The girl with blue hair: features, descriptions and interesting facts

Not often you can walk to see the girl with blue hair. Not everyone, perhaps even seen such bold and creative persons. So to stand out from the masses of dark-haired, blonde and a redhead, one must have an exceptional or eccentric character: "Here, I wanted it so did. See and be surprised! ". Be prepared for the fact that after both directly and different comments may fly in the face of very unseasoned people.

What is the color of the blue color of

Nothing particularly wrong with that, when you see a girl with blue hair, think not worth it. It's just those teenagers who consider themselves informals. This time for some reason, could take up to twenty years. They consider all the boring grown-up people, who live on the principle of home - work - home. For themselves the kind of life they have yet stress, yet do not want, and are willing to taste all the joys and pleasures. All the rest - gray mouse, which modestly sit in offices.

The girl with blue hair: features, descriptions and interesting facts

The girl with blue hair - it's bright and bold accent to your look. But let's say she learns not in school, and in the legal or medical school. When she had finished, then whether they want to customers to such counsel or patients to the doctor? Most probably not. At this extremism in the good judgment of a girl with blue hair and ends.

What to tell blue hair

All shades - from dark blue, like the sea, to the pale blue, tell about its owner that it is thin and has a creative nature vulnerable sensitive soul. Shocking at the same time - the inability to otherwise draw attention to themselves: shine in conversation, the depth of the thoughts that come only with age and knowledge. Changing hair color from natural to any other, every person, man or woman, is changing partly the character and outlook on life. These sinekudrye fashionista often cheerful and positive.

How to make yourself Malvina?

First you need to store to try on wigs of all shades of blue, to find out which fits best. At the same time we must remember that color is so attracting attention to the face, the skin on it has to be perfect, without a single pimple. And for this it is necessary to give up all sugary and fatty that figure too will benefit.

Light blue - this is for white-skinned girls with very delicate blush. Well, if and blue eyes, but it is a rare color. But now everything is achievable: there are blue lens.

Muted, with a grayish shade of blue is good for women with white skin, but bright, dark eyes and eyebrows and expressive features.

Deep dark blue suit dark-skinned beauty with brown or black eyes.

The disadvantage of self-coloring is believed that, if caught in the rain, the paint is partially washed off and can leave marks on your face and clothes. Therefore it is better to visit the barber shop, an experienced master to find the right color and how it should be fixed. Professional correctly lighten hair and accurately select the paint proportion.

If you are afraid for a long time to stay in this color, it is best suited coloring shampoos, and paint the individual strands best with ink and cartridges with blue paint. All of this is easily washed off with regular shampoo.

General conclusion. To the blue color in harmony with the exterior, it is necessary to try very hard to choose the right shade.

Changes in the wardrobe

Girl with blue eyes with blue hair have to understand that after painting have to change something in their clothes. Business style is simply not possible, you want to sport, or of casual denim. Make-up is also important here.

The girl with blue hair: features, descriptions and interesting facts

Lips highlights just colorless gloss or balm, and superimposed on the eyelids, dry pearlescent shade of gray or blue eyes stand out black eyeliner.

Not only blue

Color can not only change dramatically, but also partially. It will also be beautiful and unusual. For example, a girl with a black-and-blue hair looks very impressive, without causing a sharp negative reaction. The main mass of hair on the head and face is dark, the ends of long strands or dyed deep blue or a lighter shade and beautifully scattered over the shoulders and chest.

The girl with blue hair: features, descriptions and interesting facts

Long hair beauty should sometimes braid two or a lavish braid. You can also tint the individual strands to bang and evenly over the entire head. Feel at the same time you will be stylish and up to date. Just really try to avoid being perceived as a vampire.

Other options for dark hair,

If you are a fan of art, then the strands, you can create a real picture on the theme of Van Gogh.

The girl with blue hair: features, descriptions and interesting facts

This is an interesting idea not everyone will come to mind, but it is very impressive.

Just the opposite proposition

Polar recommendation is to fashionista, being blonde, turned into a girl with white and blue hair.

The girl with blue hair: features, descriptions and interesting facts

The blue color can be painted or top of the ends of hair. The result will be a very gentle and feminine. The eyes, of course, make-up stand out. It can be used especially for the evening "Smokey".


Blond hair all shades of love to all. Natural they occur less and less frequently, but, as always, comes to the aid chemistry.

The girl with blue hair: features, descriptions and interesting facts

It damages the hair though, but makes the girl with white hair and blue eyes, and a unique one of a kind. Blue eyes have four varieties:

  • sky-blue, which wants to drown;
  • interspersed with gray and green hues that make the chameleon eyes;
  • ice-blue give a cool look;
  • sometimes blue eyes met blue, gray and brown blotches.

The girl with a good figure fit clothes of all styles. It is evident in the very best sense of those words. Compliments she had heard plenty of great number, though our men and laconic, we would even say, tongue-tied. Looking back, however, they will.

Celebrity with blue hair

There are no fewer than ten shades of blue. From the rich to light and navy blue. Bombshells love to wear this color. We list a few names who are or want to become a "style icons": Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Pink. Men are not far behind: Lance Bass. We pointed out not all secular celebrities. So they secrete themselves, fearing to go unnoticed.