As the robot cleaner will change your life

Cleaning the house - one of the most labor-intensive and routine things that prevent us from enjoying life. How many interesting ideas at leisure throws fancy - embroidered picture of a cross, begin to read a new book, throw a cherry pie in the oven, or shake the press - but mopping takes away all the strength and desire to do something. If you are tired of the daily cleaning and your passivity otodvin mop and bucket to the side.

Together with Clever & Clean Heroine will tell you why you should invest in a robot cleaner Everybot RS700 and how it can transform life into a fairy tale of Cinderella.

1. You will not have to wash the floors

As the robot cleaner will change your life

The cleaning robot Everybot RS700 - one of the most striking examples of smart technology. This device has a built-in motion sensors that allow it to move independently, without bumping into the furniture, walls, stairwells or pets. With breaks to recharge, he can do wet cleaning several times a day. Getting started takes a minute. Moisten a microfibre cloth, by filling the water tanks and set them at the bottom of the robot. Click on the remote - and it work. In addition, if the battery starts to set, the robot will move ahead on a spacious plot of room so you do not have to climb over it under the couch. In fact, this gadget will give you a few hours of rest, and will eliminate the need to move furniture, stoop and crawl on your lap during washing floors - ideal for those who suffer from back pain or joint pain.

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2. The house will no longer microbes

As the robot cleaner will change your life

Scientists from the University of Colorado found that in ordinary house dust live comfortably molds 2000 and 7000 different bacteria. Not to breathe the dust, wet cleaning should be done on a daily basis, what is rarely enough strength and motivation. But this does not apply to the robot cleaner.

It can work really long: on one charge it is enough for 1, 5 hours. The advantage of the robot Everybot RS700 still in the fact that it will save your time and for any cleaning vertical surfaces. Thanks to the combination of the nozzle microfiber robot quickly removes stubborn dirt with tiled walls, windows and mirrors, without leaving streaks.

3. Can you give yourself more time

Perhaps the main advantage of the robot cleaner is that you are freed from the cleaning, but the apartment is not transformed into a dusty crypt. Go on shopping, read a new book, make a bath with aromatic oils, meditate under the pleasant music - all the dirty work Everybot RS700 will do for you.

4. You'll have your robot

Most people think of robots expensive toy that is not available to mere mortals. The cost of the first smart devices really reached the level of space, but with a powerful impetus for the development of robotics has changed. Today, the robot cleaner can get everyone: a model of 17 000 900 rubles. For complete relaxation, complete autonomy and the perfect cleanliness in the house - not so much.

You can find dozens of current models of the robot cleaner with a different functionality on the website of the company Clever & Clean: sweeping, dust suction, floor disinfection UV lamp, dry and damp mopping, fluid collection function, and more. The company's goal - to make clever devices more accessible, allowing people to get rid of the routine cleaning of the house. So here you can find a technological assistant for every budget.

Before you get into the online store catalog, all devices are tested for cleaning efficiency and reliability of equipment. If in doubt in choosing the right model, the transition to a section in the reviews - here you will see all the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget and you will understand how the claimed functionality in practice.

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