At some finger wear an engagement ring? Engagement rings: photo

Today, few of us adheres to the customs and traditions that were venerated in ancient Russia. Unfortunately, it's flaws "Soviet" education, which was based on entirely different principles. But now more and more people interested in the rituals of the past, and most important of these is undoubtedly the engagement. Few people know about the specifics of this tradition: how happens as and when declared, not to mention the fact on which the finger wearing an engagement ring. It should be noted that, in ancient times presenting this exquisite jewelery accessory, bridegroom thus confirmed the honesty of their intentions with respect to the bride, who, taking it as a gift, as it were, to give their consent to the marriage.

At some finger wear an engagement ring? Engagement rings: photo

The unique tradition of

Before we analyze in detail the question of at what finger wear an engagement ring, it should be emphasized that in the Slavic and the US (European) culture of the above ritual is called differently.

What is considered to be an engagement in the United States, in Russia it called matchmaking, which represents the whole ceremony, painted "without a hitch".

At the present time, when it comes to engagement, meaning "western" (European) variation of the considered tradition. At the same time we can not say that today's ceremony is devoid of romanticism and beautiful script. On the contrary, it is a wonderful sight.

And, of course, every girl, ready to try on a wedding dress, along with trembling and looking forward to the main gift from her partner - engagement ring.

A bit of history

Future brides who really want to know about that, on what finger wear an engagement ring will certainly be interesting to find out, when there was a tradition to give this piece of jewelry.

At some finger wear an engagement ring? Engagement rings: photo

In the second half of the 15th century one of the Dukes of Austria, without being completely sure that his beloved daughter of the French king Mary of Burgundy, will agree to marry him, she supported his intention to diamond rings. Princess gave her consent - and then the tradition to make such gifts to the future wives began to be strictly adhered to. If the girl did not want to be bound by the vows, she just did not take the ring.

Since jewelry decorated with precious metals, it is inherited as a family heirloom. However, let us return to the question on which the finger wearing an engagement ring.

As for our country, the tradition prescribes wear jewelry on the ring finger.

What are engagement ring in Europe? Which hand and which finger? The inhabitants of the Old World have a somewhat different rules. They also wear jewelry accessories on the ring finger, but on his left hand.

are combined together if the wedding and engagement rings

Of course, a lot of the fairer sex are interested in the question of whether it is possible to wear an engagement ring along with the wedding.

At some finger wear an engagement ring? Engagement rings: photo

It should be noted that in most cases engagement decoration on the wedding day or withdrawn for a while or forever. However, wearing just two rings bride is not forbidden: she puts on a wedding ring finger, and engagement - to any other, as long as it was at the time. Some girls are on one finger just above two jewelry. But do not forget about some of the nuances. In particular, the engagement ring can not be set up on the ring finger of his left hand, because it is believed that as decoration worn by women who are divorced.

What is the difference

So, you are expecting that your lover will give you an engagement ring? How to wear this accessory, you already know. However, if you can distinguish the wedding decoration of an engagement?

At some finger wear an engagement ring? Engagement rings: photo

The first option is a piece of jewelry is usually made smooth, without any frills in the decor. As for the second, it is usually encrusted with precious stone (diamond, ruby, topaz). It would seem, engagement rings, photos of which can be found on the pages of many publications covering the topic of jewelery, precious confused with other products simply can not be. However, this sometimes happens.

Today, the future newlyweds do not exclude the option of buying engagement rings, which are decorated with precious stones, diamond cut, with various patterns. With regard to the engagement of jewelry, something about them often forget or do as they used inexpensive products. If more than to delve into the comparison of wedding and engagement ring, the difference is substantial. We emphasize once again that expensive decoration for courtship in most cases becomes heirlooms and passed from parent to child. But when it comes to rings, which put the young on each other's hands directly to the wedding ceremony, the owners of such jewelry can not be changed. In any case, it is not accepted.

The European tradition of

If Russia accepted norm is that the two decorations after the official marriage ceremony the wife can wear on hand at once (engagement and wedding), then in Western Europe decoration offered to a groom before the wedding, must be removed once and for all after the guy and girl to legalize their relationship.

However tradition transmission jewelery from generation to generation as abroad it reveres. Yes, and the rite of betrothal was born in European countries. As already pointed out, it also existed in our country, only differently called - matchmaking.

A very curious fact that in Germany, for example, an engagement ring future wife put on his left hand - and only after receiving the marriage certificate it "migrates" to the right. A Polish girls, on the contrary, wear it only on the right.

At some finger wear an engagement ring? Engagement rings: photo


Of course, in our country there are no strict regulations regarding how should wear polvochnoe ring. Even if you have accidentally put it on the wrong hand, none of you is not a judge. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and convenient!