The history of the most popular cigarettes in the USSR

The history of the most popular cigarettes in the USSR

Cigarettes "White Sea Canal" are known to all the people who lived in the period of the Soviet Union. Contemporaries too familiar with this tobacco product, but few on the other hand ...

Once either called the cigarettes of the brand - "White Sea", "White Sea Camel", "Belle Amour Chanel" ... They smoked every second Soviet smoker, it was the most famous Soviet tobacco brand that is present everywhere: in stores, in jokes, in movies ...

This is the most recognized brand in the history of tobacco production of the Soviet era. Appearing in the distant thirties, "White Sea" is still being produced to this day - both as cigarettes, and as souvenirs.


In the early thirties, Josef Stalin eradicated private business and has given rise to the era of industrialization. This transition has been painful for the people and accompanied by references and executions. To Soviet citizens worked more effectively in the country at the highest level of propaganda it has been put.

The era of large construction projects displayed throughout. About them made films, writing books, composing poems, songs, and even after the greatest of these projects called cigarettes.

One of the huge projects was the construction of the White Sea-Baltic Canal (BBK). For the realization of the construction required large financial investments, but Stalin, to reduce the costs involved in a free labor of prisoners.

The history of the most popular cigarettes in the USSR

To pay these people did not have, and the number has never decreased. According to reliable facts are known, that in the construction of the White Sea Canal killed a great number of people (according to various estimates, from 60 to 180 thousand).

Though claimed this powerful project a lot of human lives, the Soviet people took it as a triumph of the USSR, confirming the status of a great country.

The new brand "White Sea Canal" (cigarettes) was a resounding success. Tobacco with such a legendary name has become almost a symbol of heroism and great labor of construction.

The release of "White Sea" was just in time, strong and cheap cigarettes smoked like intellectuals, and ordinary laborers.


Making the pack was the key to brand recognition. In its creation participated Uritsky Tobacco Factory artists. Some people are convinced that the picture on the pack has never changed, but it is not.

From the outset, it displays part of the European card with bold stripe the White Sea Canal and the thin lines of foreign channels. Later, the image on the pack changed, leaving Soviet Russia and adding to said water channel "way" of the Moscow and Volga-Don. The dimensions of the modern packs of 82 x 83 x 23 mm.

The history of the most popular cigarettes in the USSR

In the production of cigarettes manufactured first sleeve, then it stuffed tobacco. packing density of very high quality, because of that tobacco was not strewed.

There is an opinion that the diameter of the cigarettes "White Sea Canal" (7, 62 mm) was designed so that could be on the same machine to produce cartridges if necessary. Vision still does not harm anyone, the Soviet tobacco "bullets" of other brands also released with the same diameter.

"White Sea Canal" (cigarettes): the composition of

Ingredients come up with a master Ionidi. In certain proportions, he mixed Moldovan and Azeri tobacco varieties. To produce "White Sea Canal" (cigarette), begun in 1937 in Leningrad, in the factory Uritsky.

Innovation in the tobacco industry meant not for the faint of intellectuals, and for the hardy and strong hard workers, although, as mentioned earlier, and smoked them both.

"Belomorkanal" - made of pure tobacco flavors without impurities. In each unit contains 30-35 mg of resin and 1, 5-1, 8 mg of nicotine.

"White Sea Canal": the price and the quality of

In Soviet times, the real proletarians of all narcotic vices could only drink cheap alcohol and smoking cheap and strong cigarettes.

He appeared immediately gained immense popularity among the simple people in the sale of cheap and strong, "White Sea". This is not surprising, the price for such pleasure was paltry when compared with other tobacco products.

The history of the most popular cigarettes in the USSR

Later, "White Sea Canal" has become synonymous with all the well-known expression: "Smoke of the Fatherland, which is sweet and pleasant." And this despite the fact that it is a cigarette fifth grade.

"Belomorkanal" preferred every second, if not the first, the smoker in the country. They were everywhere, in shops, in the movies, even in jokes. One of the most famous anecdotes - about pilots, who have forgotten the flight card and flew on a map drawn on a pack of cigarettes, as a result of successfully reaching your destination. They are valued for the fact that the meager cost of a pack of "stored" in itself is not 20, as usual, and as many as 25 full of strong tobacco, paper tubes. "White Sea" - is the strongest cigarettes, which means that they have no equal in the health hazard.

Brand in today's world

No matter how much touted "White Sea Canal" (cigarettes), in the modern world tobacco tough competition and diversity, both domestic and foreign, it lost its popularity.

But at the same tobacco products come from the USSR are in demand by tourists as a souvenir of the Soviet era. Our tourists often take them with you on a trip through Europe.

According to statistics, only 4% sold "belomorinu" is used for smoking. The remaining 96% are purchased due to cigarette cartridge, which is very convenient to change the contents.

The history of the most popular cigarettes in the USSR

well-known brands have tried many times to take advantage of manufacturers of filter cigarettes and vodka manufacturers. Particularly successful, these attempts have not been successful, a real "White Sea Canal" has remained only cigarettes.