How to swing a press girls? training secrets


How to swing a press girls? Is there a difference between training for men and women? What should I do to get the best results, and which should be avoided? Subtleties of training for women media described in this article.

How to swing a press girls? training secrets

Features for girls training

How to swing a press girls? training secrets

The difference between training for men and women is negligible, but it is still there. The standard of female beauty has always been a wasp waist. The men often tend to have a massive "cubes" of the press. To create such a relief representatives of the strong half of humanity using weights, for example, special bracelets for the hands and feet, dumbbells or pancakes from the bar. Most of the girls has set itself other objectives, namely a graceful and slender waist. How to download press the girls to get this result? The fair sex do not need weights to perform exercises. To make sexual X-shaped silhouette train side needs more abdominal muscles. It is necessary to conduct training not earlier than one to two hours after a meal. We should not be engaged right after lunch or dinner: the food will be stone lay in the stomach without digesting. After the exercise is also not necessary especially to lean on food. Allowed receiving water or a small amount of juice.

Recommendations to perform the technique of

How to swing a press girls? First you need to sit on the floor and fix the legs. At home you can use the side walls of the sofa or cabinet. It is necessary to carry out the body rises from a prone position. Hands should be kept behind the head, elbows should be thus separated the sides. If the body is not enough to train, can be a little easier: keep your elbows in front of a hand or put his hands on his chest. Eventually, when the muscles get stronger, you can complicate the task. How to swing a press girls with bent or straight legs? In fact, if the front of the girl has only one goal - a beautiful news, it is better to perform upgrades body with legs bent at the knees. In this work primarily abdominal muscles, and the beautiful form of the waist is reached as quickly as possible. If you want to lose weight, it is best to do the exercises for the press with straight legs. So, along with exercise waist and hip muscles, which become sexual, relief outline of the regular classroom.

How to swing a press girls? training secrets

training mode

Regularity - the basic requirement for training the abdominal muscles. If you pump up the press girlfriend you need to quickly, thus considerably reduce waist size, it is necessary to deal with on a daily basis, doing the exercises for at least an hour. In order to get a nice relief, be sure to let your muscles rest. At the same exercises for pumping the press to be performed once every two or three days.


Now that you know how to properly swing a press girls. This requires a great desire and perseverance in achieving this goal. Train and let your body will be exactly the way you want it to be!