Brands that have become household name

Brands that have become household name

If a trademark is becoming a household name - it plays into the hands of the company. After all, a whole category of goods identified in the eyes of the consumer with the trademark. However, this is fraught with a certain danger: the legal protection of a trademark, has passed into general use as the name of the product category, is terminated. For any manufacturer offers the possibility of its use. Therefore, companies, trademarks which faces such a danger, making advertising and PR-efforts to prevent their transition into the category of common nouns.

One of the most striking examples - the company Xerox. Of English nominal word "xerox" has been eradicated - it was replaced with a "photocopy". In the CIS countries the whole category of services called "copying", but the company is trying to pursue a policy under the slogan "Copier - a Xerox. Xerox- is not only a copier. "

Presenting your attention the most vivid examples of brands that have become household name.


Brands that have become household name

The word xerox in English is pronounced "ziroks". In the Russian language the word "Xerox" was included in the 70-ies, when the USSR were first copy machines of this brand.

In the world there is a unique country, where the photocopier is not referred to as Xerox and Canon (Canon). This country - Mongolia. There is, Canon became the first importer of technology.


Brands that have become household name

Light sports shoes has long been everyday for a lot of people. The word "shoes" is derived from the name of an American shoe company Keds, founded in 1916.


Brands that have become household name

The first device for drying of hair appeared in 1900 in Germany. The name "hair" is related to the German trademark Foen, which means "warm Alpine wind."


Brands that have become household name

Whirlpool became known as the "hot tub" in connection with the name of the North American company Jacuzzi Inc., which organized the mass production.


Brands that have become household name

The term "SUV" called all-terrain vehicles. Recently, the "Chrysler" insists on the term "SUV", despite the fact that the word "Jeep" in English was originally a common noun (slang formed from abbreviation GP - general purpose, "general purpose").

The word "jeep" was formed from abbreviation JP JP in the Willys vehicle title issued by the company "Willis" during the Second World War.


Brands that have become household name

Now called diapers all the diapers, despite the fact that the word "Pampers" means diapers brand P & G. The word "nappy" is now little used.


A lot of people believe that the word "toilet" is short for "universal pelvis." This is not true. During Soviet times, plumbing supplied by named Unitas, which translates as "unity." Hence the name familiar to all.


Brands that have become household name

Vaseline- trademark Unilever cosmetics company.


Brands that have become household name

Acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin was first called the company Bayer.


Brands that have become household name

before Heroin is a medical drug and sold as a soothing cough replacement of morphine. Trademark was invented by Bayer. In 1913, production was halted, but the brand will live for a long time.


Brands that have become household name

The word is derived from the English Scotch tape - "Scotch tape" - trademark of 3M Corporation roll of duct tape. Formally, the tape may be called a tape from 3M as Scotch - a brand of the company. But in the modern Russian language, the word has become synonymous, and now the so-called tape of any kind.


Brands that have become household name

Medical plaster for fixing dressings. From 1921 to 2003, a trademark owned by Beiersdorf AG, a 2003 - the company BSN medical GmbH.


Brands that have become household name

Trademark Thermos GmbH. In many countries, recognized as a household name and lost the trademark status.


Brands that have become household name

Antifreeze brand, created in the USSR. The word "antifreeze" is formed from the TOC - organic synthesis technology and LM - substances of chemical nomenclature, this ending reveals that it is about an alcohol (ethylene glycol - is dibasic alcohol). For example: "ethanol" - ethanol.


Brands that have become household name

The graphic editor Adobe Photoshop. "Photoshop" came to be called any computer image processing, regardless of whether it is produced using a graphical editor. Often he found the expression "otfotoshopit" is used instead of "photomontage".

To a heap:

- Champagne. Easy white sparkling wine from the Champagne region.

- kiwi fruit. Original name of fruit - Chinese Actinidia. In New Zealand, this fruit supplier sold under the brand name invented Kiwi.

- Marker. From the trademark Flo-Master, a felt pen capillary.

- Nylon. Nylon, trademark of DuPont. It became synonymous designations for various tissue types.

- Teflon. In Russia, often (even in advertising) you can hear the "Teflon". Teflon - trademark DuPont. Used as a non-stick coating pans.

- Lycra (Lycra) - a synthetic fiber that is used to sew tight clothes. Trademark owned by the company Invista.

- Revolver. Revolver. revolver model, created by Leon revolver (Belgium, 1892). Due to the civil war called "revolver" was fixed for any gun (not only Nagant system). Now word has lost almost nominal status. - Yo-yo. Toy flywheel on a string. It was named in honor of the Yo-Yo Manufacturing Company (opened in 1928). In 1965, the Court concluded that the word yo-yo is a household name.

- Chupa Chups. Now they call any lollipop. Trademark Perfetti van Melle.

- dichlorvos - any insecticide sprays.

- Jumar - in the climbing device for lifting the rope. Named after the Swiss Jümar factory.

- Maps - lightweight racing car. Go-Kart company went bankrupt in 1962

- Superglue - fast-setting glue. The brand owner - the company Super Glue Corp. - still exists today.

- multilok - car lock high reliability. The company Mul-T-Lock exists today.

In other countries:

- In Israel, all mobile phones called pelefon - from the name of the company that first started to provide mobile services. Pelephone - "magic phone".

- In Africa, any coffee drink, regardless of the brand and quality, called "Nescafe".

- In America, a well-known household name and the name of the vacuum cleaner is a "Hoover" Hoover for manufacturers. Many saw a vacuum cleaner of the brand in the local stores.

- Kleenex has become a household word for napkin in many English-speaking countries and beyond. The Americans and the Italians call all disposable wipes "Kleenex".

- In Poland, any sneakers called "Adidas". And the players - "volkmanami".