The most expensive jewelry in the world

The most expensive jewelry in the world

For anyone who loves to play precious minerals, this collection of the world's most expensive jewelry will be a real feast for the eyes and pain in his heart at the thought of their price ...

You currently can not even imagine how much it could cost the luxury jewelry! First cut gems has been applied in Europe in the late 13th century, and since then our love for glittering stones extracted from the bowels of the Earth, has increased many times over.

Once such jewelry was available only for the royal family, because their price was out of reach for all the other people, but today your background does not matter, if your wallet is tight enough.

25. Hope Diamond (Hope)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Hope Diamond - probably one of the most famous gemstones in the world. This blue diamond was brought from India in the 17th century, and in its current cut it weighs as much as 42, 52 carats. But no one knows who exactly got this diamond, or who handled the diamond to his well-known species.

We know that the French king Louis XIV bought a huge (115 carats) blue diamond around the 1660s, and ordered him to cut out the heart, known as Le diamant bleu de la Couronne de France or blue diamond Tavernier (Tavernier). After the French Revolution all the jewels from the yard into the hands of the rebels, and in the 1790s and they did abducted to an unknown destination.

In the early 1800s, a huge blue diamond weighing approximately 45 carats appeared in London, where he was first nicknamed Hope Diamond.

His name was in honor of the stone of the British aristocrat Henry Philip Hope (Henery Phillip Hope), who bought the treasure for his own collection. In the 1850s experts began to suspect that the Hope Diamond - a fragment of the very stone of the kidnapped French king.

The most expensive jewelry in the world

In 1901, the grandson of the Hope diamond sold to a new owner. Jewel changed are a number of jewelry stores, including the famous Salon Cartier (Cartier), and during this time has acquired these superstitions. For example, some people believed that the blue stone is cursed.

Then, in 1949, the Hope Diamond was in the hands of a talented American jeweler Gerry Winston (Harry Winston). Master made a luxurious necklace, inlaid in the center of which is the legendary diamond, and in 1958 he presented the product to the Smithsonian Institution (Smithsonian Institution).

There it remains to this day, and is set as a normal museum exhibit. Stone is insured for $ 250 million.

24. Inlaid Panther

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Wallis Simpson (Wallis Simpson), Duchess Windsor, was known from US socialite for which Edward VIII in 1930 renounced British throne. Later, the Englishman even became her third husband. Duke literally bathed favorite in jewelry all the time of their life together, and specifically this decoration was a collaboration Simpson and House of Cartier in 1952.

The most expensive jewelry in the world

panther's body is composed of several joints, so that the product is convenient to entwine female wrist. Decoration is made of platinum and diamond encrusted and onyx. For the eyes of a wild cat use real emeralds. At the famous Sotheby's (Sotheby's) in 2010, this jewel sold for 4,521,250 pounds.

23. Ruby and diamond necklace "Kingdom Hearts" (The Heart Of The Kingdom)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

The Heart of the Kingdom - this is a unique necklace inlaid with loose diamonds in the center of which flaunts luxurious ruby ​​heart-shaped. Decoration is estimated at 14 million dollars and owns the oldest jewelry house - the House of Garrard (Garrard). Rubin weighs more than 40 carats and is framed by diamonds, total weight of which is 155 carats. It is said that the product can be used as a tiara. Why not?

22. Green Diamond Aurora (Aurora)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Aurora - the largest green diamond ever sold at auction. In May 2016 it went under the hammer for a phenomenal 16, 8 million dollars. The rock weighs 5, 03 carats, framed by pink diamonds and decorated with a gold ring.

21. Patialskoe necklace

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Patialskoe necklace was created by masters of the famous jewelry house Cartier in 1928. The name of the product is named after the state of Patiala. It is in this state tucked Maharaja who ordered a precious jewel. The necklace was adorned with almost 3 thousand diamonds, including the De Beers diamond, the seventh largest diamond in the world, whose weight is more than 230 carats.

Other diamonds this necklace also weighed quite a lot - from 18 to 73 carats. In addition, the product has been inlaid bulk of Burmese rubies. Unfortunately, in the 1940s, the jewel was gone, and it has only found somewhere in half a century.

In 1982, De Beers diamonds unexpectedly surfaced at an auction in Geneva, where it sold for 3, 16 million dollars. In 1998, the rest of the necklace was found in the already polurazgrablennom condition in a London pawn shop. The largest diamonds and rubies all gone.

Cartier bought the product in a few years has recreated a copy of the missing stones of cubic zirconia to make decorating resemblance to its original view. According to experts, the decoration would cost $ 25-30 million in its original form, with all the stolen diamonds and rubies.

20. Blue Oppenheimer (Oppenheimer Blue)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

In the spring of 2016 Blue Oppenheimer was sold for nearly $ 58 million. This rock - the biggest bright blue diamond at auction history. Weight stone - 14, 62 carats, which means that a 1 carat left at the price of more than 3, 5 million dollars. Gem decorates platinum ring encrusted with white diamonds and a trapezoidal shape. Ring Size - 6 of the American system.

