"Matrix" cosmetics. Shampoo - on what to choose?

This "organic" boom in the cosmetic industry increasingly forces us to make a choice in favor of the funds on a natural basis. If shampoo, make sure you silicone-free and paraben, and face cream without mineral oil.

But today we will not be any ratings, but just tell you about the rich collection of hair care products of one of the world's manufacturers of cosmetics. Shampoo for hair "Matrix" are no different organic composition, but, judging by the reviews of the fair sex, they have many other advantages.

the Matrix

Matrix American brand was founded hairdresser Arnie Miller in 1980. Today it is one of the leading brands that actively cooperates with beauty salon, offering an extensive range of products for styling, hair care and coloring.

Education Masters of hairdressing is also a very important focus of the "Matrix".

Shampoo, hair conditioner, masks, creams, leave-in spray and oil - a magnificent collection of means for coloring and perms, for a description of each product will need a lot of time. Our review will be presented to the best in the opinion of ordinary shoppers, hair shampoos.

Oil Wonders

We begin, perhaps, with the most original series "The Matrix". Shampoo, conditioner, smoothing the butter and oil for the protection of colored hair - every facility created with the addition of unique components. Light Shampoo Oil Wonders microdroplets enriched argan oil from Morocco. These molecules due to the unique technology are evenly distributed in the composition. The product is suitable for all hair types.

The customer mark incredible shine after application, as well as cost-effective flow and luxurious design of bottles. One thing to take into account - it is a specific flavor, which resembles cologne for men.

Power or the volume?

Exquisite Oil - another feeding a series of "Matrix" (shampoo, mask, two kinds of oils and care). The special formula with almond oil, coconut, macadamia and moringa tree like porous and damaged tresses. All agents have anti-static effect. Owners of fine hair note the presence of volume after washing, which once again confirms the presence of the stated components.

To increase the manufacturer recommends Volumebloom means. Experts "Matrix" as used throughout the series promises to increase the volume of hair up to 70%. This effect is responsible for the cotton extract, due to which hair is good to style, long time keep the volume, while remaining very soft to the touch.

With regard to the effect that women customers partially confirm this. However, many after the application appears brittle, itching and even dandruff. This shampoo "Matrix" reviews shoppers unanimously recommended.

For colored curls

Today, girls and women with natural hair color - a rarity, and many manufacturers are sure to produce a series of colored curls. The range of "Matrix" the most popular are three product lines:

  1. Biolage Colorlast orchid extract.
  2. Total Results Color Care with Vitamin E and sunflower oil.
  3. Total Results Amplify with proteins and panthenol.

Despite such a different set of components, the fair sex still say the overall effect, which gives each "Matrix" shampoo. First, the hair is less dirty. Second, the color is preserved and there is a glossy shine. Third, the hair becomes more voluminous and elastic.


With the onset of the heating season, our hair is exposed to each test. Survive the harsh winter collection will Biolage Hydrasource. Thanks to the innovative formula with aloe hair regain their ability to retain moisture.

Professional shampoo provides:

  • silkiness and softness;
  • Lights;
  • easy to comb;
  • protection against loss;
  • supplementary feeding;
  • acceleration of hair growth.