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Cuban punk movement was born in the late eighties, but most of its flourishing started only in the late nineties. These were very difficult years for Cuba: the idea of ​​socialism has failed, which is reflected in the island's economy. The three most famous punk band (Rotura, Futuro muerto and Detenidos) were the first with the help of music and texts showed that there is another manner perceive new Cuban reality.

The modern movement punks originates precisely these groups, whose founders with age found other, bring at least some income classes: one with his brother works as a mechanic, the other has become a tattoo artist, started a family, and the third is working at a construction site, he and my companion of the musical group gave birth to children. Someone to become a lawyer or pros, others emigrated.

Cuban punk Cuban punk

Josu Trueba took this project in cooperation with a team of Ruido Photo, is headed by three Spanish photographer Edu Pons Pau and Col Toni Arnau.

Cuban punk

This year marks the 10th anniversary team. During these years, they and their supporters have removed a lot of documentaries and social projects focused mainly on Latin America.

Cuban punk

This is a story about an unbelievable level of violence in countries such as El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala (these countries have the highest levels of violence in the world), about drug trafficking, stories about the most populous women's and men's prisons in Latin America, about the illegal refugees who trying to immigrate to the United States, about human trafficking and the unusually high level of rape of women, about gangs and other stories related to the violation of human rights.

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