Oval face. Haircuts and hairstyles for oval face (photo)

Stylists and barbers are unanimous in their opinion that the girls have an oval face, very lucky. They can experiment all you want, the greatest number of hairstyles is right for this type of appearance. Therefore, choosing a haircut, you can unleash the imagination, but not forgetting to take into account the structure of the hair.

Oval face. Haircuts and hairstyles for oval face (photo)

Features Face

Though the choice of hairstyle is not difficult, it's worth noting that this face shape is different. It may be extended, elongated, or, conversely, compressed, resembling a circle. So you need to choose a hairstyle, individually and can not mindlessly copy any favorite hairstyle from the magazine.

It plays an important role and staining. Oval face often needs to be corrected with the help of color accents. This may be the creation of volume in the appropriate places, or smoothing the sharp features. But in most cases the main role in the creation of a harmonious shape yet assigned haircut. With the help of the individual elements can be distinguished esteem too elongated face, emphasize the cheekbones. In some cases, this type of exterior contraindicated bangs. Despite the widespread belief that this oval is a very shearing element to form tending to a circle, it is not recommended.

Oval face. Haircuts and hairstyles for oval face (photo)

Selection of hairstyles

In order to understand what hairstyle will do, you need to consider the classic advice for this form. First of all, it is asymmetric and classic hairstyles of various lengths. They may be with a bang, or without it. Oval face allows for the presence of the parting in the middle, rarely whom he can go up, so you should take into account this nuance. The only thing you need to be careful here, it collected bundles. They instantly you grow old. Important and specific features. For example, when good low forehead is lush, dense fringe. Conversely, a high forehead fit quite short. You can beat her ragged haircut or stylish staining. If you have a long neck, this nuance can smooth out the length of hair below the shoulders. Styling options here can be set. If the neck is short, perfect hair of medium length, permissible and colored accents on the ends of your hair, unusual bezel.

Oval face. Haircuts and hairstyles for oval face (photo)

Medium hairstyles for oval face

For such an ideal length penalty. You can experiment with different variants thereof. Moreover, it is very fashionable and trend form bean goes out of popularity for several seasons. It is worth paying attention to unusual styling. Because now fashionable hairstyles shaggy careless style, you can wind the hair piece and leave the individual strands straight, slightly ruffling fingers. Use modern stylers: foams, waxes, powders and toffees. For medium-length haircuts fit in a cascade style. The bulk hairstyle must be at the mouth. Here appropriate light slanting bang, soft waves or just straight hair, elongated utjuzhkom. Oval face can wear hair of the same length with a focus on the bangs. This is a fashionable element in the form of any modern girl. Than it is longer, looks spectacular haircut.

Oval face. Haircuts and hairstyles for oval face (photo)


Hairstyles long hair

Haircuts are not a great variety. It could be a cascade, and ladder locks, trimmed by one length. All of these forms are based on the classics. If the hair structure allows, you can try a more interesting options. For example, calibration or asymmetry. Acceptable choice cut different techniques or the use of modern tools, razors or special Thinning scissors. Their use allows the beat in a new way any classical form and give it personality. The oval shape of the face looks more advantageous with the emphasis on design tips. Fringing even on the same length of hair, but made in a fringe style, looks are not just interesting, but also stylish. In some cases a haircut in a page style. Skillfully executed, it perfectly conceals protruding ears, bad corrects the shape of the head.

Modern haircut

Young girls may be advisable in the short form pixie style. It is popular for about three years, and many celebrities have decided on the bold form. What is its secret? Pixie, which means "fairy", is very delicate and feminine. Its definitely can recommend the ladies who want to emphasize their softness and sexuality. For older women, who have an oval face shape, pixies as appropriate. Ladies much younger, because this hairstyle is very playful and even in something daring. She opens the face, making it visually larger features. If you have expressive eyes, focus on them will be even greater, and full lips seem more attractive. Hairstyle good for any hair texture, except for curly. This is the only exception to the pixies.

Out of fashion does not come out and haircut in the style of hat. It is advantageous to look at the oval face. When straight hair requires no styling, but generally care that capricious hairstyle is quite complex. Therefore, it can be recommended only patient specimens.

Oval face. Haircuts and hairstyles for oval face (photo)

bangs for oval face

A key focus of many modern hairstyle is fringe. She is back in vogue. At the peak of popularity - long bangs, which are very impressive look on an oval face. This element is a hairstyle for many women, as it is easy corrects flaws appearance. Depending on the presence or absence of problem places someone can recommend a perfectly straight or curled, it may be, and tousled bangs. Girls with thick curls fit the most dense, without tapering. And for delicate, children curls appropriate elongated and weightless fringe, which is part of a hairstyle. Bangs for oval face can be virtually any. From her short-cropped to a ragged arc, a semicircle.


Many hairdressers sigh of relief when they were in the chair sits a girl with the classic form of the face. You can safely choose any modern hairstyle and perform the most daring color. Now very popular long hair curls arranged and painted in the technique or balayazh Ombre. These stylish color, in addition to that impressive look, allow good correct facial features. In addition, it is a good option for those who do not want to paint all the hair completely. Ideally, such staining is performed on blond hair. Oval face (photo modern techniques presented in the article) looks nice with all modern colorations. On cascading and haircuts in the style of ladder effect is most striking.

Oval face. Haircuts and hairstyles for oval face (photo)

Creative haircuts

Modern hairstyles of this type combine long and short strands of different textures. For maximum convenience in everyday use it is best to give preference to forms which fall in line with the existing hair growth, and do not require complicated installation. For example, a trendy hairstyle with shaved temple. It will emphasize the boldness and originality owner, easy to clean.

Choosing unusual hair clippers (oval face allows it), you need to take into account the texture of the hair. Owners curls should be noted that on the basis of a creative form bean will create volume. If you have large features, it is unlikely that it is your form. Speaking of modern haircut with shaved temples, it should be noted that it is good for any hair texture. A shaved using a typewriter designs, accentuated color staining, will satisfy the most finicky fashionista.