As applied to the hair burdock: reviews and tips

At all times, all peoples of the planet, hair beauty appreciated. Not only women but also men. Once upon a time, men wore long hair, which was an indicator of their strength and masculinity. Women have always been the symbol of beauty. To keep the hair is not the best solution is applied to the hair burdock. In this manner, use a long time and the present.

Burdock oil: what it is?

This oil is a product prepared from natural ingredients. It is extracted from burdock roots, insisting them in vegetable oils. To the root of the present, it takes a long time. It is soaked in almond, peanut, olive, sesame, and many other vegetable fatty oils. The resulting product of burdock is used in medicine and cosmetology.

As applied to the hair burdock: reviews and tips

The rich composition of the oil

Oil, established on the basis of burdock root, distinguished by its beneficial properties and rich composition. It contains vitamins A, B, C and E. These elements are useful for the organism. Should be applied burdock oil on the hair, to enrich them with these vitamins, give strength and shine. Minerals, salts, macroelements and trace elements, calcium, chromium, copper, iron - all this is in such oil. Ethers and flavonoids, fatty acid, palm acid is available in large quantities burdock oil. It contains inulin - a natural substance that serves as a support for the health of hair follicles, activating the metabolism.

As applied to the hair burdock: reviews and tips

The properties that are endowed with burdock oil

This oil is used in most cases, externally, for cosmetic purposes. This is one of the most effective ways to soften the skin, strengthening and nail growth, hair restoration. This product provides the skin and hair vitamins, trace elements, it helps to restore the function of the sebaceous glands, stimulates the protective function of the epidermis. The skin becomes less susceptible to harmful effects of all external factors. If regularly applied burdock oil, dry hair recover: no longer split, break and fall out. This oil enhances hair growth and strengthens the follicle and bulb revitalizes the entire length. Moisturizing and nourishing the scalp, it can prevent the emergence and presence of dandruff.

As applied to the hair burdock: reviews and tips

Why is this action?

Biologically active substances which are present in the oil of burdock root, improve the metabolism of the skin and the hair roots. They are aimed at strengthening the capillary blood flow in areas that are subjected to processing. If you know how to put burdock oil on the hair, it is possible to increase their height, density, give your hair shine and health. Application must be valid, and foreign exchange. One application would be insufficient to achieve the desired result.

As applied to the hair burdock: reviews and tips

As applied burdock oil on your hair right?

Without diluting with water to give your hair beauty, strengthen nails and soften the skin, this oil is applied in its pure form is necessary. How to apply burdock oil on your hair? If this procedure is not familiar to you, do not worry. On the bottle of oil is no such information, but this recipe is known to many. Before figuring out how to put on hair burdock oil, they need to moisten with water. Dry and wet it does not apply. Burdock should be applied to wet hair to them with no dripping!

As applied to the hair burdock: reviews and tips

Prescription masks of burdock oil hair

There is a proven and effective method of applying such an agent to the hair. When hair is wetted, they are easier to apply and distribute the product. As applied to the hair burdock, if they are long? It is necessary to divide the hair into strands, apply oil first to the roots, and then treat each strand. Rub the oil into the scalp with your fingertips lightly, gently massaging. That it is well dispersed on each hair is worth their comb from the roots to the ends of the plastic comb. Wood is not suitable, as the tree will absorb a large part of the product. Comb should be moistened with oil before combing the hair. There is another trick to help resolve the issue as applied to the hair burdock. Before applying the contents of the bottle should be warmed in a water bath. Only warm up, but do not bring to a hot state, you can get burned. Once the oil is applied, wrap the head with a plastic bag on top Wrap a warm towel. Wrapping enhance the effect, activity of the substance to be absorbed and to disperse. Keep this mask on the hair is not less than an hour. Washed off the oil is bad, use a shampoo soaping need to continue until the oil has completely washed away. month course of treatment to continue, putting a mask once a week.

As applied to the hair burdock: reviews and tips

The hair is very dry and lifeless

If your hair is very dry, often undergo chemical coloring and perming, the use of burdock oil for you is a must. Apply necessary to the conventional method, on the entire length of hair. Keep such a mask for very dry hair and dandruff can be available all night or all day. It does not harm, but on the contrary, will restore your hair and skin. The course of treatment with this oil such hair can last up to three months when applied twice a week. If your hair is colored in red color, it is possible to use instead of chemical dyes with henna, if dark - basmoj. These natural products are an excellent job with even coloring gray hair, gives intense color. Their properties, they will not harm your hair as paints, and to help them heal and recover. On the course of the treatment of hair is better to abandon zavivok chemicals and bleaching the hair. So you speed up the process and not turn it back.

As applied to the hair burdock: reviews and tips

This can be used burdock oil and contraindications

Can I apply burdock oil on the hair when undergoing chemotherapy? It is even necessary to do. In this process of cancer treatment the hair starts to fall out, their follicles die. To avoid baldness, apply oil to the hair of burdock root, it will help to save them. Bulbs exposed radiation and chemicals, using burdock oil will retain its vitality. When the course is passed, you can apply this oil on the hair for their rapid growth.

Burdock oil is useful for frequent coloring or chemical perm hair. It should be used after exposure to salt or chlorinated water, prolonged exposure to sunlight. How to apply burdock oil on the hair is dry and damaged, we are told. If, after the poisoning, taking any medications or adverse working conditions of the hair have lost their beauty, strength and health, began to break and fall, then this oil from the roots of burdock save them.

Men often go bald with age. If they consistently apply such a mask of oil, the process can be slowed down, and keep hair longer twenty years.

How to write in a review, those who have used this tool, it is perfectly cope with dandruff with both dry and fatty. Also on burdock reviews say that it is great help for the recovery of the eyelashes and eyebrows. It restores them after exposure to the carcass and pencils. This oil helps to make eyelashes longer, accelerating their growth. In addition, they cease to fall.

If the nails exfoliate and break, the burdock is also ideal for recovery. Rubbing it into the plate regularly, you will get rid of this problem.

This oil is contraindicated if manifested allergy. Before you put on your hair Burdock oil for a long time, it is necessary to put it to drop an elbow bend. Wait for some time. If no redness, itching, burning and rashes, feel free to use. Allergies can occur, because it is natural and a natural remedy, which included a lot of different substances. If you are allergic to some kind of vegetable oil, then choose carefully burdock. It is created on the basis of many kinds of oils, such as almond, peach, olive. On the bottle with the product will be spelled out what it contains.

Burdock oil - really a wonderful tool. It is worth it inexpensive, and the result after its use stunning. All those who use them, advise such recipes to your friends and acquaintances.