How to build the inside of the thigh: embodiments

It is believed that the inner part of the thigh is the most capricious area of ​​female representatives. In winter, this part is always hidden. In the summer, wearing a short skirt, flabby inner thighs very noticeable. With the onset of spring next thought arises in the mind: "How to build inner thigh?". , Consider a few exercise options to solve this problem.

How to build the inside of the thigh: embodiments

The complex morning exercises

How to build inner thighs during the morning exercises? The morning begins with a warm up. Five to ten minutes of warm-up of the whole body will be sufficient for the basic set of exercises. In workout desirable to include ten times push-ups, sit-ups and pumping media. Then you can begin to target exercises. Firstly, this alternate lunges to the side with a wide stance and deep springy squat. Enough to do for 7-12 times in both directions. Secondly, a side legs swings through an angle of 45 degrees, then 90 (one approach to 15 times). Thirdly, with wide-set legs carry the body rises on his toes (7-10 times for one approach). How to build the inside of the thigh: embodiments

Exercise on a rug

How to build the inside of the thighs, lying on the floor? After completing the warm-up, you need to lie on a gym mat on the left side. Between feet clamped medbol. Breathe in, the ball is lifted upside down, it goes down as you exhale. The main work is done by the left foot, right hand only holds the ball. 9-13 repetitions will be enough. Followed by a change-by-side and repeat the exercise with the other leg. live load - three approaches. Such as leg raises can be performed successively and without the ball.

How to build the inside of the thigh: embodiments

The load standing

How to build the inner side of the thigh, being in a vertical position? For this exercise, you should use a belt expanders. The tape is wound around a solid support at a height of 35 cm from the floor. The left leg is passed in the damper handle. You must be a left side near the support at a distance so that the expander has been firmly tightened. Squeeze your buttocks, you should perform the foot moves to the right side, overcoming the resistance of the belt. For balance, it is better to hold on to his chair. One repeated for each leg is 13-15 movements. Training in the gym

How to build the inner part of the thigh in the gym with the help of mechanical devices? In the gym all the exercises are carried out in three runs for 10-12 repetitions. There are appropriate weights - barbells, dumbbells, pancakes from the bar. They performed squats and lunges. Inclined trainers L-shaped contribute perform exercises "leg press" and "straightening the legs." In addition to the inside of the thighs, they are working on the front, the rear group of leg muscles and buttocks.

How to build the inside of the thigh: embodiments

on the back training

How to build the inside of the thighs, lying on his back? For this exercise, you need to lie back on a hard surface (a couch, floor, hard sofa, bench, etc.) And lift up both legs. Pulling strongly socks on and aligning the legs, you need to spread them apart as far as possible and perform mahi. For a one-repetition must be done 40 repetitions.