Shop "Adidas" in Moscow. History of the brand "Adidas"

"Adidas" - one of the "pillars" on which rests sports fashion. Under this brand are currently produced not only sports clothing and shoes, but also equipment for professional sports. Business group points are open all over the world. Waiting for its customers and shop "Adidas" in Moscow.

With the brand name "Adidas" associated with many famous names. Actors and singers took part in the campaign (for example, Madonna). Many outstanding world-class athletes won their awards in the clothes and shoes of the brand. Among them we can recall Mohamed Ali (the boxer), Marat Safin (tennis), David Beckham (soccer player). This list is very long. Let's understand, how the company was able to open a shop "Adidas" in Moscow and other cities around the world.

How it all began?

The history of the brand "Adidas" starts with the appearance in the German city Gertsogenaurahe at the beginning of the XX century the company under the name "Dassler". It was a family firm, which led the two brothers after the death of his father. One of them, Adolf or, as it was called, Adi, was creative kind. It is thanks to his efforts came to light many new models of shoes. They became the prototype of the shoe, which can be purchased by visiting the shop "Adidas" in Moscow. Running shoes with spikes for football and still remain popular.


When the father died, the two brothers strongly quarreled. As a result, the company was divided into two parts. This happened in 1948. Adi called his firm "Adidas". And Rudolph (second brother) opened his own company under the name "Puma". So historically, and remains, that the two companies are still competing with each other. At the same time there was a symbol of the company - three bands. He meant the three basic principles of the company, which must comply with manufactured shoes:

  • Meet the sport.
  • To be a reliable protection for the athlete.
  • to be comfortable.

In addition, three bands were a symbol of the ladder by which the athlete must move forward.

The company is gaining popularity. In 1972, she became the main sponsor of the Olympic Games, which were held in Germany. At this time, a new company symbol - trefoil. He stood for the unity of the three continents that are united through participation in sports activities.

The turning point for the company was the end of the seventies. After the death of the company founder, the leadership passed to his wife, and later - to his son. After the early death of the last power passed into the hands of the two sisters. But they were not able to manage a large company at the time. Therefore, 80% of the shares were sold to businessman Bernard Tapie. Under his leadership, the company was on the verge of death.


The situation was saved by RL Dreyfuson. He was able to "wake up sleeping the company." And already in 1996, "Adidas" has again become the main sponsor of the Olympic Games. By the end of the nineties the company acquires a number of other companies, thereby expanding its influence.

Production of

Product range (it can be seen by visiting the shop "Adidas" in Moscow) has expanded by acquiring other companies. Concern owns 32 firms around the world (Germany, USA, England, Canada, France, South Africa). major brands are:

  • "Adidas". This includes sportswear, footwear and accessories.
  • "Salomon", offering equipment for mountain activities, tourism.
  • Bonfire Snowboarding Company, engaged in the production of snowboards.
  • "Mavic", producing a rim for a bicycle.

A large part of the production belongs to Reebok, which currently belongs to concern "Adidas". This company offers footwear, equipment for hockey and golf.

All these products can be found by visiting the shop "Adidas" (discount) in Moscow.

Shopping in the capital of Russia

Would you like to purchase products of this brand? "Adidas" Then visit the traders point. Addresses of stores in Moscow, you can see in the table in the photo below.


As can be seen, branded goods stores in the capital a lot. You can always choose the shop "Adidas" in Moscow, which is close to home or work.

Addresses discount stores

Buy goods at lower prices by visiting the shop "Adidas" (discount) in Moscow. Their addresses are given in the table below.


Accordingly, the shop "Adidas" can be found in every district in Moscow.