Beard styles. How to choose the type of face shape beards

The last time fashionistas around the world go with a beard. However, this does not mean that the facial hair growth need to ride. There are different beard styles that make their owners a stylish as well as emphasize the advantages of the face and hide its flaws.

The case in the form of

The guy who is seriously thinking about a change of image and stubble, it is necessary to take into account an important point - the style of beard, which is suitable for a particular face shape. One must be careful, because it can change the appearance beyond recognition - to reduce or increase the size of the oval face, make the latter is more defiant and courageous.

By choosing a suitable beards should be taken seriously, especially starting from the shape of the face. Special attention should be paid to the shape of a mustache and sideburns, and their presence or absence.

Tips for choosing experts

To wear stylish beard, it is best to seek the advice of experts:

  • the first thing you need to determine your type of person. It will be a deciding factor in choosing the form of a beard;
  • is not less important is the color and thickness of hair that grow on the face. Dense vegetation can afford brown, red men and blondes. But the dark-haired need to choose something smaller. Men with fine hair have to forget about the thick beard;
  • when choosing a beard must be considered and its growth. For tall guys an excellent choice would be the wide long beard and mustache, but low growth guys is best to opt for a small neat beard. Men of average height were more fortunate of all, a great option for them - the golden mean. Beard styles. How to choose the type of face shape beards

Choosing a beard on face shape

A wrong style beard not only beautify, but also make a handsome guy from uncouth "dork". People will get round, and the girls will not like this man. So do not rush to grow a beard on his face, imitating a celebrity. To look brilliant and stunning, you need to know how to choose the type of shape of the face beard.

thin face with sharp features

In this case the decoration barb becomes small (less than 2 cm). It will make the face look soft and rounded. Mustache here also would be appropriate.

A round face

For this face shape is necessary to act very differently. In this case, the form should not mitigate the contrary - it is necessary to make more elongated. It is best to choose a beard square or wedge-shaped. Goatee beard fit men with a round face shape - it will be more accurate. A whisker is best avoided, they will give a face comical.

A square face

Men with square face is best to choose a triangular beard, while it can reach 5 cm. Thanks to this trick a person will be able to make extended.

An oval face

Guys with oval face shape will be more fortunate of all - they fit all styles of beards.

Clearly marked beard and mustache are the perfect option for the owners of the oval face. Straight lines beard on the cheeks will be in this case for the guys decoration.

The triangular (heart-shaped) face

Holders of this type of person is best to expand the narrow part of the face. To do this, use a square, round or beard in the form of a horseshoe. More volume beard make courageous person.

Types beards


If today's men grow mustaches to create their own image, in the early 20th century in the Russian army mustaches worn all. Today, a man who wears a mustache, shows his independence from the general opinion. Now fashion mustache promptly returned. Suvorov beard

It starts in the temporal region and extends continuously down along the cheeks, and proceeds to the corners of the mouth. Then beard becomes a mustache and cheeks and chin clean shave.

Beard Balbo

It resembles a neat close-cropped beard, but at Balbo sideburns shaved. Beard in this case must be massive and wide. It is often complemented by a mustache or a base under the lower lip, it is important meticulous care.

To create such an image needs a lot of experience, it is best to use the services of a specialist.

Beard styles. How to choose the type of face shape beards

Russian beard

This kind is able to maximally stress the masculinity of any guy, because it is so lacking today. Although many women prefer clean-shaven men, but this facial hair to attract a lot of attention from the outside.

Beard styles. How to choose the type of face shape beards


This kind of beard to date is very popular among many men. It looks like a combination of a small amount of hair under his lower lip, as well as interesting mustache. This beard has a wedge shape, and fit it is not all men. It is not recommended to guys with an oval face shape.

goatee beard

Long ago, a goatee wearing nasty evil men, as the goat was the personification of something demonic. But now it's different, it is preferred the guys who want to acquire a reputation as the "bad" guy and attention from the female.

It can be worn in two ways: with mustache and without a mustache. It is suitable for men with a round or oval face.

