Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

Dress color marsala looks bold, extravagant and undeniably beautiful. This color is its strong, sweet and dear. Fashion critics and fashion designers have set the color marsala on one level with a win-win classic black.

In recent years, it became a hit Marsala and the main trend, which shines on all the catwalks of the world. But in order to look stylish, you must know how to use it properly and what to combine.

Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

Features color

The most common color is called "wine", in addition to this, you can still hear the "burgundy" or "Bordeaux". This noble hue can be obtained by mixing scarlet and brown colors. No wonder it is named in honor of fine wines, which takes on the color of the fermentation process.

Its widespread and love the color Bordeaux got back in the mid-19th century, and since then interest in it from time to time it increases, it is declining. However, every few years the color marsala becomes the main trend of the next fashion season.

The main advantage for which this shade loved by many, is that it is absolutely suitable for any style of clothing and age. Things burgundy color will always be a place, be it a dress to the floor color marsala, spacious and cozy sweater or a tracksuit.

Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

This is the

Another important advantage of the shades of the wine is that they almost have no restrictions in appearance. The notion that Bordeaux can carry burning brunette, long ago in the past. Not always suitable wine color and owners of olive skin. However, if you try and make beautiful makeup, gives the skin a glow, then you can safely wear things in this color.

Choosing a dress color marsala, you need to remember the rule: the darker the skin, the more saturated clothes must be cast. Girls with fair skin need to carefully use this color, completely putting on him and stopping at a light colors.

Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

Dress length

colored evening dress Marsala able to emphasize the dignity of any shape and present it in a favorable light. One of the main roles in this case will always play the length of the product.

The dress on the floor

Not every girl will be able to wear a long dress burgundy, because it is bound to attract more attention to the person. This choice is ideal for those women who love to feel the admiring glances of others.

Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

Long dress color marsala, if properly pick up, able to hide all the flaws. Owners of magnificent forms necessary to select a model that hides the voluminous thighs, "form a" waist and accentuate the gorgeous chest.


Wine of medium length dress would be the ideal option in any situation. It would be appropriate to look at the ceremony, an exhibition, a party or at the office.

Marsalovy color should be combined with noble materials, so it is best to choose a dress made of quality fabrics. For special occasions, you can stop your choice on velvet or silk.

Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

Midi dresses look great on any figure. Therefore, lovers of wine shades can not be afraid that will make the wrong choice. We just need to follow the rules and recommendations relating to the type of the figure, and the result is sure to please.

colored short dress marsala

Short version can be used for celebrations, as well as for everyday life. Do not overload the image with additional elements, because in itself has a wine color is the main decoration of the image. Laconic showy element will be enough to get an elegant and refined solution for any occasion. Marsala colored dress with lace will decorate any girl. In addition, the well will look lace insert.

Wedding Dresses

Colored wedding dress is no surprise. For a custom wedding dress the color of Marsala is an excellent choice. He does not look so bright and defiant, like red, so the bride will look luxurious.

Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

Those who are not willing to try on such a bold way, you can stay on the accessories color marsala (gloves, belt, shoes and clutches) and complement their classic white dress.

Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

What shoes to wear

Perfect shoes to dress the color of the wine should choose depending on what is necessary to achieve the result. For a more vivid and solemn manner possible to pick up shoes in the same tone as well as or differ by a few shades.

Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

Restraint appearance will give the shoes of beige or black. Shoes of these colors are the elements of a basic wardrobe, they are simply irreplaceable for many girls in their daily lives. Dress color marsala in conjunction with such shoes would be a safe bet. Not less successful shoes are dark blue or bottle (dirty-green).

If we talk about shoe styles, it is necessary to be guided by only one principle: the more complex the outfit, the better must be the shoes.


As mentioned above, the color of Marsala self-sufficient by itself. Dress wine shades will look impressive without additional decorations. However, there are situations when you need to look perfect and brilliantly, in this case, can not do without additional decorations. At a minimum, should pick up a stylish handbag. This accessory is chosen according to the same principle as the shoes. Clutch must be of the same shade as the dress, or a neutral color (beige or black).

For such an elegant shade will suit and accessories such as a scarf, hat, gloves or jewelry from natural stones. Stunning look plain dress color marsala diluted contrast belt. We must remember that wine is a noble color and decoration is necessary to select appropriate. Gold will be the perfect complement to marsalovomu dress.

The ideal makeup

A woman in the wine dress looked perfect, it should consider all the elements of his own image, and makeup plays a role. Since the color of Marsala itself is bright and saturated, it would be better to abandon the garish makeup.

The optimal solution would be to make nyudovyh colors. It is better not to pay the required attention to the eyes, but skin tone must be perfect, you need to give it freshness and eliminate all the flaws. When it comes to celebrations, it is best to allocate lipstick color of wine or close to it.

Colored evening dress Marsala: interesting ideas and recommendations

Dress color marsala able to give its possessor grace and mystery. Marsala - is a new, but at the same time it is well forgotten old trend. Burgundy, burgundy, cherry - all these shades are synonymous and are ideal for creating a stylish image of a noble. Try and feel the magic of a powerful color marsala.