How to build your back muscles? several exercises

The relief of the back depends on how well developed trapezius, lats and rectus muscles. Therefore, men are often interested in how to pump up the muscles of the back. Line located at the top, connected deltoid, lat and neck muscles. Well developed lats, which is called in bodybuilding wings are a real gem of an athlete, because they attach to the back of a spectacular V-shaped and visually make the waist narrower. Direct (spinal extensors) - the most powerful and long muscles of the back, along the spine in the lumbar region. They are involved in the formation of correct posture and help maintain balance.

Features workout

Any novice bodybuilder who is interested in how to pump up the muscles of the back, should know that all the exercises for this group are basic, that is, when they are executed is loaded at the same time the greatest number of muscle. In addition, for the back exercises are considered the most traumatic: improper technique and irrational exercise can lead to spinal injuries. Therefore, novice athletes is recommended to increase the load gradually, and not force things. To know how to pump up the muscles of the back, is not enough to remember the exercises, we must also learn the techniques carefully.

for the trapezoidal Exercises

How to build your back muscles? several exercises

One of the basic exercises - the projectile thrust his chin. Loaded Delta, upper and middle part of the trapezoids. Exercise is aimed at detailing the muscles and the formation of a clear line separating the trapeze and the delta. For its implementation need to take a grip bar on top (in the distance between the brushes two fists). Stand up, straighten your back, straighten your shoulders; chest forward, the neck comes to the hips. Inhale, stretch the delta and trapeze, throwing elbows to the sides, pull the neck to the chin; only move your elbows (not the forearms and shoulders). After reaching the upper point (elbows should be slightly above the shoulders), exhale, and strain delta trapezoid lower the bar slowly. To increase the use shrugs that can be performed with both dumbbell and barbell. To do this, stand up straight with your feet about shoulder level, straight rod in the lowered hands straight grip (hands slightly wider than shoulder width). Inhale, stretch the trapeze, pull your shoulders up to your ears (shrugging). Hands do not bend, do not tilt the torso. Try to raise the shoulders as high as possible and a second lock at the top. Slowly return to starting position.

Exercises for lat

One of the most effective exercises for increasing the thickness of the broadest muscle and trapezoids - projectile thrust in the slope. Take the barbell straight grip, the hand positioned slightly wider than shoulder width.

How to build your back muscles? several exercises

Stand slightly caved in at the waist, torso tilted forward, legs slightly bent at the knees; lumbar muscles are tense, the bar hangs in the straightened hands. When you inhale tighten the neck to the waist, elbows are not breeding, and move them back and up, trying to raise as high as possible. Pull the barbell without jerks, including the work only the muscles of the shoulders and back. Pulling the bar to the belt, exhale and slowly return to and. . Many athletes are interested in what you can do the exercises at home for the back muscles. One of the most accessible and effective - pulling up on the bar. For its implementation need to grab the crossbar wide grip (wider than shoulder width 30 cm). Hang to the back muscles stretched as much as possible. Doing breath and straining the broadest, to catch up to the elbows stay in place and do not move to the torso. Pull up until it reaches the chin crossbar (available above). Exhale and slowly return to the starting position.

The exercises for the rectus muscles

Experienced bodybuilders recommend to train the spine extensors at the end of lessons.

How to build your back muscles? several exercises

Many athletes find the best exercise tilts forward with the shot on their shoulders. In addition to the above-mentioned development of muscles, this exercise pumps up the buttocks and separates them from the biceps femoris, gives a distinct form, separates the muscle bundles. For its implementation need to get up, put his feet wider than shoulder width and slightly bent at the knees, put on a trapeze bar, bend slightly at the waist, shoulders and chest to straighten. Inhale, hold your breath, slowly make a forward lean, while the pelvis pull back. At the bottom of the movement torso should be parallel to the floor. After that, go back to the starting position, breathing out after overcoming the most difficult recovery site. Another popular exercise for the rectus muscles of the back and buttocks for the extensors and hip - a hyperextension. Running the simulator (Roman chair), the body weight is on, the stop under the thighs just below the groin, leg fixed with a roller, elbows diluted hand palm lightly on the neck. Slowly do flexion at the hip joint, that is to lean forward while keeping your back straight. This exercise is not a force. As is known, in the slope of the spine is experiencing heavy loads, it is not recommended when the hyperextension take disks from rod, risking thereby earn intervertebral hernia. conclusion

In order to have a beautiful relief, not enough to know how to pump up the muscles of the back. We should also exercise regularly and correctly.