10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

Nonsmoker streets in Japan, balconies in Finland, the pubs in Ireland and other smoking bans around the world

10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

, approved by the Russian government in the Thursday, October 18 the bill "On the protection of public health from the effects of environmental tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption" should be in the next few days to go to the State Duma, which is expected to begin immediately to its consideration. Russia in April 2008 joined the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, and should now bring the national legislation into conformity with the requirements of this document.

According to the draft law, to be non-smoking in the territories and in areas intended for the provision of services in the sphere of social protection, education, culture, youth policy, physical culture and sports, public and municipal services. In addition, the ban smokers to smoke in vehicles of urban and suburban, in open areas at a distance of less than 10 m from the entrances to the premises of railway stations, bus stations, airports, ports, subway stations, as well as in the premises of the said facilities. Zones free from smoking, will jobs and work areas, common areas of residential apartment buildings, area of ​​playgrounds and beaches. Finally, the bill provides for a phased ban on smoking in the territory and premises intended for the provision of medical and health-improving services, long-distance trains, on board aircraft and ships long voyage, in the premises intended for the provision of housing services, personal services, trade services , food and markets, as well as in non-stationary trade objects. In addition, the document stipulates the prohibition of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, as well as a ban on the demonstration of tobacco products and smoking process. Before you ten countries where such bans are already in the first year: the majority of states have introduced them in accordance with the WHO Convention, but some are far ahead of her.


10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

Year of the ban: 1977

Where smoking is permitted: outdoors outside public places and at home

The penalty for smokers: € 50-150, minors face imprisonment

Finland - a pioneer in the fight against smoking and smokers: here before anyone was put in place anti-smoking legislation is among the most severe restrictions (not so long ago, for example, it was forbidden to smoke even on your balcony - the smoke may reach the non-smoking neighbors) and the most severe punishment for juvenile smokers. This is not surprising if we bear in mind that the country intends to 2040 to become completely non-smoking. The goal seems achievable today only every fifth citizen of Finland can not indulge in a cigarette.


10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

A year ban: 2004

Where smoking is permitted: in designated areas in hotels, on the streets, in prisons, orphanages and psychiatric hospitals

The penalty for smokers: € 3000

Irish government first enacted prohibitions of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: it was adopted in May 2003, and since the beginning of 2004, the Emerald Isle the prohibition also included all the pubs, restaurants and cafes. Smokers who want to combine a cigarette with a beer, have to get up from the table and moved to the street, where they are equipped with special places (the owners did not do so and allow to smoke in the room, faces a fine of € 10 000). But they, as a rule, no one asks where it went a man with a glass of beer and a pack of cigarettes in his hand - but those who come to the door without a cigarette, such curiosity can not be avoided.


10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

Year of the ban: 2005

Where smoking is permitted: in bars and restaurants in special rooms, isolated from other rooms, without the right to eat and drink in them

The penalty for smokers: up to € 100

The Swedes, like the Finns, are determined by mid-century to get rid of a bad habit - for what are becoming more stringent anti-smoking laws. But smokers are inventing new ways to circumvent the ban. For example, the routine was the transformation of the restaurants in private clubs with individual membership: these places are among the facilities without free access, and their owners can set their own rules on smoking.

United Kingdom

10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

Year of the ban: 2006-2007 (in stages in different parts of the United Kingdom)

Where smoking is permitted: in private apartments, hotels (in the rooms) and prisons, outdoors

The penalty for smokers: up to £ 2500

The law of the United Kingdom alone registered a smoking ban in football stadiums - throughout. As for all the other places, then it all depends on where it happens. For example, in England, you can smoke at the station or at a bus stop, and in Scotland, for it could be fined £ 50.


