How to make the bathroom in the Scandinavian style

How to make the bathroom in the Scandinavian style

The main thing is what you want for a tiny bathroom in the apartment - all at hand and nothing in sight. In addition, in dreams is a place where you do not just run up to take a shower after work and come to relax and reboot as in a spa.

For all of these desires is the ideal interior solution - Scandinavian style. If the design of a house to someone he may seem too cold, something light for a bathroom, air Scandinavia fits perfectly.

We consulted with experts online store plumbing, that have to be in a good bathroom, and now tell you how to get the comfort and functionality in one of the most important parts of the apartment.

What is Scandinavian style

The characteristic features of this style - minimalism, practicality and aesthetics. Nordic House - a balance between form and function, attention to detail. It looks nice and has everything you need for comfort. The main advantage of Scandinavian design - the opportunity to make even a small dark room visually more spacious and brighter. Here are a few basic rules for bathroom design in the Scandinavian style.

1. Pick the right color

In the Scandinavian style should be followed in pastel shades with accents of natural colors.

How to make the bathroom in the Scandinavian style

In general, the Scandinavians prefer to stick with neutral colors such as white, milky-white, gray, or any colors that go along the gray spectrum. In recent years there has been a surge accenting the walls navy blue, green, gray and even black, which can work wonders for a cozy space in the cocoon style. - says the author of the popular blog "My Scandinavian House" Nicky Brantmark.

For the walls choose white, beige, light gray or light blue ink. Designers love to use when creating a Scandinavian-style monochrome: a pair of walls may be white, the other two - dark gray. Black and white tiles on the floor, too, will look impressive against the backdrop of snow-white furniture.

2. Expand the space

Bathroom in the apartment rarely boasts of having the windows. They can perfectly replace the mirrors. In Scandinavian interior design rule built - the less space will be occupied by furniture, the spacious.

How to make the bathroom in the Scandinavian style

To save space there are many original solutions. Use metal pegs to store creams and gels, special supports for the shell to keep soap, a toothbrush, or to put rings and watches to water procedures. Keeping hair and the comb may be a metallic basket fixed to the inner side of the door cabinets. Everyone is important centimeter reclaimed, but do not forget - no fussiness and clutter. The basis of the Scandinavian philosophy - the release of all superfluous.

Visually help expand the space bright light, because the Scandinavian room should be full of light and air.

3. Wood

To revive concise nordic interior, added thereto, natural materials and soft tissue. To haul in an animal or a blanket with pillows bathroom skins is not quite appropriate, but the tree is quite capable to add comfort. Put shelves (you can use the space under the ceiling, too, for storage!) And boxes of light wood, wicker baskets for small items. They will be in harmony with lamps and other items - soap, towel rack, - decorated by wood.

Diluting the interior of the little things, be careful not to overload it. Each item in your bathroom must comply with clear practical or aesthetic function.

How to make the bathroom in the Scandinavian style

4. Proper plumbing

Plumbing in the Scandinavian bath should be snow-white. Bright accents can be a black crane, ventilation grille, mixer or shower head.

When you select a basic element of the room - bath - store experts recommend to prefer an ergonomic asymmetrical models. They will save space and will fit in almost any space. Bath with additional functions - Whirlpool, armrests and headrest - complement the feeling of Scandinavian comfort, tranquility and relaxation.

Select inexpensive qualitative bath suitable shape and size of the acrylic gel coat, iron or steel can on site. Here you will find a stylish bathroom accessories, furniture, showers and all the necessary plumbing.