Scientific errors, which want to know

Scientific errors, which want to know

What do you do when you have a question that you crave to find the answer? Nowadays all people curious enough to use the Google search engine and find the answer to your question online. Thus, our knowledge is constantly replenished by indisputable facts. But are all the known facts are true? The answer to this question can also be found on the Internet.

Do not water the pasta with oil

If you add oil to pasta, you simply create a barrier for the sauce, which will not be able to soak the pasta. In addition, a plate of pasta with oil will stand in front of you, and that no one likes.

The salt does not help the water boil faster

Yes, you need to add salt to a pot of boiling water to taste, but it did not help her boil faster. The effect is quite the opposite (you have to add too much salt to achieve the desired effect and then only for a very short time).

The water in the toilets in the northern and southern hemispheres are not twisted in different directions

This refers to the Coriolis effect, which really works when the Earth's rotation causes hurricanes and tornadoes rotate counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. But the toilets is not covered; they are too small to be a similar effect could occur.

Do not believe the "5 seconds rule"

Perhaps you do not need to say that the microbes actually will not have to wait five seconds before you begin to infect your food. But just in case, be warned: be it carpet, tiles or parquet, you probably should not eat food that has traveled on the floor.

Glass - it is not a liquid

It is actually an amorphous solid: substance more solid than liquid, but less solid than a pure solid. As the myth of the evidence that the glass - a liquid that people usually point to the fact that the old windows in the lower part is thicker than the top, but in this "guilty" is not so much the glass itself, as the way in which manufactured old windows.

It is okay to swim after eating

Reinforced swimming lesson on a very full stomach can lead to seizures, but the risk is not particularly great. In fact, one report on the drowning in the United States showed that the number of accidents on the water with people who ate tightly, less than 1 percent.

Dogs sweat

You may have heard that dogs are often hard to breathe, because they can not sweat, but in reality they are still sweating. Sweating occurs only through part of the body that are not covered with hair like paw pads. However, most dogs are often regulate body temperature with rapid breathing.

The scientific evidence - there's more proof of

Mathematical proof really is - the scientific evidence, no. Science - the discovery of something new and refutation of the beliefs that existed before. When you prove something in the math, that's for sure. But science is something taken for granted only as long as someone does not disprove it.

The genes have nothing to do with

Some scholars are of the opinion: it is in fact not in the genes. Genes are more like a set of instructions that can have different effects in different circumstances. One gene may be associated with certain characteristics in one species, but under changed circumstances, it can be associated with completely different features.

As the brain is to perform a particular task is not clearly fixed

Also, as in the case of genes, one particular human brain may exhibit a tendency to certain habits, but in reality the brain is very plastic (able to quickly adapt to circumstances) to be too predictable. Thus, one can not say that the brain is programmed since birth to some specific set of symptoms.