Heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes: reviews, features and application efficiency

At all times, women want to look beautiful and young. Now to achieve this they are helped dozens of cosmetic products. But some of the fairer sex prefer to use only proven means of traditional methods or non-cosmetology, but good for the skin. So, in the opinion of many beauties, well it helps with wrinkles under the eyes heparin ointment. Reviews on the use of a therapeutic agent for the purpose of rejuvenation are very different. One she helped others cause unpleasant reactions. Consider the structure, properties and features of the application of this preparation, as well as get acquainted with the views of doctors and women about how to use it for other purposes.

What heparin ointment used

This versatile tool that has a wide range of applications. Ointment perfectly struggling with bruises, contusions, bruises, thrombosis, ulcers, sprains and other sports injuries. The drug has anticoagulant properties are well prevents clogging blood vessels and varicose veins. Also ointment eliminates seal after injection, the primary symptoms of hemorrhoids, treats inflammation of lymph nodes, and breast.

Heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes: reviews, features and application efficiency

It is widely used heparin ointment and in cosmetics for the face (this is confirmed by reviews). This is explained by the soothing and moisturizing properties means. It is remarkable relieves swelling, removes dark circles, bags under the eyes and reduces superficial wrinkles.

The composition and effect of the product

The chemical composition of the heparin ointment is:

  • Heparin sodium, which is one of the main components, well accelerates metabolism in tissues. It helps to reduce swelling and skin renewal.
  • Niacin is struggling with the reasons associated with the blood flow to the tissues. Consequently, it dilates blood vessels.
  • Benzocaine component acts as an anesthetic. He penetrates the tissues, helping to get rid of the sensation of pain. Thus, it increases blood flow to the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • Vaseline creates a transparent film which prevents moisture loss.
  • Glycerin and peach butter to moisturize, nourish and regenerate dehydrated particles. Therefore, they are struggling with fine wrinkles, restoring the face to its former freshness and smoothness.

The tool for problem skin is a must. It is well to align the skin tone. The heparin ointment is effective against wrinkles, real women, use this tool, talk is not worse than experts in cosmetology.

Heparin ointment for cosmetic purposes

Early last century, American scientists have shown that heparin enhances blood clotting. This finding allowed us to use it as part of medicinal ointments, which helped in the healing of wounds, were fighting with acne and other skin problems. It is now established that heparin cream smooths wrinkles, eliminates signs of aging on the face, achieving significant external rejuvenation. In this case, the facial skin is transformed, becoming healthier, more toned and well-groomed.

Heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes: reviews, features and application efficiency

Also important fact that on cosmetic forums also found reviews of heparin ointment. Wrinkle this tool is very good for the eyes and other problems. But do not forget that this is not a cosmetic preparation, so it should be used with caution. Better yet, before using consult a few experts.


This medicine should not be used for bleeding and diseases that are associated with poor blood clotting. Contraindication is thrombophlebitis and receive certain types of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. It is forbidden to use the ointment in the position of women and during lactation. Also, the product should not be applied in pure form, where the person is dry and dehydrated. Many professionals leave reviews of heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes. In them, they say that one should not neglect the instructions for use, which is in the package. Before using the tools required to examine the information contained in this manual carefully.

The side effects of

If you follow the instructions recommendations, side effects of heparin ointment is not seen. Only in some cases, the drug can cause allergies, which is accompanied by itching and redness of the skin. However, these negative effects can easily be avoided if you first conduct a test on a small area of ​​skin. Overdose with excessive application of funds are also virtually eliminated. If there is a negative reaction, you should immediately wash off the ointment, and stop using it.

Heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes: reviews, features and application efficiency

How much is the product of

As the reviews, heparin ointment against wrinkles under the eyes is very often used in home cosmetics. And no wonder, because the value of the product is very democratic. Price per tube (25 grams) ranges from 50 to 80 rubles. This is a very affordable option, and grabs him for a long time, because the means of consumption is very small. Ointment can be purchased at any pharmacy or through the Internet.

Are under the eyes will help the preparation of wrinkles

Many women are primarily interested in the effectiveness of heparin ointment of wrinkles. Most consumer reviews confirm the unique anti-aging effect of this inexpensive tool. The women say that after applying heparin ointment fade fine facial wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

However, it is worth remembering that the correct assessment of the effectiveness of the product can only specialist. If you pay attention to the composition and mechanisms of action of the ointment component, it can be understood that the preparation of cell regeneration processes of the dermis can not affect. Ointment really accelerates microcirculation, improves tissue metabolism and very little effect on the tone of the skin. Therefore, the drug is not fully cope with the wrinkles under the eyes. Also means has a relatively short therapeutic effect, and it is not suitable for use on a continuous basis. On this occasion we can say is that consumers must decide how reviews of heparin ointment wrinkle believe - that leave experts, or the fact that they write, who tried this ointment on himself.

on the use of funds Impressions

In his review, women customers report that heparin ointment is not very pleasant smell, but it quickly disappears as the tool for several minutes is completely absorbed. It then remains pleasant feeling of moisture without excessive greasiness, and the skin becomes smooth and even. Some women do not wash off the ointment, but only blotted skin tissue to remove any excess funds.

Heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes: reviews, features and application efficiency

The effect of the use of this drug is different. Many respondents reported that the dark circles and bags under the eyes disappear in a few days after the start of heparin ointment. But to eliminate wrinkles under the eyes often require several courses to see the effect. It is worth noting that the most common anticoagulant in a review such as heparin ointment "Nizhpharm". Anticoagulant - a tool that prevents the formation of blood clots, and hence the blood clotting. Therefore, use heparin ointment for those who have low blood clotting, can not.

How do I exclude an allergic reaction

Deciding to try to imagine the action of heparin ointment should first consult with a doctor. The fact that the agent may cause allergic reactions. Therefore, its use is better to start with an explanation of this important moment.

The test was conducted as follows. On the inside of the elbow joint is applied a small amount of preparation and allowed to stand for several hours. If the ointment during this time did not provoke a rash, redness and itching, it can be safely used.

The use of heparin ointment wrinkle

When you are sure that the product is safe for your health, you should pay attention to the peculiarities of its application. The algorithm is as follows:

  • The skin is pre-clear (for the eye area to choose a mild agent) and dry by blotting with a soft towel.
  • Treat the person with an antibacterial agent. This solution can be miramistina, chlorhexidine furatsilina or calendula tincture. This clause can be omitted if treatment medication will only be used on the eye area.
  • Apply a heparin ointment uniform and very thin. Under the eyes it is better to put a dot and distribute gently pat. The procedure of the treatment must be repeated several times a day until the disappearance of the problem. It's best to do it in the morning and evening.
  • used the drug on the skin of about twenty minutes, then rinse gently with a cotton pad soaked in herbal teas.
Heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes: reviews, features and application efficiency

If you follow the reviews, heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes is most often used in this way.

Duration of the course

It is recommended to use heparin as an anti-aging cream in funds from seven to ten days. Next, you need to interrupt treatment for a month. Only then can make a second course to achieve the desired effect.

Some women may not use heparin ointment in the morning before leaving the house because of its unpleasant odor and skin treated with the drug only once before bedtime. In such cases, even the two courses is not enough to see the desired effect.

As applied to the preparation region age

Not only to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, you must also take care of the skin of the eyelids, because she, too, is prone to fading. Therefore, heparin ointment is recommended to be applied in parallel to this region faces. Usage is simple, so do not cause any trouble.

Heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes: reviews, features and application efficiency

From the tube is necessary to squeeze out a small amount of ointment and spread over the eyelid skin lightly. Repeat up to two times a day. That is, the method of application is no different from the previous one. application rate in this case can last up to two weeks. As a result, on the eyelids swelling will disappear and your skin will be healthy, soft, moisturised and visibly transformed.

The use on sensitive skin product

Can be found in a review recipes from wrinkles with heparin ointment for sensitive skin. Let us consider the most effective of them.

We need to pea heparin ointment and ten drops of your favorite anti-aging cream for the eye area. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a single container. Apply makeup to the skin in a circular pat and wait until it is absorbed. After about ten minutes, remove surplus with a tissue or a dry towel.

Apply the mixture on the skin around the eyes need three times a day for a week. After that, should decrease the number of small wrinkles. If the result is not, the procedure can be repeated after a month.

to rejuvenate Heparin ointment persons

On the Internet a lot of feedback about the heparin ointment of wrinkles on the face. Respondents report that after using the drug increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin, smooths existing fine lines, and novel features of the aging of skin do not appear soon.

The ointment is applied in neat form onto the cleaned face up to two times per day. If you mix it in equal proportions with good anti-aging cream, it is possible to achieve a greater effect. The first results will become noticeable after two weeks of use.

Heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes: reviews, features and application efficiency

synthesis of the views of women on heparin ointment

In general, consumers are positive about the heparin ointment, as an anti-aging product. They note high enough efficiency means for a very affordable price. eventually disappear under the eyes, not only wrinkles, but also bags and dark circles. If you apply a means for ever, they will cease to swell in the morning, but the appearance will be more fresh. Components heparin ointment is well tolerated by nearly all people, so allergic reactions are rare.

We told all about the use of heparin ointment of wrinkles under the eyes. Use this knowledge in practice and enjoy the results!