From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

Looking for a dress, but still have not found what you need, and you think, what color is the most suitable? Then come to the aid turquoise dress. This color is suitable for almost everything from sultry brunettes and ending with delicate blonde. Magic shade sea breeze will attract the attention of the people around them. But the stylish ladies of our time scratching their heads over, with some accessories, makeup and shoes turquoise dress will look stylish, elegant and effective. This question causes difficulties in the selection of every detail (from the color of lipstick and jewelry to the amount of the form), but if this be taken seriously, in the end get a great result.

The varieties of turquoise shades

Turquoise and white dress ... This shade resembles a calm sea whose waves sparkle in the sun. Color can not be called brilliant, but also to dim it does not rank. Turquoise dress with delicate shades - the perfect choice for walking or a night of fun during the holidays, as this color calms. To him are perfect accessories reminiscent of the sea: pearls, pendants in the form of shells or corals. Harmoniously will look jewelry with yellow, orange or light blue stones.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

Turquoise-blue or a turquoise dress ... The image in such a scheme will look to the best shots. It goes well with any tone of the face and gives the image of charm and elegance. This addition emphasizes individual dress pair detail as accessories. Beautifully and harmoniously, it will be combined with gold and silver ornaments.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

Dark turquoise dress will resemble the sea during a storm. Ideal tanned beauties. Color your care will give a unique appearance and skillfully emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes. Gold and silver jewelry with stones (it is desirable that they were neyarkimi) will not overload the outfit, so you can easily supplement their image.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

A long turquoise dress with a green tint will not be superfluous in a woman's wardrobe and will look spectacular on the party elite. Decorations to the dress can be gold, silver or emerald. You can also experiment with wooden jewelry.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

Topazno blue dress. This color is considered a sport, but a long turquoise dress with a touch of tenderness will not be deprived. Naturally, such a garment out of place in everyday life, but conveniently support the dress code of any party. Great combination will create a bright decoration saturated colors.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

The rarest tint

We choose a bright turquoise dress on the floor? This outfit is rare, but when he saw him only once, you will be amazed by the beauty of crazy color. Any girl a dress turns into a tropical queen. But a bright turquoise dress on the floor combined with the appearance of a white-skinned blondes who love bright colors in makeup. Jewelry should not be whiter or brighter. You can combine the dress with pearls, corals, rocks blue-green shades, gold and silver ornaments.

The combination of the color palette with the shoes

Having been invited to a party, a wedding, get-together or a normal friendly gatherings, we sometimes do not know how to withstand the range of colors in the clothes, and with a rare turquoise shade is the problem twice as hard. Therefore, in preparation for the important holiday yield listen to a couple of tips.

Shoes to the turquoise dress, you can choose the same color. Outfit will look solemn, so friendly gatherings would be out of place, but for a wedding or anniversary - at the time. Underline this image can gold ornaments.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

If you are going for a romantic dinner or a date for such a dress, wear white shoes. For complete harmony image nakraste nails with white paint, decorate the hand and neck ornaments large aqua. A small handbag or clutch to pick up the tone shoes.

Originally complement turquoise evening dress shoes, handbag and belt in black. Also in this manner can be used turquoise or black clips.

For sweet is the best way to complement a dress with silver shoes and handbag of the same shade. Accessories that will be selected for this outfit should be only silver, a good choice and will make white gold.

Spectacular way will be a combination of turquoise and beige color. To do this, pick up accessories in the color of dark gold and a wide strap or belt of the same shade.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress


Makeup by turquoise dress should be balanced, so it is not necessary to experiment. Cosmetics should be in moderation, but with a twist. To this end, a thin line emphasize the eyes, a little brown mascara, pink gloss, a little blush. And the shadows of white and turquoise emphasize the inner eye corner.

"Smokey Eyes" under a turquoise dress

Makeup by turquoise dress in the style of "Smokey Eyes" for an evening out - the best option. But to do it must not in the classic version (black and shades of gray), but in a more simplified light. Well will combine beige and brown shadows. Mascara can choose either a coal-black (the others eyes will be on your eyes) or brown (it will give a mystery eyes). Do not forget about the skin, which is against the background of turquoise dress becomes paler, so welcome to use blush and foundation slightly darker than the natural color covers.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

But in general makeup for this outfit should emphasize the eyes, therefore, to choose the right palette of shadows, you will create a mysterious image of the evening.

Home makeover under a turquoise dress

Not every one of us can go to the salon, so we usually make-up artists themselves. And in order to make-up was literate, it is necessary to study fashion magazines, choose a palette for your skin tone and take a closer look, what makeup fits turquoise dress.

I want something bright? Turquoise shades in the palette of shadows come to the rescue. Just remember that they should not be applied to the entire area of ​​the century, it is sufficient to emphasize the lash line. But the inside of the eyelid, bring the coal-black pencil, which will make the eyes look more deep. Lip in this case, select a lipstick natural shades, ie Nude style.

Purple shade will look spectacular, if carefully shade them. Lips in this case it is necessary to emphasize shine. Well, you can finish the image of pale pink blush.

For fans of glitter make-up can be done with the help of the shadows with glitter. To do this, we cover the entire mobile eyelid base for make-up and we put sequins. Such meykapu ideal couple will be bright scarlet lipstick.

For prudes who prefer natural makeup, suitable light-beige shade, peach blush, a little mascara and nude matte lipstick shades.

Manicure a turquoise dress

Dress turquoise require careful approach to manicure. Women should not handle contrast with the clothing and accessories selected, therefore the presence of sea-green on the nails must! You can use the beige paint or dilute cyan others, but on the condition that this shade is found in costume. For business style suitable french manicure. It is also possible to draw a pattern or a straight horizontal or vertical lines on a background of turquoise-colored varnish.

If your dress has lace elements, you can use the same template.

If the evening dress sewn from shiny fabric in manicure can add glitter or rhinestones.

Create an unforgettable image using accessories

Dress color of the sea breeze can be festive and everyday. For each case, you need to select the appropriate decorations and accessories. Competent additions will create a memorable image.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

The shade of turquoise can be safely combined with leopard print. Such an image will look at the same time bright and predatory. But this daring outfit is appropriate for an evening out.

Elegant image will create a black accessories. They can vary by means of invoices. For example, lacquered clutch, velvet belt, lace cape, satin shoes.

Casual image

For the image should focus on silver jewelry and accessories. It is they who give the turquoise dresses. For a more low-key image, you reduce the amount of jewelry and accessories to a minimum. For example, a bracelet, earrings and clutch. If the image contains other decorations, better if they were to match the dress.

Wedding Dress turquoise

White attire is no longer considered a mandatory attribute of the bride. Turquoise wedding dresses do not cease to surprise and delight its assortment of elegance and glamor.

Along with a rich aqua tint - a choice of bold brides, but the one who sticks to the classics, can add an image decoration turquoise and white. Turquoise dress in the Greek style became a favorite outfit pregnant brides. Long skirts and draping hide rounded tummy.

The dream of every woman - wear fluffy dress "like a princess." Usually there are no superfluous details and turquoise wedding image only give elegance. If you want to look brighter, make emphasis on the waist or chest.

From what to wear turquoise gown? Makeup by turquoise dress

The wedding dress with a train has become fashionable thanks to Princess Diana, and many brides still choose impractical, but such a beautiful element. Turquoise dress with a train will turn into a celebrity bride with a red carpet and give the time even more solemnity. Designers have developed a model with detachable train. This means that fiddly "tail" after the wedding ceremony, you can simply detach and banquet brought in a completely different dress.