What kinds of men's haircuts are and who they are suitable

Features of the male image

Unfortunately, not all men are willing to experiment and try new hairstyles. As the craze haircuts and crisp images are more "feminine" the stronger sex prefers to stay on the sidelines and get a haircut "as always". Often this is the reason that a man looks unsympathetic, and at times terrible. Meanwhile, there are different kinds of men's haircuts, among which are bound to have a suitable for everyone. In order to make the right choice, enough to know a few secrets selection of male haircuts.

What kinds of men's haircuts are and who they are suitable

The master, who knows what you need

Every year there are new trends in the world of hairdressing. They should not be the starting point when choosing a hairstyle, because a good craftsman is primarily looking at the facial features, the anatomy of the head and body, and only then begins to work. An experienced hairdresser will evaluate their performance more than a beginner, but it was he who would choose the right hairstyle, instead of doing a typical model without running man. Enough to study the types of men's haircuts, to briefly tell the master ideas. Variety of male haircuts

All haircuts are divided into classic and creative options. The simplest classical haircut is considered a "bare head". It was from her originate all kinds of men's haircuts "at zero", running machine. Shaved hair evenly on all sides, the shape of hairstyles exactly repeats the shape of a man's head. If this is absolutely not suitable, it is necessary to try other types of men's haircuts, because it is not necessary to dwell on the simplest.

Face shape and hairstyle

Men with the correct shape of the head are ideal simple short hair without bangs, elongated hair at the temples and other experiments. If your hair is straight and hard men, can leave some length in the front, you get a haircut "hedgehog." Creative haircut looks really interesting.

What kinds of men's haircuts are and who they are suitable

The strands of different lengths can be laid with lacquer or wax, it will be advantageous to emphasize the facial features. Classical haircut "Beanie men" can look more modern, if a front specialist leave longer hair (1-2 cm). The original versions of haircuts

Asymmetrical bangs hide too high brow, and will highlight the lips and eyes. Long hair in men look beautiful if they are well maintained and are going in legible hairstyle. A round face will look good with hair without extending to the temples, back and sides. Long face should not be stressed or long hair parting. Short volume haircut on top would be the best solution.

What kinds of men's haircuts are and who they are suitable

Features hair and men's haircuts

Curly hair can be a real problem when choosing a hairstyle. Modern tools and devices allow straighten hair quickly, but the man is unlikely to want to constantly spend to bring myself up for an hour. Short "curly" hair cut or hair of medium length, arranged in healthy, shiny hair, give the image of glamor.