Consider variations of hairstyles bob 2011

A little bit about the history of hairstyles bob

Fashion changes all the time, repeating some of the elements and bringing them something interesting and new. As for this fashion to hairstyles. On one of these cuts, I would like to tell. This much-loved hairstyle square. Introducing the square, you will remember Cleopatra hairstyle. She gave way power, the majesty, mystery and severity. In Europe, the first to wear a bob advanced French actress and fashionista. Then he began grooming business card emancipated women have become widespread in all countries. From the beginning the square was only a short and lengthened over time, acquiring different forms and types.

Consider variations of hairstyles bob 2011

Features haircut

Bob haircut with bangs - this is the hairstyle that is suitable for any hair structure, and every type of person, which is a significant advantage when creating the image. Kare combines the advantages of short haircuts and long hair. Therefore hairstyle gained universal love and the widest dissemination. Its owner with the help solve the problem of thin hair, the missing volume, and adjust the proportions of the face.

The traditional bob haircut Technology 2011

To perform a haircut head should be divided into two vertical parting - right and left. Pruning is done horizontally parted in the middle. It starts from the back of the lower zone. Hairstyle is given length using the retraction control strand, thus it is necessary to move the upper parietal and occipital region. To haircut wrapped inside, and the hairstyle does not require effort in installation, all subsequent locks need to cut a centimeter longer than the previous one. There is also another way to achieve this effect - from the lower zone of the occipital strands are cut at an angle of 45 °. Ahead hair otchesat need to face, thus given symmetrically and the desired length of the future hairstyles bob 2011. Then just have to adjust elements of hairstyles. Graduated bob

Consider variations of hairstyles bob 2011

To date, this is quite a popular type a hairstyle bob 2011. shape of your face can be adjusted With its help in the crown area to add volume. To do this, you need to cut your hair short flight of stairs, reducing the length of the hair from the bottom to the top strands. It provides an amazing amount. It looks good on smooth, curly and wavy hair.

Bob - bob

For many years, it remains an urgent haircut diagram bob-bob. It can be assumed that the reason for its popularity is that it is suitable for all hair types. Initially hair shorn only around the head, the length of the chin up leaving the front, although with time having different versions of this hairstyle.

The classic bob

Incredibly simple haircut. The classic bob is like without a bang, and with her.

Asymmetrical bob

In this hairstyle one side shorter than the other, which is more avant-garde than a classic bob. There are no clear rules and standards in performance engineering. Mowing is more complex, it is better to trust the professionals.

Consider variations of hairstyles bob 2011 Rack with bangs

Such haircuts bob 2011 suggest that under the fringe of the hair is separated from the top and prostrigayut inscribing bangs cut in.

on the leg of a Kind This shearing shorn his head in classic men's haircut, short enough, then the technique is similar to the creation of the classic bob. This hairstyle is easy to pack and unassuming while requiring regular adjustment.

Rack with long front strands of

This haircut is a real boon for owners of square or triangular shape of the face, if you need to adjust the line. This hairstyle features make it more soft and shape of the face - the right one.