19. Cartier brooch 1912

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Solomon Barnato Joel (Solomon Barnato Joel) was just a Briton, who had gone to South Africa during the famous diamond rush of the 1870s.

A few decades later in 1912, his efforts paid off with interest - a man appeared in card with 4 diamonds your best to make them into a brooch for the beloved ladies. This ornament is now sometimes referred to as a brooch Cartier 1912. The product is made in the form of suspension of 2 smaller brooches.

Jewel adorns the whole deposit of diamonds. The largest of them - the diamond pear shaped over 34 carats in weight and an oval diamond in 23, 5 carats. In 2014, the brooch was sold at auction for more than $ 20 million.

18. A bright yellow diamond Graff (Graff)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Graff diamond weighs 100 carats and is decorated with a gold ring studded with still a whole bunch of tiny diamonds. Precious stones is never too much! Initially uncut stone weighed 190 carats and was purchased in South Africa.

At that time, he even became the world record for its weight. On this yellow diamond faceting it took almost 9 months, and in its present form, it is estimated at approximately $ 16 million.

17. Peregrina pearl or the Wandering (La Peregrina)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Elizabeth Taylor received the necklace as a gift for his 37th birthday. The most expensive in the decoration was, of course, a pear-shaped pearl, known as La Peregrina (wandering pearl).

This gem has a rich history long into as many as 500 years. It is believed that great pearl simple slave caught in the coastal waters of Panama islet Santa Margherita (Santa Margarita). For all its existence pearl visited the property in a few legendary figures, including even the King of Spain, Joseph Bonaparte. Today, the jewel still adorns the necklace that belonged to the world-famous actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Jewelry represented a pearl necklace with floral motifs made of rubies and diamonds. Peregrina - central gem throughout the suspension, which was sold at Christie's auction (Christie's) 11, 8 million dollars in 2011.

16. Oriental Dawn (The Oriental Sunrise)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

This pair of luxury earrings called "The Oriental Sunrise". You've probably already noticed that all the most fashionable and expensive jewelry get their unusual names, and this lot - is no exception.

Each earring is decorated with orange-yellow oval diamond and several white diamonds. In May 2016, these earrings were sold for 11, 5 million dollars.

15. A pocket watch company Patek Philippe "Henry Graves Supercomplication"

The most expensive jewelry in the world

The most expensive in the world of pocket watches belong to the production of well-known Swiss company Patek Philippe. This model was made to order for the banker Henry Graves Jr. (Henry Graves Jr).

Development of a design masterpiece took 3 years, and in the direct manufacture of these hours - as much as 5 years. No wonder they get their name Supercomplication (supercomplexity).

The model has 24 different functions and features, including a map of the sky over New York, as it was seen from the window of the residence Graves. Even today, these pocket watches are the most complex of its kind product, designed without involving computers.

In 2014 the clock went under the hammer for a record sum of 24 million dollars.

14. Oval Ruby "Anniversary" (Jubilee Ruby)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

The most expensive in the history of American auctions colored gem (not including diamonds) was sold in New York in April 2016 for 14, 2 million dollars. Ruby oval cut diamond weighs about 16 carats and is presented in platinum and gold.

By the way, if you thought it strange division of gems and diamonds, then you have not heard about artificially inflated pricing for this mineral.

Diamonds are expensive only because the marketers of the year managed to maintain the hype around these precious stones, although they have long are not that rare, and even learned to do in the laboratory.

13. Diamond "Pink Star" (Pink Star Diamond)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

"Pink Star" was produced in Africa by employees of De Beers, and it is the largest diamond, recognized the bright pink of the international system and the intensity of the color evaluation.

At the end of 2013 in denominations of 59 stone, 6 carats was sold at Sotheby's for as much as $ 83 million, however, the owner of the newly luxury diamond refused to buy and "Pink Star" again returned to Sotheby's. According to the new estimate price of the product is about 72 million dollars.

12. Necklace "Heritage in bloom" (Heritage In Bloom)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

This unique suspension has been established in 2015 under the guidance of the master jeweler's Chan Wallace (Wallace Chan). Inlaid product 24 substantially colorless diamonds perfect quality, which were originally cut from the legendary diamond called Cullinan (Cullinan or star Africa).

"Parent" before processing the stone was the largest diamond in the world (3106, 75 carat). Necklace with photos can be worn in different ways, and its creation jewelers took more than 47,000 hours for 11 months. Above the product has a team of 22 professionals! Butterflies in the composition according to the idea Chan intended bless holder eternal love. The necklace is not sold, but the estimated cost of the precious stones and the rest of the materials used is equal to a total of $ 200 million ...


11. Cufflinks Jacob & Co

The most expensive jewelry in the world

The most expensive in the world of cufflinks were made by jeweler Jacob & Co, long-known for its luxurious creations. A pair of yellow diamonds used for these cufflinks, passed through the emerald-cut, after which the total diamond weight of 41 carats, and the price of the pair products - 4.195 million dollars.

Men, too, are worthy of sparkling jewelry, because equality is not just about dishwashing.

