Explanation of the strange habits of cats

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

Some cats habits completely can not be explained, and because of this, sometimes it seems that they want Crafty navrednichat or with them is something unknown. But most of their actions, it turns out, there are reasons. In this article, we'll explain why, for example, the cat pulled food from a bowl on the floor, drinking water from the tap or from the toilet and bring us his prey.

1. Pull out food from a bowl on the floor

This is due to the fact that the whiskers (whiskers) cats hurt for a bowl edge. And since they contain a large number of nerve endings, cats do not like it. Also, the reason may be that the food is located close to the bowl with the water and carefully avoid cats to hit something extraneous water.

2. Bring the hosts their prey

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

Probably many familiar with the situation when the cat brings prey home. At the same time someone brings mice, some birds, well, who's the more unusual things. In general, however, this instinct in animals developed so that they can teach their young to catch its prey. In that case, if the young animal is not, and the instinct of an effect, it brings this action on his master, trying to "teach" him.

3. Drink from the tap or from the toilet

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

Running water for cats is more attractive, because they instinctively avoid standing water, because it may not be as clean and fresh as the one that flows from the tap. It may also be that the cat just does not like to drink from a cup, because it is too small or has any unusual odor, or is too close to the food (especially the plastic bowls, t. To. They quickly absorb odors) .

4. scrape the floor near the chute

If you notice that your cat is, after going to the bathroom, is actively scraping outside the tray, not in it, then it is most likely just uncomfortable: the tray is too small or may have an insufficient amount of filler. Perhaps tray coated with a special grating, and the cat is inconvenience. Then its actions are understandable, because the instinct not going anywhere.

5. Grind claws

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

If you suddenly thought that cats just spoil the furniture and carpets with her claws, then you are very much mistaken. After sharpen claws - this is a very important procedure for the cat. They do this in order to claw the stratum corneum is constantly updated. Front paws cat make it very simple, well and in the rear is not much, so do not be surprised if you see that your pet chews on them.

6. Hiding when ill

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

The most common sign that the cat is ill - is that it starts to hide in some quiet and secluded place. Thus the animal tries to feel less vulnerable, and it is unlikely to bring joy, if you decide to take it out of "asylum" and get your hands on. In such cases, the best option would be to show the cat to the vet.

7. sticks out his tongue

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

In fact, the causes may be quite different here. For example, a cat licks and forgot to hide the tab back. Yet this can happen during sleep, when the jaw is too relaxed. But if a cat's tongue to stick constantly, it may indicate a pathology associated with malocclusion, injury or problems with breathing.

8. Rub the human

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

Often, so cats show their friendliness toward humans. When your cat rubs against the foot or "pushes" its muzzle, it is a very positive sign. In addition, because the cat can welcome its owner or the person who came to the house, or whether it wants such a peculiar way to get the person some additional information, such as where it came from and whether he had a pet.

9. They do not like to wash

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

It is no secret that most cats are afraid of water like the plague, except that they drink. All this is due to the fact that they are, first of all, do not know how to swim. And secondly, they can be frozen after water treatment, because while swimming wet their undercoat, which helps them to keep warm during the cold and do not overheat during a heat wave. Therefore, it is not necessary to insist on bathing if your pet actively avoids water.

10. Chew grass

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

It turns out that cats love to chew the grass is not because it contains vitamins and not because they want to use it to "get healthy." The thing is that in this way the cat trying to clean your digestive tract from their own wool falling into it in the process of licking, and from the extraction of the particles that they are unable to digest. But be careful that some grass eating your pet, because some plants can be dangerous for them.

11. to throw off things from tables and shelves

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

If the cat is constantly resets your things on the floor, drops everything off the shelves, it does not always mean that it simply vrednichaet and bullies. So she takes his instincts predator and trains hunting skills. This "game production" is a common feline behavior during the hunt.

12. They look as if see something strange, when in fact there is nothing

Explanation of the strange habits of cats

Every cat owner at least once watched the moment when the animal begins to look at one point as if he saw there at least a ghost. Sometimes on such a spectacle it is simply uncomfortable. But it turns out, all explained by the peculiarities of their cats possess UV vision (ie, seeing what people can not see) - and acute hearing. So often they think can be drawn to the fact that people simply do not notice, or they are simply trying to understand where he came a sound that you could not even hear.

Bonus: a habit that can not be explained

Of course, it is not necessary that these habits have each cat: for example, some pets may even behave exactly the opposite. Nevertheless, the main feline habits, you can find a scientific explanation.

And what strange habits have your pets?