How to choose a sofa for your interior

Sofa - the most versatile piece of furniture. It will help to adjust the space, create a cozy and become an extra bed, which is especially important for a small apartment. A wrong or badly delivered sofa can ruin the best layout of the room. Together with an online store sofas Restmebel will tell you how to choose the piece of furniture for different types of premises.

For a small living room

How to choose a sofa for your interior

In a small room, sofa better positioned in a corner or against a wall. If you frequently have guests, choose a sofa: save space, but it will accommodate more people than the classical model.

To bed did not look bulky, picks it up to match the rest of the interior.

The classic model of the sofa is placed along the longest wall in the room. Notice that in a long narrow room that rule is best ignored. In this case, a sofa at the short wall will help to harmonize the space, while the long - just make the room even more stretched.

It is not necessary to clamp the sofa between other pieces of furniture, even remains around the space.

For a room with a non-standard layout

How to choose a sofa for your interior

In the space of complex shape is easiest to enter the modular design. Such a couch a few accommodation options, it is convenient to do permutation and change the interior. Part of the couch if you want to do can be removed to another room and bring when going to a big company. If the room has a niche, pick up a compact model. It will make the place functional and hide unnecessary corners.

Sofa better not to put in front of the room. In this case, those who sit on it, should see included. Of course, the premise is not always possible to follow these rules.

For studios

How to choose a sofa for your interior

In the studio or a spacious room sofa - the best way to zoning premises. With it you can create a full living room.

If space allows, choose the island, corner or modular models. Such sofa will create a cozy lounge area. Center complex curved structures represent a coffee table.

For Pediatric

How to choose a sofa for your interior

In the nursery it is important to combine recreation, games, and a place to study, so parents often choose for this room sofa and not the bed. Bury multifunction model with additional drawers and shelves.

On Restmebel there are many children of compact sofas original design: a fairy-tale castle or a car, with the image of Firebird or marine life.


How to choose a sofa for your interior

sofa in the kitchen most often positioned in a corner, away from the stove and kitchen units.

Upholstered furniture allows you to clearly separate the cooking area from the dining. In addition, a sofa bed will spare beds in the apartment, kitchen corners boast such versatility can not. A sofa you can pick up even the most petite cuisine. Accurate model without armrests volume does not take a lot of space and make the room much more comfortable.

sofa Select

In the online store Restmebel you can choose not only the configuration of the sofa, but also to choose the right fabric upholstery from the catalog. Consultants will help determine the suitable model, and the courier will bring and tissue samples.

Here, a large number of models for any type and design of the room. Almost all the sofas have drawers for storage of bedding.

Sofas Online is conveniently distributed to the mechanism of the type: accordion, evroknizhka, click-klyak, withdrawable and other ways to layout.

Near each model there is a detailed information about the manufacturer, materials, dimensions and photographs. They notice that the catalog of fabrics formed by producers: the price of the same upholstery in different factories can not match.

Furniture delivered to the entrance directly from the factory. Shipping cost of the Moscow region from different manufacturers vary.

Residents of Russia's regions can also be ordered on the sofa Restmebel. He was taken to a transport company that you will choose itself.

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