How to set up the legendary logos of brands of clothing and footwear for sports

Known worldwide sportswear brands - a company in which you can learn marketing strategies, and the ability to sell and how they make a cult out of clothes for sports and its brand. Therefore doubly interesting to see how well-known logos invented clothes and shoes for the sport, because today they themselves are recognizable in every corner of the planet.

of Nike

One of the most successful companies in the production of sportswear, footwear and accessories, of Nike got its name in honor of Nike - the goddess of victory. Company founder Phil Knight did not get high returns at first and, laboring in Portland University, hired a student designer Caroline Davidson, so she came up with for his modest company presentation. It was necessary to meet with Japanese partners. After receiving a presentation, Knight asked Davidson sketch and logo. She came up with a check because it was associated with the movement and with Nicky wings. Knight logo "Nike" is not very much, but the founder of the company decided to leave it as a sign of his somewhat attracted, and time was running out.

How to set up the legendary logos of brands of clothing and footwear for sports

In the end, he did not just catch on and become much more recognizable company name. Davidson got behind the logo "Nike" only 35 dollars, but Knight did not forget that he owes it the appearance of their logo. On the anniversary of Caroline he received from the hands of the founder of a ring studded with diamonds in the form of that same stroke-tick, and company shares.


The second giant in the world of sports clothing - "Adidas". We can say with confidence that its three bands have conquered the world. Despite the fact that over time the Adidas logo has undergone significant changes, it is still recognizable. The company was founded by Adolf (Adi) Dassler in 1900, when he and his wife started making and selling shoes. In the 25th year of Adi, who loved football, he sewed the first in the history of football boots with studs. It has become a powerful impetus to the growth of the company, but World War II, hit a factory under the influence of the Americans and the need for an indemnity payment split the family business. One part gets Adi Adidas and calls it by its name and the first three letters of the name, and the second part is getting his brother and founded the company Puma.

How to set up the legendary logos of brands of clothing and footwear for sports

Adi company will need a serious logo that would look equally well on billboards, and as a small patch on sneakers. Therefore, it just adds to the two strips of a family logo another and thus makes its iconic brand. In 1971, the company began to sell clothes, not only for professional athletes, but also for leisure and recreation. At the same time there is a new logo Adidas - trefoil with three stripes and Adidas letters below. These lines symbolize the diversity of the company. In 1997, the company is changing logo, leaving the name the same three stripes, but located in a mountain as a symbol of obstacles that overcome the athletes. However, the logo of the brand of clothing and footwear for sports was not received with enthusiasm, and shamrock are not left in the past, remained as a logo for the specials. collections.


As we already know, the brand Puma - it literally Adidas brother. However, the logo apparel brands brothers and their concept is not similar. Having established his own production, Rudolf Dassler opted for a symbol of puma - feline, which symbolized speed. So the logo appeared cougar image, jump through the uppercase letter D.

How to set up the legendary logos of brands of clothing and footwear for sports

Already in 1960, the more modern look of the logo depicting a cat jumping next to large letters PUMA. The logo of the brand of clothing for the sport is one of the few that have not changed for decades, perhaps, only the silhouette of a cat became more modern.


In contrast, Puma, Reebok logo underwent significant changes in its history. Despite the fact that in the center of the logo is always a brand name, it is periodically reviewed and changed for the better. Today, branded clothing with Reebok logo - it is a sign of good taste and attention to your image in every situation.

The company was founded in 1895 by a shoemaker Joseph Foster, who was fond of running and come up with new stitching running shoes with spikes. The company's first logo consisted of the name and of the British flag. Then he was replaced by a vector drawn under the letters. Soon the logo was one vector, and in 2000 it was removed and returned only Reebok letter in its original form. Later designers then returned, then cleaned vector logo in 2006 was reduced to three letters RBK, but after a couple of years back the full name.

How to set up the legendary logos of brands of clothing and footwear for sports

In 2014, the company introduced its new logo - next to the name of the brand is the delta icon consisting of three faces. Each face represents change - social, physical and psychological. This logo shows and the vector of development of the company, which no longer produces products for professional athletes, and focuses on clothing and footwear for ordinary people involved in fitness.

New Balance

Rare logo apparel brands do not change with time, and New Balance among them. Today sneakers from New Balance - the ultimate dream of millions of fashionistas everywhere. The company was established in the early 20th century in America, but its roots she goes to England, the birthplace of the creator of the brand, William Riley. Watching as a sustainable chicken legs with three points of support, he came up with a support structure for orthopedic shoes and called the company literally "new balance". However, prior to the production of sports shoes, and to the traditional logo is still very far away.

How to set up the legendary logos of brands of clothing and footwear for sports

The capital letter N sneakers appeared on 320-series only in the 70s, and since then it is a constant company logo. Although the designer of the logo a bit worried about the similarity with the Nike brand, he decided that it will play into his hands. Buyers want to buy "nike" and get another brand, but better quality.


The word "conversion" has long been synonymous of sneakers and not by chance, in fact the best, most comfortable, stylish and trendy sneakers - it's always Converse.

The company started in 1908, but in 1917 the company launches a line of Converse All Stars with shoes for basketball players, then they played only in sneakers. This line becomes the most successful, the full name goes into the logo depicting a circle in the center of which draw a star, and all around the brand name.

How to set up the legendary logos of brands of clothing and footwear for sports

Later logo have become a word of Converse, which is inserted in the letter about the asterisk. Modern logo appeared in 2017 and looks like the same word Converse, but written specially developed for the new logo type and the top shows the star and chevron.