6 danger signs of prediabetes

• 6 warning signs of prediabetes

Many people think that they can recognize the symptoms of a serious illness. But the fact remains that approximately one in three adults in developed countries the risk of becoming diabetic in the next few years, but 90% of them do it and are not aware! Here it is important to be aware of this condition.

6 danger signs of prediabetes

What is pre-diabetes?

The easiest way to describe it like this: In this state, the blood sugar level is elevated, but not enough to diagnose diabetes. Normal blood sugar levels in adulthood does not exceed 5.9. When readings from 5.7 to 6.4 over the last three months - prediabetes, above - a real diabetes.

The signs of prediabetes

Alas, in this state may not be any symptoms at all! It is therefore important to measure blood sugar. But if they are - here are the features you might expect, that health is not okay.

1. You have scored a couple of extra kilos

In itself, this is not a sign of diabetes. But if fat is stored in the abdomen, the body can become resistant to insulin. The pancreas is forced to produce more insulin, which is bad for the whole organism.

2. Skin Problems

Change the color or appearance of small fibroids - a bad sign, especially if they appear on the shoulders or back.

3. Do you eat a lot of sweet

And it's not just the candy themselves. Bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, too, can affect the weight and blood sugar levels.

4. You move a little

Physical activity helps the body use insulin more effectively, maintain a healthy weight - and thus reduce the risk of diabetes.

5. Have you had problems with the level of sugar in the past

For example, during pregnancy. Then sugar level is reduced, but the risk remains.

6. Do you toss and turn in my sleep

If you're not sleeping, the body has to work in emergency mode, which also increases the risk of developing diabetes. Good sleep is very important for many non-obvious health problems.