As IQOS effect on dental health

With the improvement of quality of life of people began to ask questions of conservation ecology, and often take care of their comfort and appearance. Manufacturers of modern devices respond to this request. Electronic tobacco heating system IQOS become one of the products created by taking into account the aspirations of adult smokers to minimize the negative effects. At the same time many IQOS users are concerned about the impact that the device has on the teeth and oral cavity, including in comparison with smoking.

As IQOS effect on dental health

To answer this and other matters was held with the participation of a webinar on Managing Research on PMI in Russia Dmitry Ulupova and dental surgeon, periodontist, founder of periodontal center MaxTreat Maxim Kopylov. Below shows the most important and interesting of the webinar.

As cigarette smoke affects the state of teeth

The most obvious effect is that consumption of cigarettes has on the teeth - to change their colors. Solid carbon particles which are formed during the combustion of tobacco are deposited on the teeth, fillings and crowns, leaving a characteristic yellowish brown color.

In addition to the aesthetic aspects of the problem, there is another, more disturbing: dentists unanimously assure that smoking can cause periodontitis. The fact that the combustion products violate the circulation within the gums. Patina that forms on the teeth, under the influence of the smoke becomes more viscous, plaque appears faster and gums can not resist its spread because of the blood microcirculation disorders.

As the steam from IQOS affects the teeth

IQOS - a system of tobacco heating. Scientists PMI HeatControl in Switzerland have developed a technology which ensures that the heating temperature does not exceed 350 ° C. This temperature is sufficient to receive the nicotine from the tobacco and prevent burning - so when using IQOS formed not smoke, and tobacco vapor.

IQOS - not a harmless product, but it took a comprehensive study in a clinical setting, and the results indicate that a full transition to iQoS less harmful to health than smoking cigarettes.

To evaluate the effect of steam on IQOS on the color of the teeth, the researchers conducted an experiment in FMI laboratory system Vitrocell 24/48. It is a metal plate with recesses, where samples of human teeth and dental composites were placed, - Popular materials for the manufacture of seals. Above are examples of the tube on which the fed cigarette smoke or tobacco IQOS pairs.

As IQOS effect on dental health

The experiment lasted three weeks. Four days a week, the samples were exposed to tobacco smoke or steam, equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes or 20 sticks. At intervals samples were placed in the artificial saliva and kept therein at a temperature of 37 ° C to simulate the natural oral environment. Also, the samples were cleaned toothbrush.

As IQOS effect on dental health

Measurement of the samples were performed twice: at the beginning and end of the experiment. Changing the color of teeth and fillings for three weeks, it was found with the help of a special device - spectrophotometer, which determines the color of the digital values ​​and helps us understand how many units to change the color of tooth enamel or fillings. The results showed that all samples were exposed to tobacco smoke, much stained, and in the teeth of those samples, where the fillings made of composite materials, coloring was uneven. In this sample, which affected IQOS steam, almost did not change its color.

As IQOS effect on dental health

The tobacco vapor released during use iQoS, significantly fewer teeth stains than cigarette smoke.

NOTE: If your teeth are already covered deposits of cigarette smoke, the transition to IQOS not reduce them darkening. Therefore, the advantage will be more apparent after a professional teeth cleaning and complete switching on IQOS.

In a laboratory study in Swiss human teeth and the most common materials for dental fillings, IQOS exposed to aerosol for 3 weeks showed significantly less staining when compared to samples exposed to cigarette smoke standard reference (3R4F). In contrast to the actual conditions on the samples did not test other colors such as coffee, tea or wine, which could affect the results.

But even in this case, teeth may darken, because the color change depends on many other factors, for example, by the use of coffee and wine.

Can gums bleed when you switch to iQoS

Some users have reported with concern that after the transition to IQOS they observed bleeding gums. A similar effect happens in people who quit smoking.

The reason of this is cigarette smoke, which violates the blood circulation in the gums. Accordingly, when a person quits smoking, the blood supply to the gums is reduced, which may cause a temporary increase in bleeding. This is a temporary phenomenon sometimes occurs when full switching from cigarettes to IQOS. But if you are concerned about any changes in their health after switching to IQOS, we recommend that you stop using it and seek medical advice. Innovative tobacco heating system IQOS - solution for adult smokers who are not planning to give up tobacco use. When using the device the products of combustion are not formed, and hence is considerably less odor on clothes, skin and hair as compared to smoking cigarettes.

Less affected tooth is exposed and the state: Clinical studies have shown that tobacco vapor released during use IQOS, stains the teeth is substantially less than the cigarette smoke.