How to download ass right

Glutes, or butt, have long been a symbol of sexuality. Therefore, the question of how to swing the priest, remains relevant for both women and men. Untrained muscles on the priest can easily spoil the appearance, in spite of the overall attractiveness of the figure.

How to download ass right

What is meant by the term "pump up the ass"

For every girl's question about how to swing the ass, it could mean anything. One needs to be done gluteal muscles are more toned, the other more bulky, more round and so on. Each of us are completely different types of figure. Someone big bulky buttocks bestowed nature, and someone - no. So, people with narrow hips hardly be able to pump up the volume ass. But at the same time supple and taut muscles without cellulite - it is not a dream but a reality. The main thing is to implement the relevant exercises and to adjust your diet.

Three exercises for the glutes

How to download ass right

1. Deep squats. To perform this exercise correctly, you need to stand up straight and try to sit as low as possible until thighs touch shins. If you get to sit down and climb back to the level of about 15-20 times, the exercise can complicate, shouldered the weight of 5 to 20 kg. The most important thing at the squat to keep your back straight and lift due to leg strength. This will help you avoid spinal injuries. 2. Downloading the ass, climbing support. Immediately it should be noted that support for this exercise should be high - above the knee. To get used to maintain balance, you need to start training with own weight and only then add light dumbbells. So, how to download the priest with the help of support. Stand with both feet on the support and straighten. Then lower one leg, until it is a few inches from the floor, and immediately climb back. Further, without pause, repeat 8-12 times each leg.

3. Lunges. Attacks recommended for virtually all of the problems associated with the legs and glutes. This approach provides a balanced development of the glutes, hamstring and quadriceps muscles from all sides, and along the entire length. The exercise is performed simply. Stand erect and do one leg free step forward, sinking to crouch. To be effective, exercise is important to remember a few rules:

  • to fall you need to until the thigh front foot will not be parallel to the floor;
  • the knee front legs should be at the level of the nose (if you look from top to bottom);
  • the back should be straight;
  • hind leg knee should not touch the floor.
  • exercise should be repeated 8-12 times on each leg.
How to download ass right

How to increase the priest quickly, if you are new to exercise

Attacks on all fours - it's a great start for beginners. For its implementation need to get on all fours, put hands and feet shoulder width apart. Then slowly raise your right hand forward, taking away with the left foot back. Back straight, arm and leg also should be kept straight. It should fix a position for about 10 seconds and repeat the exercise to the initial position to the other.

Recommendations for those who want to become the owner of the elastic buttocks

Before you look for an answer to a question about how to download the priest should take a total burning of fat (if you are overweight) or to engage in the development of the hamstrings, quadriceps and back extensors (if you have a flat butt). Remember that all these muscles work together and shaking her ass, and you will increase them.