Beard styles. How to choose the type of face shape beards

Canadian Beard

It is a mustache that smoothly into the beard chin. Thus, a vicious circle. Neck and cheeks smooth shave. This style of beard is considered a versatile and especially suited for those who want to lengthen your face.

How to grow a beard

  1. First, you need to grow a little beard, not shaving it for several weeks.
  2. Further, it is best to go to a professional master, who will help you choose a suitable form of the beard, the corresponding type of person.
  3. It so happens that the hair grows in a chaotic manner, and no care do not help to make them more beautiful. In this case, it is best to give up the facial hair.
  4. Wizards need to visit for a few months, he will give the necessary form of the beard.
  5. Since the beard absorbs all smells the wax care bristles should be the must have, so you will not smell sweet cigarettes or beer.
  6. The final result is formed only in half a year, provided that it will look for the master.
  7. In order to keep it in the same perfect condition, her need to take care of daily (shampoo and comb), a couple of times a week, you need to use burdock or palm oil. Beard styles. How to choose the type of face shape beards

Excellent combination: bald with a beard

There is an opinion that the majority of men are afraid polyset, but it is scary, really? In our time, the style of "bald with a beard" is quite popular. Stylish shape beards, combined with a bald head has only one pluses:

  • saving shampoo, it is necessary to spend only a beard;
  • tan falls evenly;
  • in the morning shower time is spent much less;
  • Many girls love the image of the "Die Hard";
  • will no longer fear polyset.

bald men can choose such a beard styles:

  • short boxed beard - this style is characterized by neat lines, whiskers, beard and thin mustache;
  • duck tail;
  • goatee beard.

It is important to choose a beard, a suitable type of person, and then the bald with a beard would be a great combination.

Beard styles. How to choose the type of face shape beards

C mustache

Beard with mustache will look more courageously and effectively. If before the whiskers were all, now every man for himself chooses to wear them or not. To date, the fashion on the mustache back, they can be worn with beards views:

  • long beard (full, Russian). This style will provide a sea of ​​brutality;
  • Balbo;
  • Suvorov. Beard styles. How to choose the type of face shape beards

Without mustache

Recently, a beard without a mustache is widespread and popular. And connect it with the fact that you need less maintenance because there are no mustache. It is not every girl loves excessive vegetation on the man's face.

You can choose a beard without a mustache:

  • old Dutchman - a bushy beard from temple to temple, the length can be absolutely anyone, we just need to trim the cheek;
  • island - beard in the form of a small spot of vegetation beneath the lower lip;
  • goatee beard and goatee mini;
  • Klingon beard, which means shaved his mustache on his upper lip, and the remaining portions of the sides are connected.

So, if a man does not like the mustache, they can be safely shave and pick up a different kind of beards.

Useful of beard

  1. In order to maintain a complex shape beards, it is best to use a typewriter. Experts advise beginning to shape a pencil or pen - so you can achieve perfect symmetry.
  2. To keep the beard in perfect condition, it is necessary to look for on a daily basis. It is best to buy a special comb or brush for combing. Special balms and shampoos also will benefit. Every morning, using machines with a special nozzle is necessary to adjust the length of the hair.
  3. If the beard began to turn gray, or you just do not like her hair, then it can be painted. It is important not to be mistaken with paint, you need to choose a special dye for men, which only gives the desired hue. The effect is the same, but the hair remains healthy, and the color as close to natural.
  4. Experts joke on the fact that the whiskers start to grow not in the ears. From there, the hair should be removed. If they are a little bit, you can use pliers, otherwise the machine will help special.
  5. Beard keeps odors, including tobacco. , T. To. The daily washing will not help to facial hair smelled nice, it is necessary to use special aromatic oils.

It should be understood that properly chosen beard will benefit all men, will highlight its attractiveness, intelligence and courage. This is a wonderful occasion to grow facial hair, but it is necessary to disassemble all beard styles and choose the one that corresponds to a particular type of person.