Which muscles are working when pulling on the bar?

Pull-ups - is a universal exercise

Fairly widespread belief that pulling on the bar may not help in muscle building. However, it is very useful, does not require special training exercise. You can also say that this exercise universally. The job does not include a single muscle group, but several.

Which muscles are working when pulling on the bar?

Which muscles are working when pulling

When performing this exercise a person included in the work of the following muscle groups: the lats and upper back, upper parts of the chest, biceps, triceps, forearms. We dealt with what muscles are working when pulling. Now a closer look at how this exercise can help develop a particular muscle group.

The broadest muscle of the back and the top of the

Any experienced athlete will tell you that the most effective exercise for growth lat pull-ups are on the bar. It is worth remembering that by changing the width of the grip, you can adjust the load on a given muscle group. If you decrease the grip load will depart from the broadest to the biceps. When wide grip can be accentuated affect the muscles of the back. Also worth noting is that, pulling on the bar, you can feel the work and upper back. upper chest

Pull-ups can help to develop the upper chest. Of course, for this muscle group there are more effective exercise, but the benefits of pull-ups for breast - it is an established fact.

Which muscles are working when pulling on the bar?

to biceps, triceps and forearms

As mentioned above, by narrowing the grip to the work can be actively involved biceps. If the goal is working of the biceps on the bar, you can change the grip to return to direct. Thus it is possible to achieve the work the biceps. As in the case of the pectoralis major muscle, the triceps are not actively involved in the work, but rather performs an important function - to fix the elbow. The forearm is well developed in the formulation of brushes reverse grip. Knowing which muscles work while pulling up, you can work out any particular group of them.

Which muscles are working when pulling on the bar?

What if exercise does not work?

If you are unable to catch up, then ask for help from a partner. Hang on the crossbar, and he will hold your feet and help to climb up. The system pull-up

There is a pull-up system. It is quite simple and straightforward. You just need to increase the number of repetitions (the number of pull-ups) with each workout. Once you can without the help of a partner to catch up 10-20 times, it makes sense to try to do the exercise with weights.

How else can catch up?

Also worth noting is that there are two ways to do this exercise. You can drag the bar to the chin or behind the head to do pull-ups. Both options are good in their own way, and you can choose the one that brings you the best result.


So, we understand with what muscles are working with pull-ups, and how exercise can be performed. Now you can include it in the training program.