Roman chair - press simulator and beautiful torso

The main purpose of sports - is the creation of a beautiful toned figure and improving the health of the organism as a whole. An integral part of the beautiful torso is the lack of subcutaneous fat in the abdomen and on the sides and, of course, the beautiful news. Every person engaged in sports, focuses on the abdominals. One of the most successful trainers, contributing to the creation of the relief press is considered a Roman chair.

Simulator and its characteristics

Roman chair - a simulator, which is intended to form relief of muscle fibers in the abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and the inner and outer parts of the thighs of muscle tissue. In general, the exercises on the simulator have a positive impact not only on the designated area, but also to the entire musculoskeletal system.

Roman chair - press simulator and beautiful torso

The classic version of the simulator looks like a bench press for a slight slope and rollers for fixing the legs. More modified models allow you to adjust the angle of inclination of the back, to do the exercises to lift the leg to the body. Option + hyperextension Roman chair is designed so that, in addition to basic exercises aimed at body twisting, you can perform lifting body, and thus work out back muscles.

The Roman chair: exercise and the number of sets of

Twisting the body on a simulator - a great way to create a relief of muscle fibers abdominals, especially the middle and lower parts. Using the Roman chair exercises should perform 4-5 sets of, in each of which at least 25 reps. The level of athletic preparation for human studies on such a simulator must be average or above average.

Roman chair - press simulator and beautiful torso

The main exercise:

  • Sitting on a bench lifting body.
  • Curl with turns.
  • Side lifting the torso.

The basic exercises aimed at the elaboration of the abdominal muscles. Press on the Roman chair unable to work and strengthen the best way. At the gym more advanced models may further activation of the back muscles of the lower limbs and buttocks.

Features exercise

Roman chair - a simulator to create the relief stomach, which depends not only on the well-composed diet and systematic conduct of training, but also on the correct exercise technique.

Roman chair - press simulator and beautiful torso

The procedure and the implementation rules:

  • Sitting on the bench of the simulator, a basin should be positioned so that the gluteal muscles do not extend beyond the boundaries of the seat.
  • Lower limbs lock between the rollers in the ankle joints. Legs at the same time perfectly smooth.
  • I took a deep breath and hold it, the body must be lowered to a level slightly below the hip.
  • Twisting the torso forward. The height of the head and shoulder belts from the horizontal by not more than 60 degrees. Hold the torso is subject to the occurrence of complications perpendicular to the floor.
  • We carry out breath immediately after cope with the most difficult portion of the lifting body.
  • After a pause, straining the abdominal muscles at the top of the amplitude, exhale and return to the starting position.
  • The exercises are carried out smoothly, without jerks, in a moderately-slow or slow, depending on the physical training of the person.

Guidelines to the rapid achievement of the desired result

Roman chair - press simulator and beautiful torso

There are a few tricks and tips on the exercises on the simulator "Roman chair".


  1. The level of the tilt of the back should be below the hip, with a slight deflection of the lumbar spine. This helps to maximize the stretch of muscle fibers of the abdomen.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to lower back is too low, it promotes spine injury.
  3. When lifting up recommend rounding your back.
  4. Make sure the correct position of the buttocks on the bench. This not only increases the efficiency of training, but also prevents injuries.
  5. Do not use weighty weights during exercise. Easy burdening in the negative phase of the movement increases the load on the muscle tissue of the abdomen. And with a large weight are included in the work the hip flexors, offloading the press.
  6. The Roman chair for hyperextension, therefore, the main motion - a twisting of the hip joint.
  7. It is recommended to choose the most comfortable shell, depending on weight and height. Ability to set the desired angle of inclination of the bench will enhance the effectiveness of training and protect against injury in the lumbar spine and knee joints.

How to make your own hands simulator

There are many options to make the Roman chair with his hands. This design may be based on steel pipes, or wooden boards, nailed to the frame.

Roman chair - press simulator and beautiful torso

The Roman chair of the pipes:

  • First, you need to create a drawing of a self-made simulator and prepare the necessary materials and tools.
  • measuring and cutting square steel tubes of appropriate size, you need to connect them. To this end, possible to use welding or seal all of the screws.
  • From a wooden board cut bench, which, for convenience, you can upholster the foam and put on it a cover.
  • for foot rolls should be welded or screwed perpendicularly through a horizontal pipe, and for the convenience to upholster its leatherette and foam.
  • The ideal situation is to have a mechanism for controlling the inclination level of the bench.

This version of the simulator will be much more expensive than wood. It can do so: by cutting the bench required size, to fix it to the support at an angle from above and fill the bar to fix the legs. This simulator can be set in the yard and do it regularly.

The benefit for the body of the training

Regular and systematic training in the Roman chair will only have a positive effect on the body as a whole.

The main advantages of the simulator:

  • The distribution exercise only involved abdominal muscles.
  • Absence of load on the spine in the lumbar spine.
  • The gradual preparation of the musculoskeletal system to perform basic exercises.
  • Formation of a straight posture.

And, of course, the muscles of the back and abdomen, which are in constant toned and fit, are ideal muscular skeletal structure of the spine. And from his physiological state depends on the functioning of all internal organs.