How to make the face thinner: Tips and Tricks

How to make the face thinner? I think about it, many of the fair sex, not only plump. Often, the owner of a slim figure has round cheeks, which visually enhance the face and create a simple rustic image. girl trying to make this part of thinner to give the appearance of sophistication.

How to make the face thinner: Tips and Tricks

Is a professional need?

Surprisingly it is quite easy to implement. It is only necessary to choose the right makeup and hairstyle. The simplest version of how to visually make the face look thinner - to turn to a professional makeup artist. But to choose the right option possible and without visiting specialists.

How to apply makeup to visually reduce the face

If the challenge is how to make the face look thinner but with makeup, you should observe some tricks. First you need to determine the correct zone, which requires treatment.

A person usually looks larger because of the double chin, large nose, cheeks and tidy closely set eyes. It is with these shortcomings need to work to make the visual appearance desired.

In problem areas best applied matt and shiny tonal means darker shades.

How to make the face thinner: Tips and Tricks

Land to be allocated, to cover the light light texture. If the eyebrows or lips lengthened face look wider. Therefore, if you have a question about how to use make-up to make the face thinner coat of lip gloss clear or transparent shade. This will give them natural. When applying should work with the central part of it.

Eyebrows desirable to make it shorter. They should be upward and slightly curved. Help raise the hairs special gel.

How to make the face thinner? If allocated cheeks, eyebrows can be left unchanged, but the main emphasis should be placed on the eye.

Depending on the shape of the face

If you really need to make a thin face round shape, then apply makeup should be without the rounded lines. Allocated eyes and lips do not have to be round. It should be attentive to hair styling. The image is better to exclude lush hair, parted in the middle and curled ringlets. This will make the person even more voluminous.

How to make the face thinner: Tips and Tricks

The most favorable option - flowing hair of medium length. It should darken the cheekbones and cheeks, and the shadows to put strictly on the border of the century. Blush must be brought closer to the corners of the mouth in the form of an inverted triangle.

Owners oval face should not be further lengthened it. These beauties can afford any hairstyle. But for a more harmonious makeup, use a few tricks. For example, apply blusher circular movements and shadows shade beyond the borders of the eyelids.

Make thinner square type face, you can use styling oval. So visually retracts angularity. Sharp corners should not occur in the make-up.

How to make the face thinner if it is triangular in shape? To do this, you must determine the type of triangle. If the chin wider forehead, it is necessary to darken the bottom face. Blush at the same time applied horizontally - so you can achieve proportionality. The hair volume encouraged upper portion (e.g., twisted curls upward). Very appropriate thick bangs and volume.

If the person in the form of an inverted triangle, the darker shades of tonal resources better applied to the temples and cheekbones. Updo while undesirable: it will focus on the problem area. The most winning option - curled into the hair strands.

A few general rules of

How to use make-up to make the face thinner? To do this, there are some simple tricks. Some of them are mentioned here.

How to make the face thinner: Tips and Tricks
  • Bring the eye. It is necessary to allocate more mascara to the lashes were voluminous. Shape of eyes can emphasize eyeliner and lash line - pencil. By focusing on the eyes creates the illusion of a slim person.
  • Highlight cheekbones. So the person will become more "skinny" and, therefore, thin. This can be done with the help of powder on the darker tone of the face and blush. Brush is necessary to bring the slides diagonally to the ear. Since the cheekbone will look visually higher.
  • Avoid double chin. It is especially necessary to think chubby women. Hide a double chin help tanning. It must be carefully mixed with the cosmetics, which must be applied to the neck.
  • To determine the ideal shape eyebrows. Just pluck eyebrows insufficient. They need to take a pencil color to the darker tone of natural hair. This will help make them focus. Do not make too thin eyebrows.

What should be the makeup?

How to make-up to make the face thinner? Much depends on the well chosen tonal resources, which should be a few shades darker than the skin. This is perfect for evening makeup.

If a person is full, it is best not to use a creamy consistency. Here suitable dry powder translucent, lighter than leather.