Hockey player Sergei Zubov: biography, photos and accomplishments

Hockey player Sergei Zubov has twice won the Stanley Cup and made the list of the best players in the history of "Dallas", but almost did not play for the national team of Russia. Why?

The beginning of a long journey

Sergey Zubov was born on July 22, 1970 in Moscow. Childhood future hockey took place to the accompaniment of talk about the great "red car", for decades crushes all rivals at the world championships and Olympic Games. Therefore, love for the boy yard hockey fights quite obyasnimo: Moscow 70-ies of XX century, it was difficult to find a boy who would not have dreamed of glory Kharlamov.

The yard box Zubov rather quickly bored. The talent was obvious the boy, and soon parents took Sergei to the club "Moskvich". The club was not the most promoted, but the choice was absolutely right, because the young Boris Zubov was in Shtanko group - a wonderful coach, gave a start in life to Pavel Bure.

For "Moskvich" Sergei Zubov played 5 years. After that, he went on increasing in the country to start a hockey school. Youth encouraged under the banners of Sports School of CSKA.

Hockey player Sergei Zubov: biography, photos and accomplishments

Road overseas

CSKA system at all times associated with severe and even a little despotic coaches. Zubov, however, was lucky this time - he came under the wing of thoughtful specialist Yury Rumyantsev. Rumyantsev quickly recognize the talent of the future star and carefully honed it to the level of the first team. In 1988, eighteen Zubov made his debut in the main part of the army.

We can not say that the first steps in the adult hockey Zubov turned out of the way. In 5 seasons in CSKA defender only twice scored more than 10 points for the "goal plus a pass". However, coaches Zubov trusted mentors and the youth team of the USSR even took to the World Cup in 1989. There Sergei played quite effectively, scored in seven matches, five points and got the honorary title of champion of the world. It played a role in the moment when Zubov went overseas scouts. Soviet bulge at the seams, the Iron Curtain fell and Soviet hockey players for the first time in history had an opportunity to try to force abroad. Cunning businessmen from the NHL carried them to his whole bales. Teeth are not left out and back in 1990 was drafted by the famous club "New York Rangers".

Two years later, Zubov said goodbye to Russia and went to the NHL.

Hockey player Sergei Zubov: biography, photos and accomplishments

The team - or foot

The season of 1992-1993. our hero started at the farm club, "Rangers" - "Binghamton". Three dozen games in this team was enough to convince the bosses to their highest level and earn the translation to the home team. In December 1992, the defender of "New York Rangers' Sergei Zubov made his debut in the NHL.

Oddly enough, in America, Sergei was played even more comfortable than home. Narrow platform better suited to the style of the game Zubov, and soon it turned into a real striker. In the season of 1992-1993. He scored 31 points, and the next year - 89. This was the best figure in the "Rangers", it was in that year a team from New York won the Stanley Cup!

Hockey player Sergei Zubov: biography, photos and accomplishments

Overseas feats Zubov caused an increased interest in the homeland. Defender regularly summoned to the national team of Russia, which he even won the Olympic gold medal in 1992. But soon there was a scandal: during one of his visits home to his wife was attacked teeth, but hockey federation has done nothing to solve the problem. Flared hockey player said that he would never play for the national team and made some harsh statements about Russia and the living conditions in this country. Athletes - people emotional and often commit these acts, and then give up their words. But no teeth - it is really no longer played for the Russian team no games, fully concentrating on a career in the NHL.

The legend of "Dallas"

Despite the brilliant play of Sergei championship season in 1993-1994,. guide "Rangers" has decided to send him to a "Pittsburgh". For "penguin" Zubov played one season, then I was in the "Dallas Stars". Here Sergei finally found himself - he played for the "stars" of the twelve seasons and is justly regarded as a true legend of the Texas team (!). With it he won the Stanley Cup in 1999 and three times won the right to participate in the traditional game of the NHL stars. Sergei Zubov included in the symbolic team of the best players Dallas Stars in the history of the club. Sergei Zubov photo can also be found in the Museum of Dallas Stars.

Hockey player Sergei Zubov: biography, photos and accomplishments

In the summer of 2009, the exhausted injuries Zubov began to think about retirement. However, I decided to "popylit" another year to learn about the interest on the part of the St. Petersburg SKA. In 2009, there was an unexpected return to Russia, which, as it seemed, a hockey player does not bind anything. It seemed vain Zubov played decent season, typing in 53 matches, 42 points grandmaster. CSKA were ready to offer eminent defender of another one-year contract, but he decided that it is necessary to leave on time.

In 2010, the two-time Stanley Cup winner hung skates. Sports biography ended with Sergei Zubov.

On the bridge of

Quite leave hockey Zubov was not going to. He stopped playing, he drew attention to the profession trainer. Gain experience, he began in the same SKA, where since 2011, he began to serve as an assistant coach. In the season 2015-2016 gg. Sergey was appointed head coach of the Neva squads, but assigned to the team's task is not solved - Petersburgers came to the playoffs Gagarin Cup, but did not reach the final series. At the end of the season Zubov was relieved of his post. You could say that it worked - the following year SKA became champion of the country.

In the spring of 2017 Zubov led the ambitious club "Sochi".

Hockey player Sergei Zubov: biography, photos and accomplishments

For whom is it?

Personal life Sergei Zubov - a role model. He - an exemplary family man: beloved wife Irina gave the legend "Dallas Stars" two lovely kids - Pasha and Nastya. As he said in many interviews he Zubov, his favorite holiday is just the time with your family. However, a lot of attention to the coach, "Sochi" and gives the traditional masculine biases like fishing and watching sports broadcasts.

Iinteresno that most Zubov not like to watch hockey, and basketball. As he recognized himself Sergei Alexandrovich, his hockey life and so lacking, and he became addicted to basketball while living in America obsessed with it.