10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

Year of the ban: 2008

Where smoking is permitted: in specially equipped rooms in public places, hotels

The penalty for smokers: € 25-250

While in the modern history of Western Europe, the palm of the anti-smoking keeps Finland, but in the more distant past, it belonged to Germany: here the first major bans were adopted in the late 1930s by the authorities of the Third Reich. This circumstance does not just recall the fighters against the German tobacco smokers, disgruntled by the fact that they are unable to deliver pleasure even in a taxi in the past few years - this mode of transport in Germany is equated to the public where smoking is prohibited. Few of the owners of establishments or taxi drivers willing to take risks and to agree on arrangements of fans to smoke: after all, the punishment for smokers who had gone to meet the requests of essential - € 1000.


10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

Year of the ban: 2008

Where smoking is permitted: in the open air or in specially equipped places

The penalty for smokers: 200 rupees ($ 4, 25)

Despite the fact that in India the free zones of smoking, even hotels and restaurants are declared, not to mention the government offices and other public places, smokers in this country does not become smaller. They are still there are about 240 million people, and although fine for a lit cigarette in a public place is equal to the cost of the whole pack, Indians often do not pay attention to prohibiting signs.


10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

Year of the ban: 2008

Where smoking is permitted: on the terraces of restaurants and cafes, railway platforms and decks of ships

The penalty for smokers: € 68

For nearly a year - from February 1, 2007, to January 1, 2008 - the French were allowed to smoke in restaurants, cafes and discos, but now they are the places where smoking is prohibited. In enterprises and institutions for smokers equipped with special rooms, but area not exceeding 35 square meters. m and with a complete ban on the sale of any drink -. not even water. However, unlike most other EU countries, the French authorities did not introduce heavy fines for owners of establishments: violators will have to pay only half the more than eager smoker - € 135. But now such scenes are not uncommon: the interior of restaurants and cafes almost empty, but on the terrace free table does not find in the afternoon with fire.


10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

Year of the ban: 2009

Where smoking is permitted: in specially equipped areas, outdoors (not in all cities and on all streets)

The penalty for smokers: average - 1,000 yen ($ 13), the maximum - 40 000 yen (US $ 500) Japan categorically different in dealing with phenomena that are recognized at the state level threaten the health of the nation. In Japan there are laws aimed at combating obesity and overweight - and of course, there's a pretty tough cost to smokers. In many cities there were whole streets, where you can not even appear with a lit cigarette, not to mention the fact, to let smoke. But on the same street, you can freely see the posters with female smokers. By the way, in Japan, there are even special characters pink color, indicating that in this particular location is allowed to smoke just women - this will not have guessed in Europe.


10 countries with the most stringent anti-smoking law

Year of the ban: 2010 (more than half of the states)

Where smoking is permitted: homes, in specially equipped premises in public places, outdoors

The penalty for smokers: an average of $ 250-1000 (depending on legislation in each state)

Two years ago, more than half of US states have passed laws restricting smoking in public places. Somewhere in the number of such places were only public institutions, medical, children and sports organizations in many states - restaurants, cafes and bars, but some places have gone further. For example, in New York under the ban were not only parks, but also the adjacent streets, and the famous Times Square declared completely smoke-free zone. Harder just to smokers are in California, where you can not smoke in any of the local beaches, not to mention other places. And in Illinois, you can cater to a year in jail if smoking in his car in the presence of a child under eight years and pay up to $ 2,500, if you - the owner of a cafe and allowed smoking in their establishment.


Year ban: 2010

Where smoking is permitted: outdoors, at home and in designated areas

The penalty for smokers: € 50-200, up to € 3,000 for smoking in public transport, and € 10,000 for multiple violations

Judging by the amount of the fine provided for by Greek law for smokers, this country is supposed to be the leaders in the fight against bad habit. In fact, it turned out the opposite: the Greeks not only hold the highest number of cigarettes falling year on each inhabitant - 3017 pieces, but also by the number of bans violators. As recognized by many owners of restaurants and cafes, they will not much mind if the person wants to smoke right at the table - despite the fact that the owners of the establishments for this face a fine of € 10,000.