Particularly unpleasant location in space

Particularly unpleasant location in space

Space travel for many years called the next frontier in the development of mankind, but it is extremely rare to hear that they are associated with very unpleasant feelings. For example, the whole world knows that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, but it is unlikely you talked about how he used to go to the toilet during his three-day flight.

Simply put, the space - not a glamorous place, as many think. Starting from permanent sticky sweat and finishing extremely inconvenient device serving as an alternative to the toilet, space creates many problems for the human body. If we want to get to Mars, we need to find ways to reduce the so-called "factor fu", that is, to eliminate many problems, leading to discomfort and irritation.

Well, as you are ready to reconsider its attitude to space travel? If not, we have compiled for you a small list of unpleasant, to put it mildly, things connected with the cosmos.


Particularly unpleasant location in space

You probably imagine a space station or a ship immaculately clean, almost sterile, but it is actually, unfortunately, vice versa. There is about as dirty as in a house, where a few weeks there was no cleaning. Scientists have found about 4 thousand different species of bacteria and micro-organisms living in space with the astronauts.

Space disease

Particularly unpleasant location in space

Because of the enormous congestion, which a person experiences at the moment of launching into orbit, not to mention the absence of gravity, the majority of astronauts suffer from what some symptoms of space sickness, also known as syndrome of adaptation to space. In addition to the violation of intellectual activity, they have serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and also suffer from nausea and vomiting attacks.


On Earth, the mucus is removed from the body through the nose or throat, even if we do not notice. However, the absence of gravity in space causes it to accumulate in the sinuses, where it is produced. The only way to get rid of her - forced blowing. Instead, most astronauts have resorted to hot spicy sauces and spicy foods, which, though not exempt the sinuses, helping to push the mucus and at the same time to return the sense of taste of food.


Particularly unpleasant location in space

As you can see, zero gravity causes many vexing problems in space. In the absence of Earth's gravity circulatory system does not work normally. Instead flow to the legs, the blood can circulate mainly between the torso and the brain. About four days the astronauts face due to this look swollen from excessive blood falling to the head. Only after some time their body adapts to the inhospitable environment of space.

Dry skin

Particularly unpleasant location in space

On the ground, dead, dry skin is constantly falling down, and we did not even think. But in space, it does not happen for good reason. As a result, astronauts often have to deal with whole clouds of dead skin floating around. This can happen if, say, someone of them simply removes the socks.

The food from the tube

Particularly unpleasant location in space

In the era of the first spaceflight good food is not included in the list of NASA's priorities. As a result, the astronauts experienced great problems with food, since most of the food was a mess that had squeezed from tubes.


Have you ever thought about the smell the open space? When astronauts return after a spacewalk to the ship and take off their helmets, they are greeted by a horrific smell. They describe it as "burnt steak", "welding gases" or "hell sulfur smell." In other words, the space just stinks.

In addition to the foul smell of space, astronauts have to endure at least suicidal odors inside the vehicle, taking into account the number of people who are in it. To ease the unpleasant odors that are sure to arise during these two hours of exercise required for each crew member, NASA uses the odor eliminating machine. However, the famous astronaut Scott Kelly once said that the ISS "smells like a prison."

"Clothing maximum absorption"

You are probably curious as to what it is - clothes maximum absorption. However, it is sufficient for a moment to think, and all will become clear. Yes, you read that right, we are talking about adult diapers. All astronauts have to wear them. In space, the bladder simply it does not signal that it is full. Therefore, the sudden urination - a common phenomenon. In addition, features of work are such that it is often impossible to leave his post, and had to rely on a diaper.