Italian clothing brands: list, review of fashionable clothes for men and women

Italy is considered to be the most fashionable country in our world. It is here that were born, grew up and created their masterpieces designers whose names have long since become a household name. Italian clothing brands repeatedly sung in the arts - in songs, in short stories and novels, in film and even in the theater. Let us and we'll look at why this country is called the most fashionable and what its designers are the most popular.

The Italian clothing brands: list

Well, for a start, we offer a list of the brands of clothes and shoes, which we will discuss in detail. Perhaps you are interested in a particular brand, and you take the time not only in the study of its history and characteristics of the work. Or maybe you want to read the information on all listed below Italian clothing brands. So there you go:

  • Dolce & Gabbana.
  • Prada.
  • Giorgio Armani.
  • Moschino.
  • Fendi.
  • Laura Biagiotti.
  • Versace.

Of course, in Italy it was based far more clothing brands, which, no doubt, are unique, interesting and creative. But in this article we will look at the most popular at the moment.

D & G

One of the leading brands in Italy and at the same time is relatively young. It was founded by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985. For a long time it was very budget and almost imperceptible store studio that produced at that time a very unconventional clothes. But after Madonna herself appeared at Cannes in a corset, sewed these masters, clothing "Dolce & Gabbana" became a hit in the fashion world. By the way, in gratitude for designers sewed pop star more than a thousand costumes in record time - 2 months. Today, almost everyone knows that the "Dolce & Gabbana" - the clothes are not just quality and brand, but also a very stylized, original and always simple and straightforward.

Italian clothing brands: list, review of fashionable clothes for men and women

of Prada

Thanks to the well-known novel "The Devil Wears Prada", hardly heard about the Italian clothing brands, we immediately recall the name. The most popular accessories purchased directly from Prada - bags, shoes, belts and scarves. But the brand also produces clothes premium. The fashion house was founded in 1913 by designer Mario Prada. After his death, the reins of power passed into the hands of his descendants, and today a key figure in this fashion house is Miuccia Prada. Typically Italian brand, so the design is very simple lines and silhouettes, but non-standard colors, textures and transitions.

Italian clothing brands: list, review of fashionable clothes for men and women

of Armani

The company, founded by fashion designer named Giorgio Armani in 1975. Initially, it specialized in the production of clothing for the general public, shoes and small accessories range. Over the years, I grew up not only to the popularity of this Italian brand of clothing, but also a business strategy. Armani was the first designer-entrepreneur, which is segmented the their products and come up with the name for each group. Today, clothes for men and women, watches, shoes, belts, handbags, jewelry, eyeglass frames and even household products are marketed under the brands Emporio Armani, Armani Casa, Armani USA, Armani Junior, and many others.

Italian clothing brands: list, review of fashionable clothes for men and women

the Moschino

Another fashion company, which was founded in 1983, the usual at that time a man Franco Moschino. He tried to sew everyday things, including jeans, and sell them at low prices. The main aim of the designer was to create an explosive and buntarny image on the basis of clear and simple clothes. And that he got on "hurray". Franco threw a challenge to all existing at the time of Italian fashion brands of clothes, he was released on the podium a riot of colors and textures, he created masterpieces of the brightest colors of nature.

Italian clothing brands: list, review of fashionable clothes for men and women

of Fendi

In 1918, an Italian by the name of Adel founded her own fashion brand. Soon, she married a man named Eduardo Fendi, who proposed his name as the title of its brand. The couple had five daughters, who also took part in the conduct of the fashion business. Family specialized in sewing leather and fur products, which are in demand in pre-war times. Having lived through two world wars, to work in the Italian fashion house comes Karl Lagerfeld. He makes heavy coats and leather goods into something light and weightless. Since then, the brand has changed beyond recognition and left the world stage. Today, Fendi clothing - this unpretentious, original, light and very creative range in the fashion world.

Italian clothing brands: list, review of fashionable clothes for men and women

Laura Biagiotti

Amazing woman designer, who for more than 40 years produced an incredibly soft, light and very romantic clothes. Her first show was held in 1972, and since then, her name is recognized all over Italy. It is worth noting that Laura is also engaged in the production of luxury perfumes. Perfume released under her name, scattered around the world and especially getting any movie stars and singers. This talented woman died recently - May 26, 2017, but she left behind a whole empire of fashion, fragrance and romance.

Italian clothing brands: list, review of fashionable clothes for men and women

of Versace

This is probably the most hyped and most bombastic brand of Italy. Its history began in 1978 when Gianni Versace - founder of the company - decided to make the class "luxury" goods and sell them at incredibly high prices. As we can see, his plans were carried out more than successful. Throughout the history of the brand, "Versace" let a man's business clothes, women's clothes "haute couture", children's clothes, as well as numerous household items ranging from towels and soap dispensers, finishing tiles and carpets. Currently, the company manages the younger sister of Gianni - Donatella Versace, who inherited all of this empire after his brother's death. The emblem of the maison is the head of Medusa.

Italian clothing brands: list, review of fashionable clothes for men and women

They can be summarized that the above were presented directly to the Italian brands of women's clothing. However, they also produce men's collections, which are very popular. But now we propose to consider directly those brands that specialize in the locker room for the stronger sex.


Brand "Boddzhi" was founded back in 1939 in the town of Salerno. Since then, its popularity has not faded niskolechko, and all thanks to the style and the narrow focus, in accordance with which each new collection is available. Clothing of this brand - a strict business suits. Men appreciate them primarily for the perfect fit, superior quality material and design that, while remaining within the framework of the classics, is in step with fashion.

Italian clothing brands: list, review of fashionable clothes for men and women


Thanks to this brand in the fashion world there was such a thing as a Smart Casual. Brand appeared in the post-war years and remained unnoticed for a long time, for obvious reasons. When the world rehabilitated, he revived the cinema, as well as other branches of art, the designer of the fashion house - Nazareno Fontikoli - realized that it is necessary to sew for celebrities. His clothes absorbed the two seemingly opposite traits - chic and comfort. This combination had to appeal to many actors who have always wished to remain bright and trendy, but feel comfortable.