10. Kullinanskaya dream (The Cullinan Dream)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Kullinanskaya dream - deep blue diamond mass 24, 18 carat, along with several white diamonds decorating platinum ring. The product took the hammer 25, 3

9. The brooch in the form of a peacock

The most expensive jewelry in the world

In 2013, the jewelry house Graff Diamonds has created a brooch in the shape of stylized peacock with diamonds total weight of more than 120 carats, the largest and most valuable of which was encrusted right in the center of the composition on poultry breast (20, 02 carats).

By the way, this blue diamond can be removed from the brooch, and wear it without center stone. The product was estimated at $ 100 million.

8. The engagement ring Carey Carey (Mariah Carey)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

If a billionaire makes a marriage proposal famous diva, an engagement ring should be just unbeatable. That is why when the Australian billionaire James Packer (James Packer) gave the ring of the legendary singer Mariah Carey, it was just incredibly expensive and incredibly beautiful. Platinum ring was smart diamond encrusted denominations of 35 carats, and it was made to order known New York jeweler Wilfried Rosado (Wilfredo Rosado).

The most expensive jewelry in the world

The question price - $ 10 million. With such a price tag it is easy to predict the most expensive engagement ring ever presented to her admirer celebrity. After the break Carey left the ring itself, although traditionally such ornaments in the event of separation return their donors.

7. Tiara Rosebury (Rosebery), decorated with pearls and diamonds

The most expensive jewelry in the world

In 2011, the tiara that once belonged to Hannah de Rothschild (Hannah de Rothschild, one of the richest women in England), was sold at Christie's London auction for 1,161,250 pounds.

Tiara is better known under the name of The Rosebery Pearl and Diamond Tiara and is made of large pearls and white diamonds, and if you want to decorate your head less high tiara, the top of each of its "teeth" can be removed. Although if you are already wearing something similar to what modesty?

6. A diamond necklace "Incomparable" (L'Incomparable)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

The central stone of this gorgeous piece of jewelery - a rather large diamond yellow, weighing as much as 637 carats, miraculously found a simple African girl in a pile of rubble in the Republic of Congo in the 1980s.

In 2013, an international company for the production and sale of jewelry and luxury goods Mouavard (Mouaward) bought the stone for its exclusive necklaces called "Incomparable" (L'Incomparable).

The most expensive jewelry in the world

In addition to the huge yellow stone in the decoration collected 90 more colorless diamonds of various cut a total weight of 230 carats, and this luxury item valued at $ 55 million.

5. China Star (The Star of China)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

China Star - the largest and literally flawless brioletovy (teardrop shape cut) diamond (74 carats), and it was sold at auction in 2015 for 11, 15 million dollars. It turns out that every carats worth about 148 thousand dollars, and in fact for the price in the US you can buy a small house.

During the auction the stone was not yet his own name, but the new owner of the diamond, Tiffany Chan (Tiffany Chen), vice-chairman of China Star Entertainment Ltd., named in honor of his diamond company.

4. wristwatch chronograph Rolex Chronograph

The most expensive jewelry in the world

In 1942 he was made a total of 12 pairs of Rolex Chronograph, and all these watches have been handed over 12 famous European racing drivers. The model is equipped with a separate chronograph, which help the driver to measure the time spent on a range of riding.

One such exclusive couple of hours was recently sold at auction for 1, 6 million dollars.

3. Blue Asian beauty (The Blue Belle of Asia)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Jewelry "Blue Beauty Asia" got its name from the bright blue incredibly beautiful sapphire weighing 392 carats, found in Sri Lanka in 1926. The necklace was sold in 2014 at Christie's auction for 17, 3 million dollars.

2. Copyright covers for phones by May Tan Anita (Anita Mai Tan)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Decorated figures spider and dragon cases for phones Anita Tan May stand at 880 000 dollars! These cases are designed for the iPhone's famous line phones, and can be worn as a pendant, regardless of whether there is inside the smartphone itself.

Dragon is made of gold (18K) and 2 200 colored diamonds. For spider jewelers use 18 carat gold and 2800 colorless and black diamonds. Now even covers for mobile phones can be attributed to jewelry, especially when they are encrusted with diamonds.

1. Brilliant "Wittelsbach" (Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond)

The most expensive jewelry in the world

Finally, the final item on our list - brilliant "Wittelsbach", visited once a decoration and the Austrian and Bavarian crown. In 2008, dark blue diamond weighing 35 carats was bought 36 Laurence Graff (Laurence Graff), famous British jeweler.

The deal cost him 23, $ 4 million. Graff had the stone cut by about 4, 5-carat, cut to improve its quality (to get rid of divorces and improve color purity), which angered a lot of jewelers who are familiar with the history of the Austro-Bavarian diamond.

The most expensive jewelry in the world

After the uncompromising processing Graff called his creation Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond. Many experts have responded with contempt of the deed of the master, who had raised his hand to the historical relic 350 years of age, but that does not change the fact that in our selection of the most expensive jewelry in the world, there are several works of Graff.

In 2011, the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond was sold to the former emir of Qatar for $ 80 million. What a profitable sale!