Tomas Rosicky - football team of the Czech Republic

Tomas Rosicky - Czech professional footballer who currently plays at home. This player thanks to its successful performance in the best European clubs became a star of world football.

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Tomas Rosicky was born on October 4, 1980 in Prague, Czech Republic. His football the way he started in the local football school in Prague CKD Kompresory. His older brother was also involved in this sport. He became interested in the Prague "Sparta". The father of these players insisted that, together with his elder brother Jirí taken and very young Thomas. The children's youthful school Tomas Rosicky was able to prove himself. For good results it began quite early to connect to the main team. Tomas Rosicky - football team of the Czech Republic

The professional career of the athlete

Tomas Rosicky in the season 1998/1999 joined the composition of the core team, "Sparta". The talent of this player has been noted by many experts. He was for a short time became the main midfielder of the Prague Club. Tomas as part of home team has become a three-time national champion. His achievements have been noticed Sports Federation. He was awarded the prize "Talent of the Year". Czech club can not be attributed to the strongest in Europe. He could not fully satisfy the ambition of this talented player. Therefore, Tomas Rosicky, "Sparta" (Prague) to which is the first professional team, has decided to leave the Czech Republic.

Tomas Rosicky - football team of the Czech Republic

appearances for the club "Borussia Dortmund"

In 2001, Tomas Rosicky, football team moved to "Borussia Dortmund", which regularly performs in prestigious European competition. In his rookie season Tomas in the "Borussia" became the champion of Germany, and also played in the UEFA Cup final. But there team lost "Feyenoord." In total, the German championship he spent 149 games and 23 matches in UEFA club competition. The "BVB" Čech feels comfortable, the fans loved it. But the team began the financial problems, some leaders decided to leave the club. Thomas was one of them. This talented midfielder would see at many top clubs in the world. Tomas received advance consent to a departure from the club. Instead, it "Borussia Dortmund" acquired Steven Pienaar. As a result of long negotiations Rosicky has signed a contract with "Arsenal".

Tomas Rosicky - football team of the Czech Republic

A career in the Premier League

In August 2006, Rosicky played his first match in the "Arsenal". The debut took place in the Champions League qualifying match against "Dinamo Zagreb". Already in September, the first time he scored for the London club in the Champions League. In the "Arsenal" Tomas became a flank player. Arsene Wenger is very much appreciated for this player and have always found a place for him in the lineup. In 2008, Rosicky in the game against the "Newcastle" was seriously injured. Because of knee problems, he had to miss the whole season 2008/2009. Before the start of the next season, he trained with the group. However, in games he did not participate.

Only July 18, 2009 Tomas left at one time in a friendly match against the "Barnet". The following month, this player again got injured and was out for six weeks. Tomas after a long break in his career came on against the "Manchester City" in the Premier League match of the regular season. In this game, he scored a goal and gave an assist. In 2012, this player has extended his contract with the London team. Where he played until 2016, and then decided to return to "Sparta" in the status of a star. The contract with the team he signed for 2 years.

Tomas Rosicky - football team of the Czech Republic

for the team Career

Tomas Rosicky is regularly summoned to play for the national team. His debut was at the age of 19 years. This player has been involved in two European Championships in 2000 and 2004. In 2004, his team went to the semifinals. Tomas made a great contribution to the success of the national team in this tournament. Due Rosicky football team of the Czech Republic spoke at the World Cup in 2006. In the final part of the championship in the first game, he scored 2 goals and his team confidently beat the Americans. But, despite this, the Czech team failed to qualify from the group. After the championship Tomas got the captain's armband. Then, in the career of this player have been seriously injured, he suspended international performances. Its very lacked the Czech national team at the European Championships in 2008. Tomas Rosicky, whose biography is developed successfully, was released in world football history. In his native country, Tomas has repeatedly been named the best player. This player is always trusted teams coach. Only injury prevented him at times to show a high level of football.