Russian and European clothing sizes: how to choose the right size?

How do we sometimes difficult to find clothes in size in the store. It seems to be, and you know what size you wear, but in practice, faced with a variety of dimensions of the system: Russian, European, and say exactly what you want, almost unreal. And if in a regular store or boutique there is the opportunity to try this or that thing in different sizes, is ordering something online store, the margin for error you have not. We need to know exactly match European clothing sizes Russian to acquired thing perfectly sitting on a figure.

Russian and European clothing sizes: how to choose the right size?

are investigated with systems calculate

Today the distribution system of calculating sizes are Russian, European and universal European. To refer to the first two figures are used, and for the third - all the familiar letters of the alphabet: S, that is, small - small; M, then there are medium - medium; L, then there is large - large (sometimes with the prefix X, which means extra). And if a universal labeling deal still somehow possible without outside help, the comparison of European and Russian size sometimes causes a lot of difficulties.

Learning to read European clothing sizes

European standard size has been approved in the recent 2007, its main indicator is the girth of the chest (for men's sizes, as well as for women). According to the measurements it was compiled alphabetic code size, which also used letters.

The ratio of chest circumference and European lettering size

For women, the most common:


  1. Such S. The size clothing for girls and women, chest which varies between 82-90 cm. The girls who have bigger breasts, it is not recommended to wear clothes of the size, as it will not sit on the body beautifully.
  2. M. If your chest circumference 90-98 cm, this is your size. By the way, in the opinion of men, a lady with a size M clothes very feminine.
  3. L. You have chest girth in 98-106 cm? This is a sign that the most successful you will sit clothes such size. Busty beauty with a thin waist and narrow hips also wear a clothing size, they have to customize every new thing under its own parameters.
Russian and European clothing sizes: how to choose the right size?

Additional sizes:

  1. XXS. When chest girth 66-74 cm ask the seller to give you the clothes of this particular size.
  2. XS. Chest you 74-82 cm in girth? Congratulations, you have a clothing size, which is an accomplishment many women.
  3. XL. You have 107-119 cm in girth at breast? Then dress them carefully to precisely this size, and to walk and to breathe comfortably in a new jacket.
  4. XXL. Bust -. 119-131 cm Lovely Lady, do not settle even try too little of clothes, because it can harm your health. Wear only clothes of their size, which is not too tight, not hampered, and does not cause discomfort.

About Men's clothing sizes

European clothing sizes are also found on the marking of men's clothing, so you can pick up the beloved shirt and without his presence. To do this, just enough to know his European size.

Russian and European clothing sizes: how to choose the right size?

and Bust-size euro for representatives of a strong half of mankind:

  • XXS - 70-78 cm;
  • XS - 78-86 cm;
  • S - 86-94 cm;
  • M - 94-102 cm;
  • L - 102-110 cm;
  • XL - 110-118 cm;
  • XXL - 118-129 cm
  • .

If your man's chest girth corresponds to the figure, which is just at the intersection of two different sizes - choose the one that more, lest he did not have to go in tight clothes.

compares Russian and European sizes

Of course, to know the exact measurements of its parameters - it is good. But what to do in a situation where you know exactly what your clothing size Russian size and markings on things is a European? And what if the hand was not measuring tape and should now calculate the required size of clothing?

European and Russian size can be compared, or even compare. For convenience, we compare not only the letter marking, but also a European digital.

Men's Clothing (Russian and European clothing sizes alphanumeric expressions):

  1. 44-46 = XS = 34-35 size.
  2. 46-48 = S = 36-38 resolution.
  3. 48-50 = M = 39-41 size.
  4. 50-52 = L = 42-44 size.
  5. 52-54 = XL = 45-47 size.
Russian and European clothing sizes: how to choose the right size?

Women's clothing (translation of European clothing size into Russian):

  1. XS = 32-34 = 40 Russian size (tiny lady who wear Russian fortieth the size, see the label on the "XS" or "32" can easily take your favorite thing in the dressing room).
  2. S = 34-36 = 42 (full-size Russian).
  3. M = 38-40 = 44 (this is the most common size clothing that is appropriate for a woman of average build).
  4. L = 40-42 = 46 (often such a size are both fragile girl with magnificent breasts and a girl of medium build who enjoy more free stuff.
  5. X = 44-46 = 48-50 (clothing sizes for magnificent ladies).

Today, European clothing sizes are much more likely to occur on labels, so that such relationships should know every woman.

Why is it important to know your Russian size?

Not always for the size markings on imported things used alphabetic or numeric values, which are presented in lists, that is, universal European sizes women's clothing and men's clothing. It can also be used dimensions values ​​of individual countries, such as Germany, France or the UK.

Russian and European clothing sizes: how to choose the right size?

In this case, it is worth remembering a little rule: take away from Russian size "6", you will get your German size (for example: 46 - 6 = 40). French size between Russian characterized by 4, and Italian - only 2, you need to take 32 to translate English European clothing size into Russian.

That's the way with a simple arithmetic, you can always select only things the right size! The main thing - or record yourself this information, or just to remember that when reading the label of any items you did not have a drop of doubt about what your size is, or is not yours.

Better, of course, try on clothes before buying, especially if your settings chest girth, waist and hips are not quite proportional. Successful to you of purchases and the most pleasant prices!