Footballer Yuri Nikiforov: biography, achievements in sport

Yuriy Nikiforov (nicknamed "The Terminator") - a professional soccer player, including the beach, speaking in his career for four teams - the USSR, the CIS, Ukraine and Russia. For the eighteen-year career as a football player could play nine clubs. This Odessa "Chernomorets" and "SKA", Kiev "Dynamo" Moscow "Spartak", hihonsky "Sporting" (Spain), "PSV Eindhoven" (Netherlands), "Vaveyk" (from the same city in the Netherlands), "Urawa Red Diamonds "(the city of Saitama, Japan).

Footballer Yuri Nikiforov: biography, achievements in sport

After retiring from the sport moved into coaching. Now Yuri Nikiforov took the post of chief coach of the Russian football team from Moscow "Dynamo-2". Previously coached the Krasnodar "Kuban" and the Kazakh club "Irtysh" of the city of Pavlograd.

Yuri Nikiforov: biography and interesting facts

Born September 6, 1970 in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR. To get involved in football began with five years. Basically I am playing in the backyard with local guys. At school, his playing was surprised PE teacher, who sent a guy to record in the football section. Parents took the boy to the gym, where he began to study with the experts on a daily basis. Over the years, Yuri Nikiforov developed their skills and eventually hit the specialized youth sports school of Olympic reserve "Chernomorets" in Odessa.

Footballer Yuri Nikiforov: biography, achievements in sport

In 1987, the 17-year-old Yuri Nikiforov standing ovation legendary Pele, when the youth of the USSR national team won first place in the world football championship among juniors. At the same tournament, Yuri was the scorer, scoring 5 goals in 6 matches played. However, despite this, the top scorer prize awarded footballer from Côte d'Ivoire - Moussa Traore, who also hit the opponent five times. Why victory gave the African athletes, it was not clear, because the football player Yuri Nikiforov marked by 5 times, spent on the 499 minutes, Moussa Traore repeated the figure of 570 minutes of playing time. On this basis, Nikiforov can rightly be considered the best in this tournament. A year later, Yuri together win the European Championship with the national team of the USSR Championship (1988).

Debut in Odessa "Chernomorets"

June 30, 1988 Footballer Yuri Nikiforov first entered the field in the "Chernomorets". The match was against the Moscow "Locomotive", where Yuri came off the bench midway through the second half. It is noteworthy that while Yuri was replaced by his older brother Alexander Nikiforov, born in 1967.

In the "Chernomorets" he played until 1992. In 1988 and in 1989 was leased by such clubs as "SKA Odessa" and "Dynamo Kiev", respectively. In total, "Chernomorets" played 47 games, which has managed to distinguish a naked twice.

Move to Moscow "Spartak"

The most remarkable and enchanting career has been in the capital's "Spartacus." In 1993, the year Nikiforov went into the "red and white", where he played until 1996. In this club Yuri Nikiforov opened as a professional footballer in full. Playing mostly in the core zone, Yuri conducted in 88 matches in "Spartacus" (season 4 of the Russian Premier League) managed to distinguish 16 goals scored. As part of the "national team" (a popular nickname of the Moscow club) champion Yuri Nikiforov Russian Premier League as much as 3 times. After spending enchanting and successful years in "Spartacus" Yuri began to consider the various proposals for the contract, as a football player began to follow European clubs.

Footballer Yuri Nikiforov: biography, achievements in sport

Transfer Travel

In 1996, Yuri Nikiforov signed an agreement with the Spanish club "Sporting Gijon". Here he played only two seasons and had 65 matches in which scored a goal three times. With this club he has not achieved nothing, but gained invaluable game experience in European football. In 1998, Yuri moved to the Netherlands at the invitation of the eminent club "PSV Eindhoven". Here, football plays predominantly defensive line. For 4 years in the "red-white army" Nikiforov has had some success: the number of games played record for one club (99), became a two-time Dutch champion and three-time Super Bowl Holland. In total, "PSV" scored five goals.

From 2002 to 2003 he played in the nearby club "Waalwijk" from the same city. For "yellow-blue" I played 29 matches in which scored a goal once.

Footballer Yuri Nikiforov: biography, achievements in sport

In 2003, he received a tempting offer from the Japanese club "Urawa Red Diamonds" from the city of Saitama. Here he spent only one season, playing 12 games. In 2005, he retired football player.

football Card

Yuriy Nikiforov has always been considered a universal player. His football ability was so good that he could play in any position. No matter what the team did not play Nikiforov, head coach could always make the experimental rotation, where Yuri could play as a striker or defender. Yuri Nikiforov growth is 185 centimeters, a football player is high enough. Yuri was athletic athlete. He could equally well to compete for horse ball in attack and in the core zone. Nikiforov also known for its powerful corona blow with his right foot - often implemented standards. The main feature Nikiforov - is that he a team player. Footballer always found a free zone for the partners, which completes an attack goals scored. It was sort of N'Golo Kant, if we draw a parallel with modern players.

four teams Footballer

Yuri Nikiforov is notorious for his football career managed to play 4 teams. He played 6 matches for the Olympic team of the USSR (1990-1991.) And held the European Championship in 1992 in the CIS team. In the same 1992 Nikiforov he received an invitation to the national team of Ukraine (3 games played), and in 1993, Yuri received Russian citizenship and became an advocate for the national team of Russia (1993-2002.), Which spent 56 games and scored 6 goals.

Footballer Yuri Nikiforov: biography, achievements in sport

In 2005, called for the Russian national team in beach soccer at the World Cup in Portugal.

Later life and training activities

After zavreshenie football career, Yuri went to Spain, the city of Gijon. There was engaged in small business, and played for the veterans football club hihonskogo "Sporting". In 2014 he graduated from the Higher School of Coaches. In 2015 he has worked as a trainer in "Irtysh" (Pavlograd, Kazakhstan) and "Kuban" (Krasnodar, Russia). Since 2017 trains Moscow "Dynamo-2".