Van Persie: biography and photo

Robin van Persie (see below photo.) - Dutch professional football player of the club, "Feyenoord" and the Dutch national team. His national team is 17 years old. He participated in all the international forums in the period from 2004 to 2016-th year. Considered one of the strongest strikers in the international football arena, is the record for most goals scored in the history of the Dutch national team, Van Persie on account of their 50.

Van Persie: biography and photo

During the period performances in the Premier League, the Dutch striker was twice winner of the "Golden Boot" - in 2012, in the "Arsenal", and in 2013 in the "Manchester United". To list all the football players to achieve this simply makes no sense, after all, so we all know that he is one of the best footballers of the Netherlands and once the Premier League.

According to the magazine France Football, in 2016, the striker hit the top five richest players in the world. Percy then earned a 26, 5 million dollars together with a sports contract to "Fenerbahce" and advertising.


Robin van Persie - top-class footballer, born scorer - has an incredible instinct for goal. The Dutch striker has always been distinguished for its speed and incredible playing technique. On several parameters of the game, such as dribbling, ball possession, game head, strength and precision strike, Van Persie is one of the best forwards in the world. One has only to recall his game at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and all at once falls into place. It is on this forum Dutch striker scored one of the most beautiful goals in the history Mundial - goals against the reigning champions of the world - the Spanish national team.

Van Persie: biography and photo

Remember the stunning goal that has gained the name of "goal fish" (as some have called "The Flying Dutchman"), which the intellectual potential of this player.

To complete the picture, look at the video below, where the best 10 goals in the career of Robin van Persie. His brakes and shock left leg does something unimaginable. Many beautiful goals scored exactly fly off Robin, after the team-mates, and that's what came out of it.

Van Persie: biography and photo

Biography footballer

Robin van Persie was born August 6, 1983 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Mother Robin - Jose Ras is an artist and jeweler. Bob's father - a famous sculptor. Unfortunately, the parents of Robin divorced when he was just a child. Man chose to stay and live with his father. During his school years was spoiled and undisciplined student, for which he was repeatedly expelled from schools. For years, Robin wanted to become a painter or a sculptor, his parents, but then switched to a career.

In March 2004, Van Persie married. His choice was a long time friend of a friend of Moroccan origin, her name Buhra. The marriage produced two children - a son Shakeel (2006) and daughter Laila (2009).

The professional football career

He started his career in the youth team of the Dutch club "Excelsior" in 1997, the year. Where he played for one season, and then left the team due to a conflict with the head coach. Since 1998, he played in a youth "Feyenoord", which subsequently played until 2004. As part of the senior team debut in 2001 at the age of seventeen years and six months. Having proved his competence football, the club has offered a professional contract, which was eventually signed for three and a half years. Initially, Robin van Persie played for the reserve, occasionally falling into the basis of the "Pride of the south." In the 2001/02 season he spent 28 games, which marked 8 goals and won the UEFA Cup. In total he played for "Feyenoord" three more seasons, for which took part in 61 matches and scored 14 goals.

Go to the "Arsenal", a career in the Premier League for the "Gunners"

May 17, 2004 Robin van Persie has signed a contract with London "Arsenal" of £ 3 million for up to four years. As part of the "Gunners" Dutch striker made his debut in the game FA Community Shield ( "Commonwealth Shield", final) against the "Manchester United", which ended with the victory in favor of the "Arsenal" with the score 3: 1. It so happened that in the debut of the game Robin won the prestigious trophy. In August of the same year a player is injured, resulting in missed many matches of the national championship. In order to return, he was able only to the end of October. In his return to the first team, he designed a large number of goals, including two in the FA Cup semi-final against "Blackburn Rovers" that helped "Arsenal" to win.

Van Persie: biography and photo

Career "Manchester United"

In August 2012, the media reported the official information that the talented Dutch striker of "Arsenal" has passed into the mankuniatsev. The cost of the transfer of the transaction amounted to 23 million pounds, a contract was signed for four years. Robin van Persie made his debut at Goodison Park in a match against "Everton", which ended for the "MU" defeat with the score 0: 1. August 25 Persie scored his first goal in a match against "Fulham" (3: 2). A week later, Percy surprised Manchester fans his hat-trick at the Gates "Southampton" in the same match the Dutchman has issued its hundredth goal in the Premier League.

Van Persie: biography and photo

In total, the "Red Devils" had 86 official matches and has issued 48 goals. Along with "Manchester", he became the champion of the Premier League 2012/13 England and Super 2013. As part of the "Red Devils" Van Persie won a personal award of Sir Matt Busby in 2013 (awarded to the best player, "Manchestr United" at the end of last season). Robin also was the author of the most beautiful goals in the Premier League on the version of the Air Force (in the Gates "Aston Villa").

Van Persie: biography and photo

Career "Fenerbahce"

After the termination of the contract with "Manchester United", many fans began to wonder what happened to their top scorer. Where he plays Van Persie, why the contract was not renewed? But the leadership of the "Red Devils" had their own views on the matter. Renew the contract they refused, because it was a part of good young performers with great prospect.

July 11, 2015 Dutch striker has signed a contract with the Turkish "Fenerbahce" 5, 5 million euros over three years. Robin's debut match took place in the framework of the Champions League against Donetsk "Shakhtar" on July 28 and the first goal was scored by the Dutch striker very soon - on August 20 at the gates of the Greek "Atromitos" in the European League.

Van Persie: biography and photo

In November 2016, after the game clashes with Abdullah Sissoko in a match with "Ahisara Belediyespor" he was the victim of a serious injury of the left eye. It has been reported that the striker can lose vision. Later, however, doctors reported that the damage is not serious, and that the player will soon recover. Soon after what happened, Van Persie quickly recovered and went on to play for the Istanbul club. The total spent for "Fenerbahce" 57 matches and has issued 25 goals.

Van Persie: biography and photo

Where Van Persie playing now? Return to "Feyenoord"?

In January 2018 a contract with "Fenerbahce" was canceled, and the striker returned to his home, "Feyenoord", who started his adult football 17 years ago. February 15, 2004 scored his first goal after a long return to the gate, "Groningen".