Grey-blue eyes. How to emphasize their beauty with makeup?

Makeup gray-blue eyes - one of the most critical of all existing types. But why? The answer is simple: all the girls who are the owners of the nature of the gray-blue eyes to change their color, have resorted to some of the secrets of makeup. You would think that it is frivolous and stupid? Nevertheless, all is true! Perhaps this is why makeup blue eyes should be imposed responsibly and with full understanding of what you need.

Gray-blue eyes gradation

Grey-blue eyes. How to emphasize their beauty with makeup?

Only women with eye color have the opportunity to emphasize the undertone of his pupil with the help of cosmetics. For example, women who have the eye color of monochrome, may make it even brighter. Women chameleon may well underline how green and gray or blue tint. But best of all is that they can easily achieve even the stunning turquoise!

The gray-blue eyes: Makeup

Due to the fact that in the pupil of such color as the blotches are blue and yellow, it is possible to achieve the blue, green, but best of all - turquoise eye color. Make-up with color by and large is one of the most mediocre. But at the same time - one of the "deployed" as turquoise - very tempting shade for every girl. The gray-blue eyes: how to achieve their grayness using makeup

Grey-blue eyes. How to emphasize their beauty with makeup?

Professionals to achieve the perfect makeup recommend using ash-silver, gray and steel shades of shadows, and in some cases even dark purple, silver-pink, beige, pale pink. Also ideal blue and icy-blue shade.

The gray-blue eyes: how to do make-up to give them a green tint

If you want to get your gray-blue eyes were bright green color, in this case the usual make-up will not work - here you have to have a little dream. First of all, it is necessary to choose the shadows: it is desirable to pay attention to the copper and gold color scheme. Here nice suit and shades of turquoise, light green, and the color of the sea war with golden sparks. It should be noted that not every woman's facial features with eyes yellow shades suitable, but, despite this, it is with their help you can easily achieve amazing color green clean grass. For example, in a make-up with blue eye owners of light blonde hair color is not recommended to use a yellow shade.

How to make gray-blue eyes a shade of turquoise Grey-blue eyes. How to emphasize their beauty with makeup?

Now that modern women have a real chance without contact lenses, surgical procedures and other refinements to give your eyes a stunning turquoise color. Everything is quite simple: you only need to choose the right color palette of shadows. To make the turquoise shade will suit such as watery gray, emerald, and extraordinarily beautiful turquoise.

The gray-blue eyes, evening make-up

In the evening, every girl wants to be on top and stand out among the others, especially in the case goes to a cafe or restaurant. Therefore, for an evening out it is best to use already proven smoky eye makeup that will suit any woman. Here there are no new rules. Everything is exactly the same as with other shades of the eye. Since smoky color suits girls of different facial features. With the right makeup you will always look amazing on any party or business meeting.