating an image of playfulness and mischief.
  • The pronounced in shearing strands stacked waves or smoothes styler. But these hairstyles with bangs any installation must be flat.
  • Hairstyles "Scallops" stacked at the discretion of owner, but the stylists recommend cropped locks a little lift with the help of gel and wax.

The combination of women's hairstyles and figures

Short hairstyle for oval face (photo)

A good hairstyle is a significant impact on the image of women, so combining it with the growth, the proportions of the figure is very important. Here you need to remember certain patterns:

  • Girls of small stature are more than a short cut, and, conversely, high - long. So the figure will look more in proportion.
  • If a girl is not very thin, then the short-cuts it should be abandoned, as they will be full of even more visually. The best thing in these cases is to choose hairstyles for medium hair small volume.

As for the bangs, the thick and long options are not recommended for dense shapes. Best laid sideways or profiling.

Summing up

We hope that the tips described in the article short haircuts for oval faces, photos of popular models help girls choose their ideal hair properly. Well, if it is determined did not succeed, or anything else in doubt then consult with a stylist or barber.