Elongated square on long hair. Fashion beautiful hairstyles and haircuts

Unlike a penalty, made the hair on the usual length of an elongated version of this hairstyle is suitable to all types of faces and actually look at the representatives of all ages.

Middle-aged woman this hairstyle gives elegance and finesse. For the representatives of the older generation, this hairstyle - the opportunity to create a fresh and young look. Kare on the leg, and with elongated front tips of young girls gives a playful look, and adds the image of individuality.

Elongated square on long hair - the best option for girls who are accustomed to their long hair, but want to change something in her hair. In addition to creating a new image, a slightly clipped the tips well affect the hair growth, and will be removed posechennye parts if they were.

Elongated square on long hair. Fashion beautiful hairstyles and haircuts

Fashionable elongated square equally beautiful looks as dark, and the light and shades of red hair.

Bob haircut Elongation hair will help give additional volume. This type of haircut - this is a great option for women who have thin hair.

Types of hairstyles

There are many variations of this hairstyle: straight bob, graded, asymmetrical, square and straight oblique bangs, straight hair parted, with elongated strands, square on the leg, layers.

Many celebrities love elongated square on long hair. This hairstyle is so popular because it leaves a lot of room for imagination.

Elongated square on long hair is easy to install in any hair and remains relevant for all occasions, be it a casual way, party or severe working environment.

Tips on choosing a hairstyle

Extended version of the square suitable for all persons. But if you want something more original, better to take the advice of stylists.

Elongated square on long hair. Fashion beautiful hairstyles and haircuts

So, for example, cut shoulder-length for perfect fit on the girls having a triangular shaped face.

For a rectangular-type facial different embodiment of the mowing be graded in length to square shoulders.

Excellent decorate face diamond-shaped haircut "elongated square with a bang."

For a person with pronounced cheekbones, the best option would be a short version of a square inside with bent tips.

If a person expands downward, it is better to give preference to the elongated hairstyle. You can diversify hair, parted in the middle and making a lateral oblique chelochkoy.

Face oval perfect complement shearing length chin with thick fringe.

For women with a round face good option would be a penalty of any length, with graded tips and a front elongated strands.


How to put an elongated square? To add volume and create a festive way to use hair curlers better. After the curlers are removed, the hair is not combed. Hair can be gently spread his hands, giving the correct form, lightly fluff, giving volume. After that, all secured with a nail.

There are two more options as to lay an elongated square quickly. In the first case, when there is time to wind the curlers, but there is no time to wait until the hair dry naturally, hair is dried with a hair dryer. In this embodiment, a hairstyle is best to use large curlers.

Elongated square on long hair. Fashion beautiful hairstyles and haircuts

Perhaps, the fastest option is a way of laying, when dried washed hair dryer, comb, and then whipped by hand, lubricated with gel.

Elongated square on long hair. Fashion beautiful hairstyles and haircuts

To post a hair styling remained voluminous hair is not combed, and only get better hands if necessary.

Mowing layers

Elongated square on long hair made layers, looks very impressive and unusual. With this embodiment shearing is two layers. The first is shorter, it may be long before the jaw line or slightly below. The second layer is elongated, reaching up to the middle of the neck, shoulders or below. In this case, the length of each layer depends on the shape of the face.

In addition to the non-standard, this type of hairstyle is versatile. It is suitable for both direct and for curly hair. Moreover, due to shearing of the multilayer technique, the ends of each layer after laying always look voluminous.

For this type of hairstyle you can add any kind of bang. To add brightness and originality of hair can be a special way to paint the ends or one of the layers.

The graded version of

Graduated bob haircut is done with the help of the principle of the ladder. Thanks to this technique, hair is a more voluminous hair look thicker.

Thanks to this hairstyle successfully hiding sharp facial features, the neck looks longer, the face looks much younger and fresher.

elongated square

Elongated square - a great option for owners of fine hair. Thanks to this hairstyle hair looks more voluminous and thick. Add hair volume and charm, you can use the curling tresses. Hairstyle universal in laying. So, you can easily collect hair in a bun, do curls, or simply stab the top.

Long strands of

This type of quads can be performed both in the short and in the extended embodiment. A feature of this hairstyle is that the back of the hair is much shorter than the front ends. For this hairstyle can make any form of bangs. It looks great on any type of hair. Parting can be direct or oblique, and can be in the form of a zigzag.

When laying a top hairstyles usually done very lush and volume. Tips curl a little bit - so that they are bent inward, and the longest, the front part, on the contrary, drawn using gel.

Diversify variiant a haircut can be by staining with elongated tips in a contrasting bright color. You can also paint the whole bang or only its tip.

Elongated square on long hair. Fashion beautiful hairstyles and haircuts

When combined with bright tip bangs and bright elongated lower parts of the image obtained chanterelles, which will stand out from the crowd.

This type of staining is suitable for adolescents and young women. On older the female this haircut will look unnatural, because it does not correspond to the age.